Bracing For A World Outnumbered By Humanoid Robots

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The silliest thing we read online today is that humanoids will make the world safer since they don't spread covid nor accept bribes. All the pieces of the puzzle are coming together... but at what price?

To summarize what we've recently written about this subject matter: In our blog A Population Implosion NOT Seen Since The Black Plague? we commented on Elon Musk foreshadowing that a population implosion would accelerate by 2050. Though in 10 years from now, with the boomers disappearing at the speed of light, the first world demographic black hole will be felt. In that video, he also asserts that robots will outnumber humans eventually. The sperm count taking a planetary dive will also greatly help the humanoid invasion.

Unless there is a massive wake-up call, that very sinister societal trajectory is a sure thing.

In the meantime, humanoids are getting media attention and our narcissistic culture loves it. Many desperately await AI to morph them into immortals. The seduction phase was enticing, to say the least, and of course sexual fantasies were included in the package. Humanoids will even fix our libido we're told. Based on the new WHO guidelines about sexual education encouraging toddlers to be told about self-pleasuring, there is no doubt that kiddie androids will be legalized. We anticipate this turning point by 2030 -- or sooner.

The Blade Runner era is upon us and our prediction is that in 3 to 5 years from now, humanoids will start replacing humans in the workplace. Office positions are the first in the line. That is one of the reasons why the Great Reset must unfold as 100s of millions will face irrelevance. It is also why the human die-off must keep up with the pace. In the future ahead, beyond 2050, there won't be any human jobs left.

But what is the meaning of all this "fake reality" we are in?

We call this "fake" because anything not motivated by the greater good is systematically is but an illusion. Any form of control is illusory because nobody understands how the laws of chaos operate unless one is not born in the 3rd dimension and believes to be as omniscient as the Prime Creator. It is a takeover whose purpose is still unclear but one of the goals is to create a controllable synthetic world. A rebellion against the Prime Creator, in other words.

So what is the meaning?

Our civilization is destined to learn and understand Good and Evil. We must vanquish an illusion it is so large, so vast, that it escapes the perception of many. The Secret Covenant is far from being just a tale... it is a must-listen that will only take 13mins of your time.

We are reading that there are armies of hackers ready to wage war on AI. The hacking of artificial intelligence is an emerging security crisis, explains Wire Magazine, to cripple AI, hackers are turning data against itself. The possible good news here is that AI has flaws called "neuronal blind spots" that hackers are targeting, and which is delaying General Intelligence. Well, good news may be relative after all. There could be controlled oppositions among these hacking networks. Besides shutting off all IoT devices and cells for some time, we do not see other solutions.

Again, for those who don't know our blog, we are not against "narrow AI" but the Hivemind agenda which aims at monitoring all living organisms to bypass organic consciousness. Our stance is that General Intelligence is malevolent.

To cripple AI, hackers are turning data against itself (2018)
The idea was first described in 2014 by Google researchers in a paper on "intriguing properties of neural networks" that described how adding a "perturbation" to an image meant the network saw it incorrectly — which they dubbed "adversarial examples". Small distortions, they revealed, could fool a neural network into misreading a number or misclassifying that school bus. The work raised questions about the "intrinsic blind spots" of neural networks and the "nonintuitive characteristics" in how they learn. In other words, we don't really understand how neural networks operate. "Adversarial examples are just illustrating that we still just have very limited understanding of how deep learning works and their limitations," says Dawn Song, professor of computer science at University of California, Berkeley.

Named 'Alex', the droid has a credible appearance owing to realistic skin and facial expressions. The robot can move its arms, turn its head and body, as well as interact with people. According to Roman Komissarov, regional business development manager at Promobot, humans can use such a droid in many ways. Alex is able to connect to any services and applications, as well as integrate with information systems and modules. (more at the YT page)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced Thursday evening that the electric carmaker is now branching out and working on a humanoid “Tesla bot” — The mega-billionaire tech entrepreneur said a prototype of the 5 ft. 8 in., 125-pound robot could be ready as soon as next year. Musk did not say when or at what price the bot might be sold to individuals or organizations, but insisted that it will have a “profound” impact on the economy by driving down labor costs


I remember you writing about the robots taking over in 5 years...two years ago.

Only 3 more years to go!

Brrrrrr, so scary!