From Brave New World' Soma To Mind Bloom (How Fiction Became Reality Again)

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There are so many problems we've created because of the fear of the future and which animals don't have since they live in sync with the unfolding of nature. The truth is that we don't have much of a choice at all because when we refuse to behave like humans, we become far WORSE than animals. We are monsters of destruction, what is the consequence of failing our cosmic purpose. We simply cannot escape our duty as humans or we all perish.

Many regard nature as merciless and while we bring upon ourselves plagues of all kinds, some at the very top who understand the Real Cosmic Game, perpetuate the state of human fear while claiming to be the saviors of humanity to enforce any agenda possible designed to lock up our psyches.

To break free from control, the Real Cosmic Game is demanding that each of us transform into some kind of intellectual Hercules.

Two years ago we released our must watch video "Wetiko, The Psycho-Spiritual Virus" explaining the challenge ahead and why psychedelics have to be regarded as natural medicine offering a real breakthrough, although they may not be for everybody.

What is enslaving humanity is the attachment to materialism and monetarism fuels a vicious circle making us believe that self-sufficiency, one way or another, has to be attained. But that very form of self-sufficiency is an illusion since abundance can only manifest when grasping human interconnectedness, all of which makes compassion (and ecological well-being) far more important than preoccupation with individual survival.

But the psychedelic craze is already upon us and Big Pharma is behind the ketamine drive which has started to grip society. Indeed a new study released a few weeks ago stated that "antidepressants" do not improve the quality of life. From 2005 to 2015. In each of those years, about 17.5 million U.S. men and women respondents were newly diagnosed with depression, the article reads.

Of course, antidepressants do not improve anything because of the senseless purpose of materialism itself. Either we change our lifestyles or we'll just move into the next bigger trap: the full imprisonment of the mind. But from Big Pharma's standpoint, this is now time to step in and make NMDA, Ketamine, widely available, and raking billion in profits. We caught a headline on Fast Company confirming our stance: (04-21-22) Psychedelic companies are betting big on ketamine as the next Prozac. In 2021, investors poured 700 million into firms that develop that type of drug and will charge around $6,000 for six ketamine doses.

NMDA is not an organic drug but completely artificial. And any substances manipulated by humans have always dire side effects. As much as abusing Nature for what she gives us to heal. In the long run, even recreational use hits a brick wall and brings back to mindfulness, the duty to apply full awareness to anything we do.

As this drag kid suggests in the video below, we also fear that the illegal market is going to get a huge boost from this too.

N-Methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) is a synthetic chemical binding molecule (ligand) that selectively binds to the "slow response" glutamate NMDA receptor (NMDAR).(...more)

Mind Bloom is merely the name of a website but we thought that it would fit to describe this new and dangerous arising trend. Make your own research now and talk about this with your friends and relatives!

In your first Mindbloom program, The Basics, the pioneering psychiatrist and professor teaches you how psychedelic therapy works and guides you throughout your journey. Learn how to set intentions, navigate your experiences, and integrate through journaling—and unlock the potential to heal and grow from your experiences - Ketamine is a prescription medication that doctors can prescribe off-label to treat depression, anxiety, chronic pain, PTSD, OCD, and other mental health-related conditions. It has safely been used as an FDA-approved anesthetic since 1970. At lower doses, ketamine can move you beyond the superficial layers of your day-to-day mind, heal unhealthy neural pathways, and help you achieve the clarity you need to live the life you deserve.