So NOW Putin Is The New Boogeyman... And Ukraine on Fire (The Oliver Stone Documentary You May Have missed)

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Just search for Ukraine on Fire: The Real Story - Igor Lopatonok Oliver Stone 2016 (SUB: ENG ITA FRA ES RU) on Youtube or watch it on Vimeo for free. The documentary was released in 2016 and is deeply relevant today.

The Ukraine conflict could easily escalate and China jump in to defend Russia but we shouldn't think that all these tensions are organic. They are generated by Wallstreet competition and the Great Reset pulling the string because the covid narrative, crimes of Pfizer and Moderna being exposed, and our debt-ridden planet are falling apart.

Let's just follow the money: a world economic demise is needed to hide the real game and now we have a new boogeyman, Putin. Russia is simply playing its part in the scenario as a strawman of the Great Reset and Putin is merely doing what he's told. We should keep all this in the back of our minds, that what we're seeing is the result of power and its tool called monetarism.

We have wandered social media a bit since the crisis broke out and when seeing that a vast majority has already taken side (against Putin in the West, the MSM has done a great job again) still endorses the "necessary evil" called wars and would rather see EU being obliterated by Boogeyman Putin rather than stepping up and preventing another act of massive destruction.

Such cognitive dissonance isn't only fueled by ignorance but a mentality that has given up on life and morality. That is why the competition model is extremely dangerous as it makes self-annihilation look acceptable.

If you watch the video above and produced by Oliver Stone, Ukraine has a very filthy past mired in conflicts and political extremism. We do not like to use the "nazi sword" at all (because we regard all wars as genocides and comprehend that there is NO just war, all wars have deep financial ramifications), but Ukraine has had an awful anti-semitic stance since the Bolshevic era and which killed 50 million. So why is this not debated by the mainstream media which called the Freedom Convoy racist after an isolated individual was seen with a nazi flag walking among peaceful protesters?

Not to mention that Billionaire George Soros and his financed color revolutions are nefarious trendsetters there. But what really motivates the West to prevent Russia from melding into Ukraine's economy is the fact that Ukraine is very rich in natural resources... Here is what The Globe And Mail states:

1) Ukraine’s natural-gas reserves are the second largest in Europe, after only Norway, with 1.09 trillion cubic metres of total proved reserves.... 2) The country boasts the sixth-largest iron-ore reserves in the world, according to the latest report from the U.S. Geological Survey. It has the world’s 10th-largest reserves of titanium and the second largest in Europe... 3) The eastern Donbas region of Ukraine is also rich in lithium, a key ingredient for manufacturers of electric-vehicle batteries. The area abounds with other energy resources, providing Ukraine with the second-largest coal reserves in Europe and the largest store of uranium on the continent...

And you will find more about Ukraine's rich soil if you do some homework. Again, just follow the money trail.

The whole crisis is beyond disgusting and the only way to fix that is by accepting that money will never make anybody rich because the concept of wealth itself rests on a false promise. There is no ethical wealth. So yes, we can continue to use money as a "medium of exchange" at the condition to refute competition and demand full transparency but as soon as that happens profiting from ignorance and weakness will become history.

Conclusion: a money-free society is not that foolish at all in the end.