Just Wake Up Already: A Response

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I have a policy, that when I write a comment that's too long, I make it a post. My fingers sometimes get a typing and I have a lot to say about a topic. Makes more sense as a post, rather than a comment, so here we are.

Katie's well thought out post is here, entitled Do you wish all the zombies would just wake up already?

Please read her post, before reading my response.


The Divide

It seems as if the divide is becoming wider and wider between two types of people: those who can think for themselves and those who outsource their thinking to the "experts". Both types of people can become puffed up in knowledge. One side says "who would argue with the experts, they wouldn't lie", the other says "who would argue with the evidence, facts do not lie." Neither side can listen to the other, because they are convinced the other is not showing compassion or sympathy. Love is growing cold.

I have come to grips with the idea of which "side" I'm on. This shouldn't be about "sides", this should be about truth. Not my truth, but THE TRUTH. We all have to conform eventually to THE TRUTH, because it's true, even if NOBODY believes it.

I have to shake myself sometimes when I find I'm becoming hard-hearted towards those who have been complicit in the mass delusion, especially if they should know better. Anyone with an internet connection and a brain should know better. Even with no internet, anyone with COMMON SENSE should know better. But people cannot see what they do not want to believe. People who are scared just do what they're told, hoping things will return to normal and they won't get in trouble. They may have their eyes closed, blanket up over their shoulder, but they hear whispers of what's actually happening. Eventually the evidence is going to be too loud to ignore. But...


Disaster Is Coming

I know disaster is coming, I want to warn them, shake them, but doing that simply confirms their bias. Oh, "he's one of them anti-whatevers", and "he probably voted for Trump". They can call names, but where does it go from there? Are they going to be ok while their "anti-whatever" neighbors are hauled off to camps? Will they do something, or will they quietly say to themselves "they should have done the right thing, then this wouldn't happen to them" and "I'm so glad I trusted the science."

Likewise when my friends, family and neighbors suddenly find they have cancer, or heart problems, or blood clot problems, will I quietly say to myself "they shouldn't have been so quick to get the secret sauce poke-n-squirt" and "they should have done their own research, then this wouldn't happen to them." and "I'm so glad I trusted in my own research." I would be no better than them.

We cannot afford to allow our hearts to grow hard and cold against our friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers because they think differently than us. If we do this, we will be furthering the evil "operation medial apartheid" that seems to be coming in the next few months and years.

Misdirected Fear

People who are afraid are especially afraid of those who are not afraid. We must set our hearts to reach out in a gentle and loving way (not condescending), sympathizing with their fear and assuring them that there is a greater power at work here, far greater than any virus.

Even in the "middle of a pandemic", God is on his throne, all is right with the world.

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. Ecclesiastes 12:13


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Bless the Most High!



Truth is the only way mate. Discernment in this time is so very important. There is a ton of misinformation and exaggeration coming from both sides, so as truth seekers we need to be so careful to ensure that we source our facts and evidence from trusted sources.

Keep on doing your research and keep on seeking the truth through facts!!! 😀👍

Appreciate that, may we all do the same!

Wow, I'm honored that my post prompted such a beautifully written piece! Yes, I agree that it is important not to harden our hearts. And I agree that for many people who do not see, it is certainly a case of "not wanting to believe" anything that contradicts their worldview. But I think for others (like my parents), it's not a matter of wanting or not wanting to believe. They literally see a completely different reality than me and their conviction that their reality is true is just as strong as my conviction that what I'm seeing is real.