Awww I miss you @koreanoprah!! Your cow bell skills are seriously next level. I don’t know what your first band was thinking.

Ps... Sounds like most of the Steemit hunks need to step up their game. Big time. Otherwise I’ll have to start hitting on you. 😆

Part of me was expecting the wine glass to shatter and Dan to pull the trap door lever (which would also pull the stained sheets down with her).

These sessions are often on the edge of just that lol...

Think @raised2b does not want this:D

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I'm Bidding 10 Steem!

@koreanoprah is a triple threat crypto-babe! Smart, beautiful & she cooks!

I'd bid 11 Steem for a video chat with @koreanoprah

50 steem. If anyone out bid me I think it would make sense if people would send the steem first in some kind of escrow if not people could just out bid without having any intention to pay. I'll send the 50 steem later.

Ya that’s a good idea mon! we’ll definitely keep that in mind should sm1 outbid ya!

I've send the 50 Steem to @steembirds

Lol, perfect. We’ll set everything up 😎😎

hit you up on Steem Chat

First of all i want to know how she manages an account with 0 sp?!

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maybe we have the first steem digger

But how to get bandwith without sp und rc?

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But how to get bandwith without sp und rc?

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Haha loving the interview in bed setup reminds my of the big breakfast kept waiting for Zig and Zag to jump out or some crypto version. One to work on guy i'll give you that one. Keep it coming 💯🐒

this show! I totally forgot about this!

Brilliant this would have so many complaints these days! Dam what happen to humour 💯🐒

Yea, exactly. The first min of this would have been criticized probably to the point of cancellation...

HAH - Jay's secret bidding account and the Mr. Burns trap door joke were the best. Nice one!

Hey! Where's your bid Matt? As I recall, you had some interest ;)

HA. Well if this isn't royally blowing up my spot I don't know what is!!

Not quite sure what you mean, but it sounded funny...

Happy New Year to you guys! Keep up the great work.

When does the bidding end? Where is the money from the bidding going?

Excellent questions. The winning bid Steem goes to @koreanoprah...of course after The SteemBirds take their completely modest match making fee ;)

The bidding ends when the traffic is exhausted on the post. So probably after about 7 days. Maybe we'll let it ride a bit longer if bids are still coming in.

You gona bid lol?

I'm pretty sure @koreanoprah has a "you're satisfied or your $ back guarantee" on the vid chat too lol.

AHHHHH!!!! I love that woman. Wish she'd come play... I'd happily transfer 20 STEEM to her for a video date. ;) She was one of my favourite new friends from Steemfest. So much fun to talk with and such a sweetheart.

Some1 already bid 50steem for the vid chat... i’ll talk it over with my colleagues and see if there is a follow up to this 😎😎

there's no doubt, you guys had really had so much time! great entertainment!

thumbs up! =D crypto peeps should still have some fun!

Ya they should!

There's no doubt, you guys
Had really had so much time!
Great entertainment!

                 - elvisdamond

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

This Shirts Looks lovely..pls how can i get one

Link is in the post ;)






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