Operation Gridlock Lansing Michigan

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Today Was a Good Day

We packed up the family and drove to Lansing Michigan to participate in Operation Gridlock, sending a message to the legislators to reign in the out of control governor.






Roads that were not on gridlock looked like this: empty.

Helicopter hovering low overhead.


Recall Whitmer #secondamendment




Good for you @ironshield

Excellent Ben! I hope that if nothing else it will wake up some more left leaning people to see just what the leaders that they voted in think of them!!!

Have you heard of anything coming from the protest?

The queen in doubling down, saying that since there were people "congregating" and "passing out candy to little kids without gloves" and "not wearing masks" that the EO may have to be extended. She called it a "sad irony".

We didn't see any "little kids" except our own and they stayed in the car. No candy. No confederate flags. A few impressive firearms (2A). Lots of police officers. Lots of cars. Lots of horns. Lots of signs. Lots of flags. Lots of smiling happy people.

It's happening again next Wednesday, I predict out of state counter-protestors will mobilize for next time and make trouble.

How long did you sit in your car before heading back home again? I know you have some little ones to deal with as well!

We left at 10:30, got to the traffic a little after 12, didn't get out of the gridlock until about 4:30. We never actually made it around the capitol, but drove by it once. It was epic.

The children were great! We had one bathroom issue driving down main street, thankfully we had the bucket and sawdust. :-)

Good thinking of bringing the bucket! :-) That IS a long time in the car for anyone!

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