It has been created on earth, and it will end.

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According to Hindu religion, a fixed age of each planet, constellation, organism and human being has been reported. The Ved says that whatever is born from naturalization will die. It is true that someone can increase or decrease their age with their own efforts. If the earth was to kill humans before the time, then surely it would also die before the time. However simple and easy ways to increase the age of all in the Vedas and Yoga are given.

1 . Gern
Earth has been submerged for millions of years. Various flora originated in the water itself. Just like flora, organisms formed a cellular point form, which were neither male nor female.

2 . Ashtava Yuga: When the entire earth was submerged in water, the water produced in the water of indigestion, egg, gonorrhea, reptiles, only mouth and air.

3 .Kumar period: After this, organisms with letter loan, insectivores, handpumps, eye-like senses were born. Among them, human forms were apes, vamans and humans.

4 . Kishore period: After this, touring, hunting, wild climber, cavity, curious little animals were developed.

5 . Youth Period: Then the process of agriculture, cow protection, administration and society organization continued for thousands of years.

6 . Extension Period: Currently the age of adulthood is going on, which is almost deemed to have started earlier in Vikram Samvat 2042. In this era, anti-liberation, cruel, characterless, greedy, uncontrolled creatures are beginning to destroy the earth.

7 . Aged Age: Because of the over exploitation of the resources of the earth by humans and due to climate change, it is believed that after this the tools will continue to be corrupt, frustrated, frustrated, helpless, miserable creatures ... their age will be very low.

8 . Chronic period: Then the absence of food, water, air, heat will be weak and the destruction of the organism on earth will be leaked. Due to excessive heat, there will be an outbreak of four and fire.

9 . Abandoned Period: After this, millions of years ahead of time, irregular weather, sun, moon and clouds will all become extinct. The land will be volcanic After the famine, nature outbreak
There will be a great deal of misery in the universe.

Everything will be burnt and ashes will be found in Mahaloklok. After hundreds of years, the universe will be created again by the same consonant.
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