Ok so this hands down the most epic interview I've ever done. I might as well refuse all future interviews and just send them a link to this.

Seriously though you guys, this might be the most brilliant "interview" series ever. They are always so hilarious and I'm glad I got to be one of the Steemfest crypto-babes that got in bed with the Steembirds. ;)

Ps... I'm realizing that I told crypto-babes to collab with each other... and we literally brought @lifesacircus's cat into our date. SO... that's a pretty epic collab right there.

It was our pleasure to have you in bed! Fun times 😎

Maybe we should get Willow into a crypto-babes cat shirt for the date!

A crypto-babes bed with the steembirds...might break the internet

Hahaha that voice, Lea!!! 😂
No need to mention that this was shooted at Steemfest where you spend all the words you usually have for one year in four days, haha
Legendary shooting!!

#cryptobabescollabs - I’m all in for that ✌️

Yeah i'm usually pretty social - but I don't think i've ever talked THAT much in my life before! hahah

Ps... YES on the crypto babes collab! I know you are taking a bit of creative break right now, but we should do something fun together at some point! :)

Haha same here! I love to talk, but THIS is different :-)

Count me in for the fun stuff after my creative break.

Congrats on cobbling together 3 minutes of 'clean' suitable for work footage from that one! Looks like you guys had a blast. 😂😂😂

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Yeah we should probably use the tag #not-nsfw all the time! 😎

Yessssss! Wish I was at steem fest. Rock on!

aww I wish you could have made it! It would have been awesome to finally meet you. Maybe next year! Or maybe the Steem Creators Conference? Happening in Austin this April. Might be a little closer. haha

That sounds tempting! I have 5 vacation days until July so that may be hard. Keep me posted!

Ya mon, same!

Keep up the jams man!

I’ve been waiting so long to see this go down 😂 I can’t wait for my break at work to see this!

Bring your #wineanxiety pillow

I am both disappointed and proud that Lea spilt wine on the blanket #wineanxietyrunsinthefamily

I cried for both reasons: disappointment and pride

Straight up... I'm blaming the @steembirds for this wine spill... I had nothing to do with it. LOL

We do have a wine spilling effect on crypto-babes 😎

Are you sure? I mean, its takes 3 to have a #handorgy

You never invited me to your bed :(

I just picture you guys sharing a double bed all the time.

You're invited... as long as you bring 2 crypto-babes 😎

If u can bring 2 crypto-babes with you...we might interview you ;)

SteemBirds always stick to the script lol

Always in perfect harmony

hahah I think #nsfwlite could be a new trend on Steemit.

Sorry to give you wine anxiety. I know it's a trigger for you. hahah

I have a LOT of triggers. One of them is not #NSFWLITE

so this happened and I was unaware....
rolls eyes! :) hahaha


@coruscate has the most exotic voice among all crypto babes :))

I don't know... even my raspy voice doesn't even come close to the sexiness that is @lifesacircus voice!

Even with raspy voice you've proven to be different to be positively from other crypto babes :))

Steembirds rock!

My confession is I have a crypto babe fetish! LOL

No judgement from me lol 😎


Waiting for this and now it's here. you guys are awesome. See you at episode 6.

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cool ideas for series

hehe seems you guys had so much fun! a month later and I still have SteemFest FOMO. Meh.

Lol, i hear that it lasts all year and then u end up at the next 1 ;)

lol German 'TV station copies your format


Lol jeezus... wait why is there no crypto-babe?

Germans prefer Fiat Cash

Bye the way Happy new year!

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My Steemfest confession: I didn't get in bed with the Steembirds, but maybe I should've. ;)

Thanks for the giggles.

Lol, maybe next time 😎😎

I'm glad you don't perform decentralized

Total awesomeness @steembirds & @coruscate with great company hahaha! Great photos too , that last one is killer! 💕✌💁upped and resteemed!

Thx @karenmckersie! Good times & good ppl !

For sure, it must have been awesome! 😊👍

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Wow that's cool 😀

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그래, 나는 보통 꽤 사교적이지만 - 나는 내 인생에서 그 많은 이야기를 해본 적이 있다고 생각하지 않는다! 하하

Ps ... Crypto Babes Coll! 지금 당장 당신이 약간의 창조적 인 휴식을 취하고 있다는 것을 알고 있지만, 우리는 어느 시점에서 함께 재미있는 것을해야합니다.

How about it

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Awesome to see you came so far on Steem and your able to do what you want! It inspires :)!

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