21 year old man murdered by police while laying in bed with his pregnant girlfriend, no warrant or evidence provided and the family is threatened with jail time and fines if they protest...?

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Okay... Lemme try to calm down and delete the angry language that was in my first draft...

I've been hearing about the Ducan Lemp case recently on Instagram mostly and... I just saw another post and decided to look into it and I'm disgusted.

These are the kind of people so many of you give so much power to...?
These are the kind of people you give away your(our) rights to?

So many are so eager it seems to just give the government and police ULTIMATE control to do virtually whatever they want to do to "manage" the Covid-19 virus... Yet, how many of these people who want to give government and police so much power really know how corrupt and dangerous that scenario is...?

Based on the information we have available it doesn't look like Lemp committed any crimes.
Police at this point in time refuse to show any warrants or video evidence of their raid, plus they spied on social media and threatened the family with potential fines and jail time if they protest!?
And they murdered a 21 year old man who was laying in bed with his pregnant wife...? @!%&^$!$!#.

I do not understand the level of trust the average person has for authority... How can so many people trust government so much WHEN IT HAS such a long bloody history of similar acts?


Some of you are so overly self righteous with virtue signalling and are out there shaming people and calling them basically murderers for people not social distancing or disagreeing with the lock down or whatever, but, the enforcers you have allied yourself with will likely murder many more people with the extreme powers you have given them.

And, it's more and more looking like more people will die of starvation and other reasons around the world from the lock down than from the actual virus. You keep calling other people basically murderers for disagreeing with you, but, have you looked really close at your own beliefs?

You might end up killing much more by going with the "official plan". If you are "truly" compassionate, you should consider that. Playing God with people's freedom and lives like you are doing is very possibly going to end up with real consequences to real people.

THIS is a major reason why we should never give the police or government this much power.
Government is likely the #1 cause of unnatural death of humans in history, with hundreds of millions in the previous century alone and millions likely already this century.

You are giving ultimate power to the most corrupt people who kill way more than the virus likely ever would.
I really really really hope you think about that more.
Your faith and trust in government is dangerous to countless other humans and the future of our whole species.

PS To be fair, the government already had some of this kind of power after 9/11 to some degree, however, it's getting worse because of the virus and more normalized because so many people are not resisting enough and too many are going along with the tyranny.

Here's a few excerpts I wanted to share from the article I read.

"Montgomery County Police have thus far refused to provide any evidence on how or why they killed Lemp. But a county prosecutor leaped to action on Wednesday, effectively threatening any Lemp family members who attend a protest over his killing with a $5000 fine and a year in jail."

"As I reported in American Conservative here and here, a Montgomery County SWAT team launched an unprovoked attack on the Lemp family home at 4:30 a.m. on March 12. Lemp was fatally wounded by the first shots that the police fired through his bedroom window. His family says he was sleeping in bed with his pregnant girlfriend at the time."

"If Montgomery County police have not destroyed the SWAT video, what will it show— Duncan Lemp sleeping with an arm tossed over his pregnant girlfriend by his side? And will the video honestly record how the SWAT team members harangued and handcuffed his injured girlfriend and family members as Duncan lay bleeding to death? Or will that segment be lost to a technical glitch?

America is awaiting an answer from the Montgomery County government. Duncan Lemp’s last tweet declared, “The constitution is dead.” Nothing that has happened since his killing has proven him wrong."

Isn't that kind of chilling...? His last post on Twitter was "The constitution is dead" then he got savagely murdered by government and his family was threatened to shut up. I wonder what my last post on social media will be...? Peace.





If the facts in this article are accurate, this was a murder carried out under the authority of the state. A 4:30 a.m. no knock raid with a SWAT team over a weapons prohibition based on a juvenile conviction?????? Are you fucking kidding me? The judge who signed that B.S. warrant, the supervisor who approved it and the officers who carried out the raid ought to be fired and charged. No immunity. Until there is accountability for this kind of tyranny, it will keep happening.

That is absurd how in the world is that allowed...

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