To All Who Seek to Better Our Planet

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To All who seek to better what is going down on Our planet:

As We begin this effort to come together to solve for the insanity We see being created by the psychopaths in control here on this planet – which is Ours and was stolen from Us – I am hoping We will start more or less on the same page.

The most important thing I see is that We grasp that there is no way, through the legal system, nor through the governmental system (siamese twins, these are).  These are designed to keep Us obedient slaves with the illusion that We have power in there.  They will give on the small stuff to make Us think We made it happen.

(The lower down elements of the system – cities, towns, counties – where the “constituents” know the candidate personally, the more likely action will result in a positive change, keeping the illusion going.)

Much like the ritual to install the CEO of the corporation, United States, where We all get to “vote,” but They “count” the “votes” and tell Us who They selected – and really, all “candidates” are selected by Them to play the part of “running for president” - They control what is “legal.”

And the legal system thwarts Ethics far more than serves them.  Keep in mind that forcing a toxic jab into Us is unEthical – it breaks the first Law. Taxation is theft, telling Us We must pay Them to tell Us what We may and may not do, and breaks the second Law.  And the whole of the legal/governmental system breaks the third Law, with a grand and glorious defraud in the play They put on for Us on the very literal world stage, selling it as “reality.”

The three Laws are:

  1. Do not willfully and without fully informed consent hurt or kill the flesh of anOther

  2. Do not willfully and without fully informed consent take or damage anything that does not belong to You alone

  3. Do not willfully defraud anOther (which can only happen without fully informed consent)

These Laws come out of nature.  They cover the only things that 100% of Us would say were not okay to be done to Us.  They cover the only things Most call “evil.”  (I call them unEthical.)

I know that many of You are likely deeply indoctrinated into the idea that We have a say in that system, and I expect some of You to suggest “petitions,” “protests,” and other begging to the system to let Us be free.  I suggest that there is a vastly better choice We can make.

The whole of that system is predicated on Our consent.  We are subject to it only if We consent to being ruled.  If, on the other hand, We withdraw Our consent from the legal/governmental system, and stand sovereign on Ethical (and not legal) ground – under the three Laws of Ethics – They have no power over Us.

One thing We must be aware of is creating controversy.  Rather than saying, “I’m not going to do what You say, because I don’t consent to the system You are representing,” which creates a controversy, there is a better approach.  Any refusal creates controversy.  As all moves to make Us subject are offers, the better (and the gentleOnely) approach is to make counteroffers of Your own.  “I will be happy to do that (give You that, answer that question, go with You, whatever works), if You prove I am subject.”

If We have withdrawn consent, there is no proof – zero, nada, zilch – that We are subject.

The only thing They have is bullying.  And They, unable to prove We are subject, will likely choose to be bullies.  We might say, “Oh, I am sure You can prove that I am subject to bullying, but that does not prove that I am subject to the system You represent.  I do not dispute that You can be a bully, and need no proof.”

Be very careful if You are asked questions.  Unless You have established that You are dealing with the Individual and not the representative of the system, most answers (like giving Your name) will put You back into the system, as any engagement with it is recognizing it as valid.

If They decide to prove They are bullies, acquiesce, making it clear You are doing so under duress of a threat to bully, and not because You consent in any way.  You may bullied into jail, but if so, persist in not answering questions.  “I’ll be happy to answer that for You if You prove I am subject to the legal/governmental system.  I don’t consent to any of it, You know.”

You may be bullied into a court.  Do not do anything They ask of You.  Instead, proclaim: “I have been brought here under duress and not of My own choice, but, though I do not consent to the whole system, I will be happy to engage this court if You prove I am subject.”

You might ask, “How long do You think You will need to prove I am subject?”  If You receive no answer, then say, “I will give You [pick a time-frame – 15 minutes, and hour, whatever] and if You have not proven I am subject to the system, I will be leaving freely.”

If They assign You a lawyer (barrister, whatever), do not get chummy and answer questions.  Stay firm in Your counteroffers.  “I will be happy to answer that if….”

Of course, if the charge is of something that breaks the Laws of Ethics, You are subject to anyOne holding You, trying You, and all, irrespective of whether They are wearing costumes or not.  These Laws are the iteration of natural law in terms of what not to do.  They are the foundation of common law.

But if it is to “punish” You for not following an arbitrary “law,” like not wearing a mask, or having a specific sort of weapon to defend Your crowndom (Your Self and Your belongings), You are not subject to the “rules” if You do not consent to the system.

And so to My point:  I am hoping that You can let go of any expectations that the system will in any way work for You.  I hope You choose to withdraw You consent from that mess and stand sovereign on Ethical ground.  Any “protests” acknowledge the system as having power over Us.  Any “petitions” are begging it to do something.  And then, They have power over Us who do these things.

There is a difference between protests and demonstrations.  Protests are acting within the system; demonstrations can be used to show Our power and numbers, outside the system.  So it’s not like We cannot “take to the streets” or gather at a location.  We must set the focus on not being subject by demonstrating Our power, not merely expressing Our dislike for what the system is doing.

And most importantly…  I am hoping You share awareness that We do not have to consent.  That there is vastly better to consent to (I have a blueprint for just that).

And consider taking membership in the Society Of Ethical Sovereigns (SOES).  Taking membership is easy – if You are an Ethical One, if You do not consent to being ruled and stand sovereign, then all it takes to become a member is to state that You are a member.

If You break the three Laws (or any one of them), You are not a member even if You say You are, and You lose Your sovereignty.  We all are subject to those Laws.

And if You want to display Your membership, I will happily provide the logo in any format that works for You:  color, b/w, transparent background, a colored background, whatever You want.  Just ask!

Lastly, I want to impress upon You that this is Our planet.  It belongs to All born here.  But in centuries past, “trusts” were drawn up (Unam Sanctam – also called Unum Sanctum – and the Cestui Que Vie “trusts”) wherein a Few (psychopaths) up and declared Humanity “incompetent,” took control of Our wealth, and then made Us slaves to add wealth to the “trust” - which They use unEthically against Us.

There’s more to the “trust” thing, but I would think a main goal would be to collapse those “trusts” and return Our planet to Us, as Ethical sovereigns.  I hope We can agree on this.

Love always!

Amaterasu Solar

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My father taught Me never to believe anything.  He told Me to place probabilities and adjust them as new data come along, asking the question, "Does that explain what I see?," when evaluating data.  He was an aerospace engineer, and worked with T Townsend Brown (see My featured vid on YouTube).  From a very early age I was concerned that the way I was told things worked, in terms of government and social affairs, did not explain what I saw.  So the first few decades I worked to determine WHY this was.

I wound up in banking, seeing the flow of things in the headquarters of a major bank in Los Angeles.  I became intimately familiar with the flow of money, and economics.  I asked the question, "Why do We use money?"

When the web arrived, My research capabilities flourished, and I learned much that explained what I saw, but the only explanations I found for why We use money started with trade and barter, which are still money in a direct form, and did not answer the WHY.  Then, I came upon the explanation that these were used because, with a finite amount of stuff, it was to ensure that We got Our "fair share" in a scarcity environment, in exchange for the work We added.

From this I realized the WHY.  We were accounting for Our energy input into things.  And that We needed to do this because the Human energy was scarce compared to what We needed to be produced (back then).

I also discovered that over half Our planet's wealth was "owned" by fewer than 100 Humans...

I was very interested in psychology, too.  And studied it deeply, being fascinated by psychopathy, focusing on that aberration, learning that They had discovered a gene that manifested Individuals who were incapable of love, compassion, caring, and empathy for Others - primary psychopaths.  Seeing that the wealth was so disproportionate, and that the families who "owned" it inbred, what would explain what I saw would be that They wanted to retain that psychopathic gene.  Given that the wealth could feed, clothe, house ALL of Us (and give Us freedom) abundantly and many times over, and yet None set forth to care for Humanity, I had to give probability approaching 100% that They are psychopaths, as that explains perfectly what I see, and answers My quest for why the way I was told things worked did not explain what I saw.

And I asked...  If I was a psychopath, with enough wealth to buy anything and anyOne I wanted to, and given that money = power (power over Others is something psychopaths seek), would I be motivated to create a false "reality" for the masses and thereby manipulate Them?  I think You can figure out what answer I came up with.  And would that explain what I see?  Absolutely.

Now, given that money is merely the accounting token used to account for Our Human energy, it would follow that free energy would threaten fully the accounting for Our energy.  If I was a psychopath, with enough money to buy sites like Wikipedia, the media, the education system, etc., would I do all I could to suppress and hide free energy?

And given I personally know that electrogravitics offers both gravity control and energy from the aether (the electromagnetic field that pervades the universe), and that it went into black projects, such efforts to hide and suppress would explain what I see completely.

So I am neither a "conspiracy theorist," nor am I a "conspiritard," but rather...  I am a conspiracy analyst.  And given this analysis, knowing that conspiracies are the NORM in history and that they didn't just stop some years back, I conclude that conspiracies abound.  That explains perfectly what I see.

Love always.