Looking for more Quality Writers, Apply Within for Votes!

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Are fewer people posting; are more people leaving? At times I am struggling to use my overspill voting power.

Whatever…, the ones that remain will receive more of the reward pool and benefit in the long game.

...'no votes in sight? maybe there's support coming'...

So I am asking the community to forward me some names to add to 'RandomVoter'. For those with no knowledge, this is a script I wrote some time ago that uses up my surplus voting power to reward 'the good stuff'.

It’s like hive.vote but I personally run it. I like the control and only kick it off when my VP is getting a little high.

...'a section of the RandomVoter script. I intend to re-write it as the code is sloppy'...

I can’t follow everyone and being on the ‘list’ doesn’t qualify for a follow, but additions will get extra support from my main @slobberchops account plus smaller votes from some alternative accounts.

If you can recommend some authors (or yourself), then I will vet the accounts for quality, not-selling out all the rewards, self-voting practices, comment practice, and some other shit I would rather keep to myself.

What I primarily looking for is authors who want to grow their accounts, are not powering down, and see HIVE more as a creative outlet instead of a magic money generator.

...'powering down, getting out? That's fine.., but I won't be adding you... sorry'...

We all like magic money. That can't be denied and that's OK so long as it's not the sole motivator.

Being on the list is not a permanent ‘thing’. I have kicked a few off lately due to abuse. I will share any promising authors with @tenkminnows, you may get more support than expected.

Don't be shy, do pipe up something, and remember I don't bite (only on Sundays).

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I've been browsing/scrolling the main 'all' feed often lately since my feed has been drying up again. I'll admit it's been difficult to find stuff I'm interested in lately. I still hand these votes out manually, but only after I've consumed the material.

Tell me about it, I manually curate to a certain extent.., time is a limiter. You have to read some of the stuff!

I think I'll get back into upvoting comments a little more. Time is money...

I tend to get a lot of comments, there's probably a good reason for that 😃

It's probably your face.

Yeah, my feed has been a little slow and my VP was almost knocking on 100 this morning. Yeek

Indeed, I remarked that too... but it’s never hitting 100 !

Yeah, that would be a travesty!!

Lol, complete tragedy!

It's that story again.., HIVE is worth less, so people stop posting (but not us as we know better).

Well, you know true affiliation when prices are down.

exactly !

We know better, it's really not about what's happening short term. I'd say no more

It's amazing how good some of these folks are at remaining invisible.

I could throw in some quality accounts that deserve to be rewarded more but reputation over 70 is already off limits ?

Of course, please send some.., it seems everyone is afraid of blowing their own trumpet too.., it's OK!

Ok, here I go then... @scottshots, @celestal, @cmnphotos

These are not new users nor unknown but do quality posts and deserve to be rewarded a bit more. Check them out

I actually noticed while scrolling back, that my feed is drying up too, only a handful of users are active. I guess the bear market doesn't motivate many to post.

Thanks, I already know @celestal. We have met several times. Will check the others.

Thank you @greddyforce! Always happy to post on hive, when I have time... Cheers!

I'm Powering Down a portion of my HP atm, got to take some of the rewards out at some point.

Thanks for letting me know. I just jiggled together a Python routine to check powering-down status and yours is positive hehe.., another excuse to code some more.

I'm not asking for special treatment for myself.

Just think the script could look to see if someone is powering down less than say 30% (amend as per your tastes) of the total HP, then it would still vote on their posts.

I just got it working.., it needs to enumerate a list full of accounts next. Love this Python stuff.., but in answer to your question, I think so.

Cool, maybe you could share the changes made with an explanation of the code logic.

I will publicly share it soon.

What a great idea, are there are any limitations with respect to reputation, account age that sort of thing?

I am wanting to give more to smaller accounts. I was one of those once.., and someone gave me a helping hand. You are already on it and have been for a while.


Oh trust me, I appreciate your support, but was thinking of others. Will have a think this afternoon.

Well, that's an excellent initiative and I really appreciate the fact that you care about the smaller accounts and give the opportunity to people to just promote themselves. Also, I don't really like to support accounts that see the platform as an easy way to just get some money but I believe that in the long run, they are going to regret it.

If nobody cared then no new people would stay. In today's HIVE it's easier than ever to get attention. It's all about the content..

Well, I couldn't agree more and I really believe that this is the right way :) Keep up the great job btw

So true :) ... I can actually see some new accounts growing in leaps and bounds, which would have been impossible two years ago


@slobberchops! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @wrestlingdesires. (6/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Here's one we don't see every day :) ... https://ecency.com/hive-194913/@wildscaper/my-antarctic-friends-seals

@wildscaper is a new member who looks promising

ohhh wow! @wrestlingdesires thank you for all your support:) I really appreciate it. It means a lot to me;)

My pleasure, keep the Antarctic posts coming, please :)


If you are genuine, you will do well on HIVE. I had a look at your blog and it looks promising. Please make sure the content you post is yours, there are people here who actively check for plagiarism.

Thanks.. will check it out.

A very generous offer mate, I nominate myself as needing some more encouragement to post more. Thanks in advance.

I will take a look 👁

Using up my votes is not too big of an issue. Just have to follow people or makes lists of those who should be active. I have added more people to tenkminnows thanks to you. I need to monitor those and I ought to make a script for that so I can check when they 'graduate' or change their behaviour.

There's only so many people I can support. I do think rewards have to be earned though. If I had millions of HP then it might all get a bit more stressful.

I need to monitor those and I ought to make a script for that so I can check when they 'graduate' or change their behaviour.

Something I intend to work on, keeps the dust setting on the internal sawdust.

il just keep doing what I'm doing 😊 even though I don't know what I'm doing half the time 😂

LOL, you are doing fine, just keep going 😀

I like @blanchy's stuff he had entertaining posts recently. @ablaze deserves a spotlight @mipiano is always a joy to read. She is famous 😂, but @trangbaby is always going on some adventure.
Also @cryptoandcoffee that still managed to carry on posting while being at the hospital and this is something I truly respect.

There's many more but that's it for today

hey, thanks Ed that you think it is always a joy to read me :D
Well, much fun is involved while writing something so I guess that fun maybe comes through the lines 😁

Thanks, a couple of gems there.

There are a few that put out exceptional content: @mipiano although not new, @buckaroobaby @emma-h and there are a few more but I will have to think about that. How new do you want them to be? I know you already have @leaky...

Thanks so much for mentioning me @dswigle, I appreciate it and the support that I've gained so far here. I feel very at home and absolutely love the content I find here. There's always something interesting.

I have to agree! A little something for everyone. The support is amazing! Keep on spreading your words!

So, why I am mentioned for the second time here? Edprivat even said I am famous lol, I don't know what he is talking about hahah

Just kidding, thanks @dswigle for your mention 😇 your attention is much appreciated 😘

Yeah, I am not that new, two years and four months, but feels like five as no day passed that I was not around :D

Recently I met @nickydee, an awesome lady, a free spirit, she started this summer. Oh well, another amazing girl, @ninjakitten but I don't have to tell @slobberchops about her :D she is in very good hands already :)

Ah... thanks for thinking of me and coming from you that's really special 😌 🙏

Not sure if @slobberchops has met @olujay , but I've watched him up his game BIGTIME over the last few weeks of beginning to share his musical talents.

And now it seems he has a knack for filming and post production as well. I'm keeping an eye on him.

Then there's @kesityu.fashion - super creative young human.

@hanselmusic usually has a different spin on things and shares stuff on music I've never heard of.

@teng7 - also upping skills quickly!

I'd try to support some Noobs to keep people engaged for the first bit as well. Of course. I think it's hard to meet people and really get going for some people if they aren't au fait with connecting online...

Been a bit remiss but have been on the go. I'll build it into a daily mission I think. 👍

Cool initiative ❤️ Makes a jaded person all warm and fuzzy inside :)

❤️ Thank you!!! well this is really nice to see/read🙃
I could from my side give back the suggestion to you @nickydee
and to add @alt3r because her cooking and photography is awesome and @illusivelf because of her awesome creative designs!!!
if my comment on the matter is still relevant after so many other suggestions to you @chops.support 😅

Oh goody... more content to devour.

Thanks for the heads up!

And thank you for your encouragement 😊

Thank you @kesityu.fashion that's really kind of you!😊

No! @slobberchops and not have not met.😁

Thank you so much for the support, @nickydee.

Well you should read his blog! It's pretty awesome 👍

Always keep good people close. The pleasure is all mine.

Happy Tuesday

I sure am checking his blog out.

I wanted to reach you on WA to ask how work has been. I just haven't done so yet.

Happy Tuesday. And how's your boy?

Thanks for the mention! I’m happy you like what I’m doing and discover new music with me!

Let the music play on, my new friend 😊

I'm grateful for your mention. I'm still in the process of improving my skills and you are one of person who make my skills better day by day. You are an amazing girl and you deserver more, @nickydee ❤️

Aw... thank you.

What a beautiful comment and that really made my heart happy! 😊

I just see people. And I saw you and your effort. You deserve to do well!

Ask away if you need anything.

Many hands make light work! 🌸

aww thankyou!! I am a really lucky girl and I agree, I'm being well guided, and I love it here!

You are rocking here, dear kitty with ninja skills :))

Oh thank you!

You might find posts from @thefootprint interesting.

Thanks, that one's in.

Oh nice 👍 thank you 🙃

Thank you 🙏🏼

Well, since I've stumbled in here, can I suggest @slothlydoes it, he's great if not a little vain! Been slowly growing my account over the last few months, utilising those dreaded self votes! I noticed I followed a curator that voted for me and I would like self vote! I managed to turn that off so time to start building a real audience!

I would also like to put forward @acidtiger a "newer" creator here on Hive, mainly doing drawings!

Plus @patlebo he continues to entertain with his videos and content!

Thanks for taking the time to read, and good luck to all on the List!

Thanks sloth ure the best! Definitely put him on it if you read this comment! :) he is a guy that always tries to help others and usually at the expense of himself

Thank you for looking out and supporting the little hands on hive. Perhaps my content might interest you and deserves your support. Also @temibot is one cool guy you might like to support.

Oh, thank you very much for the recommendation.

My pleasure !luv

@stillgideon doesn’t post often but is worth the wait.

Looks like he's writing a book, one chapter at a time.

I am not leaving, writing my souvenir on hive :)

You've been on it for a while!

good one bringing this up again... I checked in my stats who I commented on that as not in the usuals. (this is usaully what I do..I find now people and then comment on something) But uhhhh crickets...crap!

Will edit on this post once I find some

Finding quite a few, I was not anticipating this many 'applying' :)

Honestly, I don't know who to recommend you to follow and support us quite a lot of the older members of the chain learned how things work and pretty much write things of quality, but I'm sure the trending page is a good start to discover some newbies who have potential.

You could check out my posts. I haven't been able to write as often as I wish lately due to my health condition. I plan to write 3-4 post per week and build my account once again.
Thanks for wanting to support quality writers.

@ybanezkim26 @mengao and @leaky20 might be worth adding :)

Oh! Thanks for the mention, but I think I won't qualify because I'm constantly powering down. I have to because I'm living off of Hive since 2020.

I don't know but you are putting a lot of effort in the community, and you still own a lot of Hive power, so I still felt like you aren't here only for the money and your name is worth mentioning. I guess there were also times you powered up a lot :)

Thank you for the mention, I have to post more frequently again.

Thanks for the mention. That's very much appreciated.

@leaky20 is already on there, and you are now.

Don't be shy, do pipe up something, and remember I don't bite (only on Sundays).

Lol, now i'm curious. Why only on Sundays? :)

Hah, not sure if I make the cut but uh... you should probably check out @sapphireissafy, she writes nice fictions coupled with her eerie illustrations that I find quite... eccentric😅

Also, @sanjalica draws and paints pretty well! Plus, her adorable hands play the piano so well!

Also, @writermaximus too is quite funny XD

Thank you very much for your support @zeraton! I'm so glad you like my content, I really enjoy creating it. 😊

Woa this is amazing. I didn't expect my name would be remembered, what an honour to me. Thank you!!!

Hmm mmm... Don't mention it😅. Didn't do much apart from just tagging ya lol.

I do like your content and your illustrations though. I can say that much.

Why only on Sundays? :)

Well., that's because today is Sunday..

Uh... I don't really follow but cool.

Hi! Take a look at this author: @gatubela 🐱

I engage consistently on a daily basis and I recently cancelled my power down after withdrawing some to settle some stuffs.

I’m staying and trying my best :)

No power down, pretty much keeping all the reward - except what I dedicated for the challenge I organize in the Unity community I recently founded.

There also you can found some nice writers :)

Btw, was it complicated to code this tool ?

Have a accomplished Sunday

Btw, was it complicated to code this tool ?

Yes, to start off it was. I'm in the zone now.. so not anymore.

Yes, it's a bit like that all the time, whatever the field. I tried a bit of coding... but never got in the zone haha !

Have a nice week :)

I'm just a newbie trying to explore and if possible grow my stake and help my fellow newbies too in the process. If I meet the criteria, I would to nominate myself. Thank you for all you do for hivers

Good afternoon sir. My blog and everything in it is only positive content with landscape photography and a creative approach to publications. Perhaps my blog will be of interest to you. Thank you very much for your information and optimism. I wish you success.

wow this is generous and I will be happy if I can be part of it. I put in effort everyday to deliver my best and never attend any power down

This is a great initiative... In my opinion, many people stopped posting and my feed is not interesting anymore, unfortunately... But I will drop some account names whenever I can...

It does seem harder to find "original" content, these days... and what I mean by that is content that doesn't smell too much like it was "created for rewards," as part of some eternal cycle of attracting a specific curator.

Seems to be one of those ebb-and-flow things that comes and goes with the market for Hive tokens... I expect that when Hive tokens start approaching $1.00 again, the content will also start flowing more freely. Times are tough at the moment, a lot of people can't justify spending time with social media/blogging/content creation that they could be spending working at a paying job... I should know, my own engagement has been in the toilet, for a while...

But I digress. Here are a few favorites:

@anitahorvatirl really stunning photography. She does get some stout votes occasionally, but she also has $2 posts.
@kaazoom also a bit sporadic, but puts out some decent and varied content. Definitely human.
@amberkashif definitely worthy, and she writes for the sake of writing.
@christinepoulos Yikes... another "human stories" poster who has become sporadic.
@diziette Creates varied — and occasionally "deep" — content and probably deserves more attention than he's getting.
@mamaemigrante creates some nice gardening posts, along with other bits. Usually English/Spanish.

Having gotten that far, it's slightly alarming how many people aren't active anymore...

Awesome! I just saw that and a few people instantly pop in my mind :)

  1. @soulsdetour - I believe what she writes matches the account name, as she usually pours out her soul :) One undervalued author, IMHO.
  2. @manoldonchev - I always enjoy reading his posts, he shares in artistic way his thoughts, personal challenges and daily life. I feel he needs more support. A great photographer and probably under different circumstances, a famous writer :)
  3. @silver.art - a talented painter. She doesn't post a lot, I think a few times a month
  4. @driptorchpress - I got in touch with this creative guy when he joined the "Photographic Society" community I created and then he started to post there. I find the time to read his posts and for myself, that tells is all :)

By the way, that community is a boutique one, still, with irregular posts but is destined for great things, hehehe. It would be awesome if you consider to somehow support it and join too :)

Thank you and !PIZZA

Oh, I may add few other accounts later if that's ok and you're still looking to expand that list? :)

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @cageon360 ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

I have awesome bloggers from my family and friends and can share few of them

@rosecane (brother)
@quduus1 (Friend)
@shahzad-ansari (brother)
@vickoly (friend)
@b0s (friend)
@sayee (Didi)

Thank you for the nominations Bhai 🎉🎉

Welcome Foxy and Good Luck!


Thanks so much for your nomination Uncle, I really appreciate.

You welcome my Friend, Good luck

Oh wow, thank you so much uncle. I'm glad I made your list.

You Welcome B0sie

Oh, I see your code is written in Python or it looks like it, I am currently learning python for web dev though.
And very well, I nominate @ksam, @funshee and since we can nominate ourselves, then @temibot 😁.

Ahh!!! 😅

This came as a surprise, but I'm actually grateful that you found my content worth the nomination.

I try the little I can to keep up with Hive activities no matter the season (bull or bear), although I haven't witnessed much of the bull 😅 I'm used to the bear.

@chops.support this is a wonderful initiative.

It is wonderful to know that we have people who care about those who take out their time to contribute and publish their quality writeups on Hive amidst the season.

@temibot is a great writer and is worth the consideration.

@hopestylist is not only an amazing writer and singer, but I also call her the Princess of Hive Engagement, because she is everywhere, doing wonderfully well in her Engagement.

@writermaximus is a great funny author 😅 normal normal, sense is far away from him 😅😅😅😅

This man had to sha add yab😂😂

Thanks for the kind words bro
I owe you one chilled caprisun

Awwn, thank you so much Sam, you are making me feel so emotional now with those beautiful things you said about me 🥺.

This is a really great idea Chops, you are just one unique person that I've come to know a little about here on Hive and I'm so happy of what you do and your continuous support to those who are willing to grow.

I will love to nominate @emreal, @quduus1, @merit.ahama and of course @ksam, these are truly amazing writers and I'm sure you agree with me. I'm also a good writer says @ksam 🤗.

Thanks for the mention dear, I appreciate 😊

You're welcome dear

Heheh 🤣🤣 thank you my dear, you are a good writer ❤️❤️

You're welcome dear 🤗❤️

Let see how it goes hopey

Yes Foxy 🤗

To the top👍👍👍✅❤️❤️

Hehe... Well, I sure would stay off on Sundays.. This is a very nice way of helping authors. Thanks for this. And a big thanks to @merit.ahama for the mention..

Do have a lovely night's rest😁😁.

remember I don't bite (only on Sundays)

Haha I'm not scared but I'm definitely not going to visit you on a Sunday 😅

It's so nice of you to have a way of supporting those trying to be supportive of the community by being active and engaging.

Good to know you go over the ones you've been supporting to check for any abuse, it's very important.

Well, for me I'll suggest @balikis95 and @mercysugar they're worth checking out and supporting. Thanks for this opportunity 🙇‍♀️

Omg😭😭😭 thanks a lot for the mention Sis, I appreciate the kind gesture. You are a good person and I am glad I get to know ya😍😍😍..

You're welcome dear, it's no big deal 😊
You deserve the mention

🥺🥺🥺... You make me teary already..

Thank you😍😍

Aww you're welcome dear

Awwwwww😳😭thank you so much for the mention, and I must say I am happy you find me worthy of the vote😊.


I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
@lightcaptured(1/15) tipped @chops.support (x1)
wrestlingdesires tipped slobberchops (x1)
lofone tipped chops.support (x1)

Please vote for pizza.witness!

This is really nice of you in showing kindness to others. I am still new here but am trying my little best to progress.

You should definitely check @chincoculbert out, man writes mean movie reviews and awesome short stories, all of awesome qualities. He's been of big help to me on hive and is the very essence of what a hive blogger should be.

He's currently powering down now to get a new phone so he's presence here can be more effective, I can't think of a better candidate.

Try @diikaan too if you like quality sport posts, I'm not even into sports and I know alot because of this dude. He also hides intelligence under his short stories in some communities here.

These authors have proved to me and a lot of other people what we achieve with quality posts, you don't want to miss them.

My oh my, this is a very fine thing you're doing I must commend. I'm active on hive because of the push I got from @nelson-george, it's hard to deny he has one of the best sense of humor in the comedy community, sometimes dark but we dig. He also sings, gosh!! You should hear his voice.

I heard he's currently trying to stir up engagement in the music community discord server. His posts are of good quality but all these are just mere words, you'd have to check him out.

Without any shame , I would like to promote myself :)

Check out my new post and let me know your thoughts .

I really appreciate what you are doing, I would love to nominate myself @sam9999 I give quality content on finance, health, Nature, and Technology and once in a while some general life issues. I really want to grow my account as I believe in the process hive has to offer.

You are a good writer @chops.support i have also aspired to write like you because I follow your other account @slobberchops great contents you got there well am here for to speak for myself because no community might recommend me because the community I do blog most times are probably not seeing this i have been writing also i can't hype myself but i can say i am quite a good writer @katirayo you can check him out and see for yourself.

this is a good initiative, I am not applying because it has been quite lazy to publish. but I'll keep the radar on to send out a good prospect.

Better writers always get good votes.

I think all the whales should get together and rather than burn a big amount of HIVE soul bound it around like Gladius cards in Splinterlands. They can never sell it, but if most non abusers' likes could be worth ten cents+ it would make a big difference. I've been here a long time and have never been able to have likes worth more than a cent. I know it's cause I sold all my Steem and Hive for cards, but if I could be handing out dimes for each like it'd be a lot more fun. Noise.Cash was fun for a while cause I'd get $1 a day to hand out as free tips, but it all dried up one day because it wasn't decentralized. It's just a Twitter wannabe shill for BCH, but the daily free tips was a great idea.

Tips here are free. If you were to transfer money from your bank account to your Hive account then stake and give yourself HP, that's still your property, and from there you can 'tip' with votes, for free, plus earn with each vote cast. That's a way better deal. Then if you decide it's not for you, can put your money right back into your bank account.

Speaking of bank accounts, how long will it be before we have HBD Visa or Mastercard debit cards? It would be a great way to welcome talent on board too.

That would be interesting.

Oh, so you are also slobberchops that I have a convo with in The Terminal. Can I nominate myself? 🙈 Ohmeghed, still shy, but yeah, I guess I'm qualified. I haven't powered down yet since I joined Hive.

Hey Chops, as a content creator, blogger and freelancer I could do some writing for you. Just give me some hints and topics, I can start asap. https://vladanlausevic.com/

I do OK writing myself, thanks!

Ok dude, but you do seek for quality writers or :)?

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