The moral and the ethical in society / reflection


Since we have knowledge of the human being we hear that we must have moral and ethical to do things and that everything done is good to obtain the desired results, however no one ever tells you that having morals and ethics will cause some problems with people who do not practice these words in their life.
However, in order to understand what happens in life when these words are practiced, it is necessary to know their meanings.

Moral"Morality is a set of norms, values and beliefs existing and accepted in a society that serve as a model of behavior and assessment to establish what is right or wrong"

Ethics"is a branch of philosophy dedicated to moral issues. The word ethics comes from the Latin ethĭcus, and this from the ancient Greek ἠθικός (êthicos), derived from êthos, meaning 'character' or 'belonging to the character' ".

Now, we must understand that since we are little ones in education, they constantly instruct us in these words, we always hear that the ethical will lead you to be a great professional and that with morals we will always build a good society, but for years I have observed with great feeling the passing of situations that as "society" we remain silent, perhaps it is that in our eyes this is not bad or simply that what is moral and ethical in one state of the country in another is not. It is possible that each human being constructs its own meaning of these words.

I explain because I tell you all this, for none of you my friends is a secret that Venezuelan society in recent years has undergone constant changes, either from political areas (I will not go into detail with regard to this issue, since, with respect to each and opinion) or the environment that interests me most, social environment. Years ago we watched as our children what worried him more was to be a doctor, lawyer or a racing driver; while in recent years his concern is to be in the wave or fashion of dances, love and so many things that I will not mention so as not to offend. That is why I ask: What is and is not admissible in the moral and the ethical ?, product of the "evolution of man" Should everything be allowed ?, or perhaps Does the end justify the means?

What is and is not admissible in the moral and ethical?

From my perspective what is admissible in the moral and ethical will always depend on the culture and evolution of a society, always remembering that transgression will always depend on the human being. When we adapt to situations we find ourselves involved in the admissible, for example; the fact that children abandon their studies by being in search of "that" that will motivate them and lead to greatness.

But the answer to the following question is required.

Should everything be allowed?

It is possible that with globalization and evolution everything is accepted, we must recognize that everything is allowed but not everything is not lawful. If as a society we close our eyes to everything and adapt to a world of "progress" to follow examples from other societies, it may be beneficial, but remember that not all countries are in conditions for accelerated changes. However, if we internalize this question, is everything allowed? Everything that does not hurt you is, but if that harms a third party, gentlemen, we are in chaos as humanity. Or it is possible that, the end justifies the means.

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