If Dreams could Hack Physical Reality

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I was riding a bicycle at night in the rain. It was difficult to know where I was going. I wasn’t actually going anywhere because I was asleep, but at each stop, I kept getting different directions on how to get to where I wanted to go and relying on external information kept steering me wrong, but strangely back to where I started. All different directions leading back to the same place.

I don’t consider myself much of a dream interpreter, but I woke up with a distinct message. Since about January 1994, and even more so since March 2020, reality has fractured. Absolutes have vanished and relativity has taken over. Nobody has “the truth” anymore, only “their truth”. I disagree with this view. There is an absolute from which truth stands without which such a concept fails to exist. How does one perceive the difference between an image and the original?

All of humanity is now in a war. It is a war not like past wars, but an information war. One is not allowed to know who this enemy is and if actually stumbled upon correctly, it is gaslit, denied, or labeled a “conspiracy theory”. But what is the probability of so many discrete seemingly disconnected events all favoring the same agenda? …

Just more evidence that TPTB don’t like blood that flows too freely (the covid vaccines cause blood clots). They’re doing everything they can to promote the mass die off…

When that fails, something else is coming to cull the population…

They don’t trust their own soldiers to carry out orders, so they’ll have robots do it.

If you don’t understand what I’m talking about and made it this far, I’ve provided lots of proof that this war is intentional in a previous blog post explaining the reasons for it. What I didn't mention is that Fauci, who has been prominently involved in this plandemic was also involved in the AID's epidemic. That one which spanned the late 70's into the 90's involved a scare affecting reproduction. Now the covid vaccine is affecting fertility. Again, same agenda speaks loud and clear; depopulation, genocide.

The reason this war isn’t open is because as soon as it is, the people will have won. This is due to the nature of the war, which isn’t kinetic (yet) and isn’t traditionally defined (typically between two nation states). This war is between a very small group of technocratic elite and the entire rest of humanity. Once everybody understands what they want to do, they will have no chance. The problem has been the public waking up to the truth (not “their own truth”). Everyone focusing on "ones own truth" is an encouragement to pander to one’s own ego to create division.

The perceived randomness of these events have many not understanding they are under attack. Many fail to connect the dots to the perpetrators of an agenda to cull and enslave humanity to the internet of bodies. It’s all under the guise of “saving humanity” of course. How many times have we heard that before?

Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 9.22.24 PM.png

It seems that humanity has been psychologically trained by certain trigger words that make one unable to see socially engineered blind spots that provide cover for the technocrats to carry out their agenda. We know such technology exists in emotional manipulation studies done on Facebook. Of course, they never went beyond those studies did they? Chances are this has been happening for decades before there was an internet.

So what happens now? The technocratic elites have exposed themselves by making their agenda public. Now it’s a numbers game of awareness of the truth which will ultimately manifest once it comes crashing headlong into reality. I’ve been asking MD’s why pathogenic priming (ADE) isn’t possible. Why the mandate for a vaccine when Ivermectin has been proven to work as evidenced in India recently. So many things just don’t add up. Their failure to respond in a rational way tells me all I need to know; that they aren’t acting in good faith.

Humans appear to be very susceptible to semantic field manipulation via labels. For instance, if someone takes something from you, you call it theft. Just label it taxes and the theft magically disappears. “Black lives matter” and “my body, my choice” are fine until that experienced elder black man who remembers Tuskegee exerts his choice by refusing the vaccine. Then that liberal leftist suddenly converts to a tyrannical racist insisting that black person is too ignorant to know better.

This tyranny has caused many on the right to be forced into defending themselves against leftist overreach. What does the left do? It's an expert at playing the victim card (not that they're not really victims)...

The left felt the same way about legislative overreach when Trump was in charge. Neither side is without guilt and both sides are constantly over reaching their authority. What's the truth in this matter?

No one owns "the public". That's natural law. It is a sin to claim it for yourself and that everybody needs to play by "my rules" (whoever happens to violently vote themselves into power). God created this earth, not you the reader. If you exist in this world, you accept all risk for participation. No guarantees. Nobody should be obligated to make you "feel safe" (somebody confused acts of volition with acts of omission).

If you're scared of disease, stay inside. No one should dictate what everyone else does in public because of germs (or anything else one cannot fully control). Is it not obvious that this world turned to shit due to excessive fear? The attempt to control the uncontrollable leads to where we are now. Maybe nobody should be doing gain of function studies so that governments can put people into these fear states with bioweapons for control, but the people haven't figured out that that's the most important conversation we should have already had. Too late for that. Now come the consequences...

The practical reality that we’re all going to collide with very shortly is the economic reality of supply chain shortages, hyperinflation, holodomor, cyber plandemics, then the mass die off due to various factors. All of it will of course be blamed on the “anti-vaxxers”. There’s just this pesky problem that’s left over…

(control groups)

… when they find out that the vaccinated suffer from weak immune systems, ADE, and various other disorders that was predicted from the original SARs studies from back in 2003.

The scientific method can be a bitch.



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