Black Lives Matter Rally in Shelton, WA - 2020-09-06

I live in this city. This is happening right now. There may also be a patriot rally or Back the Blue parade thing too at the same park or the same general area in Shelton, Washington State, USA. This city is not too far from Seattle.

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The parade of people walked by Safeway in downtown Shelton. You cannot really support America and Black Lives Matter (BLM). Agreed, BLM is rooted in terrorism and George Soros and other things going back many decades at least if not much farther back than just that.


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Hey, arnold, is Shelton, Washington State, your birthplace? Small villageman arnold!

By the way, are your villagers protesting that the police killed a black man?

No. I was born in Oregon about 20 to 40 miles from Portland. Some people are paid money to kill people. The other day in Portland, a man was shot in the streets, a friend of Joey Gibson who was then taken off Facebook. People like Soros fund these terrorists to destroy America from the inside out. They're not really Americans. Yeah, I'm Small Village Man Arnold. Yeah, you can call me that. I was not actually at the protests today.

Wow, arnold, Is it true that George Soros hires terrorists? In Korea, he is recognized as a hero. Koreans regard billionaire as a hero.

You should watch the banned video George Soros in 1998 or so on Sixty Minutes and listen to what George said to the man. You would not believe it. All you would have to do is watch the video and watch how he smiles and listen to what he said at that time.

Arnold, i have not seen video George Soros in 1998.