I personally received all mandatory vaccines and so did everyone I know. No one had any health problems.

Without vaccines, we would still have 300-500 million deaths deaths (only on 20th century 300-500 million people died) from small pox and millions of deaths from other diseases.

There will always be some side effects, but I prefer 100,000 deaths from vaccines instead of 500,000,000 deaths from diseases.

Congratulations. I'm glad those statistics give you comfort.

I agree but vaccination should always be a choice and never compulsory.

Coming soon......

vaccine dees.jpg

Not my baby. #familyprotection

Something that is of benefit to the society 😉 is something that we all should encourage.

I agree, seeking treatments for disease instead of injecting poisons, would be a great benefit to the society that we should all encourage. ~wink~

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There's lots of people happy to become UBI comfortably dead.

They're already dead in that case, they just don't realize it. (And never will)

The problem is vaccines are/were beneficial.

And soooo, are we really upset at the vaccine, the rest of the chemicals in the vaccine, or the hyper-vaccine mandatory injection list?

We unfortunately can't fight for what is best, is too hard of a web to untangle.
So, i guess it is we the people who want to live against vaccines.

The problem is vaccines are/were beneficial

That's a belief, not real life.

That is/was real life.

People infected themselves with cowpox to immunize themselves from smallpox.

And it didn't work. They also were mixing it with puss from horses hooves to make it more effective. Right up there with leeches.

The problem is vaccines are/were beneficial.

This is what we are upset at. Bullshit claims such as this, with zero evidence. Bold statements generalizing them all as 'beneficial', but not really explaining (nor proving) what they are actually 'beneficial' for....and to whom..

vaccine inserts.jpg

Yeah....gotta have this in your baby....
vaccines - mmr insert.jpg

This one is destroying the next few generations.....but....'beneficial'

vaccines - Gardasil insert snip.jpg

"Beneficial" the medical industrial complex, keeping repeating, permanent customers....with their spreading diseases caused by mutant injections....
vaccine shedding 3.jpg

We also always get to hear how 'Safe' these frauds are.....

vaccines - flulaval.JPG

Anyone, feel free to post a counter....prove their are 'safe'....or 'effective'.

Confined to our "safe spaces" and injected with abominations.

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