Aunt and nephew time!

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My name is Zach Austin! Im just 29 days old now. My aunt Ren visited me here in La Union. I'M HAPPY TO MEET MY BEAUTIFUL AUNT!
I wanna grow up to be a blessing to my family especially my parents.

Love, Baby Zach

Children are gift from God. They are a big big blessing to husband and wife. I wanted also to have a baby and let him or her be nurtured and nourished by the word of God and let him / her grow with the fear of the Lord. Wether it be a boy or girl I would totally love him or her with my whole heart.

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Haha such a cutie Zach is.

He is really so cute @mydivathings..

Bienvenida amiga ... éxitos en esta nueva etapa, cuenta con mi apoyo.

Que Dios te bendiga ese hermoso bebe.

te invito a visitar mi blog.

Atte .: @castil

I also love children. They are innocent and beautifully made✌✌