Bombshell CDC Report: 6% of Deaths from COVID-19 Were only Caused from COVID-19

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Looking Back at the COVID Fear-Mongering

My how things have changed from March of 2020. We are now at the end of August and entering in the final months before the November election.

Just a few months ago, this "pandemic" was a different thing. That was before businesses shut down, before mask mandates, before social distancing, before temperature guns pointed at people's foreheads.


Remember the Sudden Mortality Videos from China?

Reports were coming from China of this "novel" coronavirus unlike anything we've seen before. Videos of people collapsing on the street, seeming like instant death. China covering up the disease. We were convinced, this was a virus straight out of a Hollywood horror film.

The message was: Be scared.

Then the WHO tells us 3.4% of People Will Die

Once word got out that CV was spreading around the world, the WHO gave the disease a name and explained that nobody is immune. The claim was made, that only 96.6% of people who contract this "novel" virus will survive, the other 3.4% will perish.

Three to four times DEADLIER than the flu.

While many people globally have built up immunity to seasonal flu strains, COVID-19 is a new virus to which no one has immunity. That means more people are susceptible to infection, and some will suffer severe disease. Globally, about 3.4% of reported COVID-19 cases have died. By comparison, seasonal flu generally kills far fewer than 1% of those infected.

The message was: take extreme action to save your life and the lives of those you love. Be terrified.

Hindsight 2020: Was it real?

Under the pretext of millions dying from Covid and "Sheltering in place" to survive, people agreed to close their businesses for two weeks to "slow the spread".

Then another two weeks to "flatten the curve"

Then several months because of "spikes in cases"

Real Covid Deaths

As of the end of August, the official US national COVID death numbers from the CDC are 153,504 but there is somthing fishy about these numbers. Many deaths were attributed to Covid that were actually deaths from other diseases or illnesses.

Then the CDC dropped this bombshell:



We Were Lied To: The Lethality of Covid was Overstated

This statistic should have been included with every report of Covid death. We should never have been left with the conclusion that COVID alone killed over 150K people in the US.

When 90% of fatalities were in nursing homes and only 6% were healthy adults, all the safety precautions that are being imposed today seem sort of pointless.

Protect the elderly, protect the immune compromised.

Live life and don't let a politicized virus cause you anxiety and distress.

What Are We Going To Do About It?

It makes sense to acknowledge real risk concerning a "novel" virus, but any freedoms we give up in the name of "safety", we will have to FIGHT to get back.

The hysteria of Covid-19 is unlike any other disease we've experienced in generations. And this isn't even the most deadly!

I hope that everyone has learned to not be so quick to take extreme action before knowing and understanding the real risk involved. Countless businesses may never open again because of this false magnitude of reaction. In some states, some businesses are STILL closed and may never reopen.

What We Bought,
What We Were Sold,
What We Lost

This video truly sums up the before, after and possible future resulting from this "pandemic" and overstated response to it.

12 minutes, worth your time.

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Bless the Most High!

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What was that about the pandemic? Oh masks do alot don't they?

Oregon scores low on rights and freedom. High on riots and judges refusing to even to come to work.

Masks are immoral.

I can't disagree with that

An important lesson is how easily the large majority of people can be manipulated via fear. Yesterday at a local car dealership a group of people were making a movie about covid - they were promoting a nearby testing facility. The doctors turned out to all be actors.

Test everything no matter how tempting it is to believe. If we believe the gossip then our lives end up being based on lies (smoke and mirrors).

Thank you for your comment. We can't make good decisions based on fear and misdirection. Enough information is available now to know that we were tricked. The question now is... what do we do with this understanding?

Isn't this actually saying that 94% of covid deaths had underlying medical conditions and not "it wasn't covid that had a part in their death"?

If anything this may highlight just how poor of health the american population is.

Yes, 94% of covid deaths had underlying medical conditions - it's the same with any virus, if a person is immune compromised, or has health issues, the virus could be deadly. What's not talked about is how several treatment protocols we have today can save a person's life who is suffering the effects of Covid, while at least one treatment used in the beginning (involving ventilators) in some cases CAUSED the death.

Wash hands, stay home when you're sick, eat healthy foods and boost your immune system. Every flu season, these should be common practice. Masks are useless and can cause trama, universal social distancing has negative psychological health implications and anyone who has done any research on the "poke-n-squirt" knows it's immoral.

If COVID was a red herring, what was the opps? No organization would expend the resources on a global scale without an end game. And as in the past they most always achieve their desired outcome. Sometimes it takes 25 years maybe 100, but they get it.

Federal Reserve, took 25 years the last push
United Nations, 40 years

We have Twitter and now have been given some crypto "gold", so Tweet away, earn a little coin and be slaves for a thousand year to come.

Cheers my fellow short sighted sheep!

These are some great questions. I think the purpose of this operation is unity. In order to have a world government, you have to have a world threat that everyone can unite together and fight. A virus is more believable and more "threatening" than an alien invasion. As long as the whole world is fighting together, the whole world is United. I don't see this "invisible enemy" campaign ever ending as it lends psychological advancement towards their end goal.

You understand.

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