Support In Defeat

As I am winding down for the day, I am starting to slow down and think about all of the things that I have gotten into today. It was a pretty big day, but I still feel like I am behind. With only about 6 weeks left on the farm, the Steem blockchain, launching InnerBlocks....there is always something to do.

Just off of the top of my head I could think of about 20 different things that need my attention. I'm not talking about the general stuff that Stacie D can help me with, some of the things that just need me to handle them directly. I get overwhelmed sometimes, but that is all part of the process.

The way I see situations is black and white, atleast 90% of the time. I stay focused and get things handled because of the way that I see them. I don't get caught up very much on grey area stuff. Things either work, or they don't. I can either get some things handled, or I can't.

Like I mention often, I believe that everyday I wake up I have an opportunity to make something happen. I typically wake up with an overly generous portion of wild optimism. I see things on the sunny side, and I laugh my way through things. Not often do I actually have to engage something that I can't just have a good time doing. I don't get caught up in the mud of things too often, haha sometimes I do.

Today I bounced out of bed ready to get some things done. Since there are so many things to do, I can just pick from the list, depending what else is going on. I start the day with a vlog, because no matter what is happening on the blockchain I am still in a one year vlogging challenge. Then Stacie D (@freedomtowrite) and I took a trailer load of stuff to goodwill. It was nice to see that stuff clearing out, and it was an opportunity to haul our trailer on the new hitch I installed yesterday. It rode like a dream!

Not everything just happens as smooth as I would like. There are always hiccups. Sometimes things are just like forcing a square peg in a round hole. Whenever we start trying to force things to happen, mistakes get made. Sometimes people get hurt physically and emotionally. Sometimes things get broken.

I ran into a couple of things that really hit me hard today. A couple of the things that I was going to do today was to flip the 2 inch drop hitch over and flip the ball over. That way it would actually make the trailer ride 4 inches higher than it was. I was also going to weld the new jack onto the trailer. There were a couple of things I learned today. First, rusty parts are no match for large tools. Second, I can't arc weld to save my life. haha

I did manage to get the ball flipped over. It took alot of patience and effort. My son and I got it done though, and it only cost us one squashed finger! On the other side, I did not get the jack put on. I accepted defeat. I did what I know how to do...I cleaned up all of the metal and prepped it for someone that actually knows what they are doing.

While sorting through all of that I am also in constant communication with people on social media. I am handling knife business, creating content, and always find myself in some sort of conversation about what is happening with Steem, Tron, and now Hive.

I find that there are still alot of emotions when it comes to what is happening on the Steem blockchain. I have stopped creating content about it though, but I will drop just a couple of thoughts here. I feel safe enough haha.

There is now a new Blockchain that is going to emerge out of all of this. It is called Hive. I don't really have an opinion about it on the technical aspect, but I do know that it will be a great option for those that are looking for that. I know that the biggest issues are regarding governance and decentralization. There is a large crowd that is very interested in that.

I also think that there is a large crowd that is interested in pursuing Steem with the direction of Steemit Inc. and Tron. There seems to be alot of possibilities and connections. It may not be as decentralized, and the governance might be an issue, but it still seems to be an option for many.

I'm only bringing this up because It flows with my idea of defeat. I think there are many that are sounding defeated with what is happening with Justin. You can hear it in their voices, and you can see it in their tweets. I empathize with them, and I know that there will be a better option for them in the future. I sincerely hope that there is no long term anger. I read earlier that someone was talking about "salting the ground on the way out". I think it is unfortunate that some would feel the need to burn the house down as they build another.

I don't control anyone, but I do control myself. Hate and anger do not consume me. It has no power over me because I don't give it power. I think the world is ours. As humans we have an opportunity to live out our experience. The experience becomes whatever we make it. We should focus on loving what we do, and not give any time toward hating what we don't. I believe that we have the ability to make our reality whatever we want.

I choose to love. I choose to enjoy my experience. I choose to be around those people that are also enjoying their own experience (not mine, but theirs). I love to see and hear about someone that is truly living their life. Sometimes we win, and sometimes we need alittle support in our defeat. Life is amazing!


Be well
~The Yeti

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Exciting times, at last, we can move forward. Which triggered the fork? I won't be surprised if it was the result of the loss of SP delegation from steemit Inc.

I am not sure what was the final straw, but they said in the post that they have been working on it for weeks. So I would imagine it was the sale of steemit inc....