My reason: The author is a liar and thief. Evidence of that is linked in the post above. Utilizing pop stories as a means to attract attention to an unethical marketing campaign seems a bit shady as well.

Opinion: I think The Biebs would even be pissed off if he found out his medical condition was being used as a vessel to help ruin people, including fellow artists.

Sidenote: If any consumers out there are looking for a money grab, simply follow the rabbit hole to find your fortune. (Hint: false advertising)

To the moon.


Quite the show.

Vaccines should be excluded immediately as an option... 🙃

Literally my first thought when I saw the news in the morning was: Did he get the jab? I didn't know his wife was affected.

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Yup! But there will be denial and excuses not to mention a lack of real news reports.