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RE: Informationwar Delegation + Curation Trail Drive

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After looking through your feed, I not only see a lot of material that resonates with me, but that verifiable information is wrongfully being downvoted as well. For this reason, even though my content doesn't necessarily fit into what you'd normally support(I'm assuming) I'll be glad to delegate a very modest amount and follow your curation trail.

I just recently deleted all my previous autovotes, so needed to find another avenue of content to support and you fell into my lap.

Done, but it looks like you've muted me. I hope there's a logical reason behind it?


I meant to hit follow haha sorry! Will be able to change that later when on my PC. Dont have iw keys on my phone


I'm playing through the Halo Infinite campaign on Legendary currently.

IDK how deep into Halo you go, I'm a very high ELO rating in all the Halo games and have a really good K/D.

I have not been competitive since HALO2 multiplayer.
Had to give it up for many years to focus on recovery.
Still like to watch and cheer from the sidelines tho...


FORTNITE is my new Sport!

halo odst

Sounds good, thanks😁

Also, keep a watch out for a post on @deepdives as the launch of Deep Dives token is getting close. @v4vapid project will be out soon and you can earn Delve when you post on it, for posts dealing with news/politics/corruption/natural medicine/truth/conspiracy/free speech/etc

I just fixed that.