Hahaha I can’t stop laughing! It’s as if I hadn’t been there and was living all that for the very first time now.

The sandwich moment, you sneaky devils 😂😂😂

Thank you so much!!! It’s been a unique moment, and yes #blocksizematters after all 🤷‍♀️

Hopefully we can repeat that next year.

The @ex-surfermarly 😆

Yeah this was such a fun night! We'll have to make it happen again at SteemFest4 😎

And... what sandwich moment??? lol just joking 😉

lol - no idea what she’s talking about 🤷‍♀️😂

Yes, Steemfest 4 is definitely on my agenda!!

EDIT: oh I just saw you even included the #not-nsfw tag hahaha 🔝

This is SO FUNNY! So much fun. Love it.


Hahah, that tag though...
I'm happy you had a good laugh, too, @luzcypher!!
We surely need to repeat it at next year's Steemfest - only for the fun :-)

Have a nice day (or is it even night at your place?)!

Hahahaha, Still chuckling about it. Hope to see you again soon.

Hahahahha this was an amazing “interview”!! I was laughing the whole time!

Sorry this interview scared you off from surfing again @surfermarly. I mean @ex-surfermarly.


Ahahaha I was dying, too when i saw it!
The “sandwich-moment” is surely a highlight 😂

Looking forward to yours!!
Much love @ex-surfermarly

Never going in the water ever again - look at the size of the holes in Marly's jeans!

🦈 🦈 🦈

Ahahaha 😂 Great one, Asher!!
I’ll stay with you at the shore

I would definitely do this interview if ABH was conducting it!

Is your steemcrush abh? That’s my guess ...

Oh I’d love to see that!!!

Teheh Asher was at Steemfest, so he’s out 😒🤷‍♀️

Oh right!! bernie? Bahahahha

You better don’t go ahead guessing, it’s getting worse 😂

HAhahahhaha the last two were a joke. :)

I'll take that as a compliment! :D

Great idea. We can get fat drinking beer watching the surfers being chomped :O :O

Yay @surfermarley thanks for dropping this in SS! Funny and great job. I’m
Totally getting a t-shirt!! After 1 year on steemit I deserve one. 🙌🏽

You’re welcome eaglezzz and thank you 😌
The shirts are dope!! I want to give away some on Xmas :-)

Yay!! If I am one of your chosen ... my address is ... hahahah

Hahaha you should get one from the Steembirds and do an interview as well I’d say 😄

Absolutely hilarious!!!! Looks like you guys had a blast out there!!!

Ya mon! 😎😎

You guys are so much fun. And you get so many crypto-babes in your bed! ;-) I can't wait for the @koreanoprah episode!

Right on. That is a great idea. So fun!


LMAO. I could safely watch this at my workplace since I am a content creator on Steem. Working from home, alone. :'))

#blocksizematters #not-nsfw.

Hahaha good for you!! Being a steemian has actually so many benefits 😁

Great tagging haha - let’s get them trending
#blocksizematters #not-nsfw

@surfermarly is my favorite. ♥

I didnt bother watching. But this and the most recent buffalo milking post got my vote and comment. Top notch.

lol - that’s a way of looking at it

@steembirds rock and so do our beloved Crypto-Babes!!!

Congratulations @steembirds!
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Thanks bud!

great stuff cool :)))

Where s the vid?

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I think that's a Partiko thing

Discriminating YouTube content lol

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If you don’t have Steemit then you don’t have Steemit 🤷‍♀️😄 Hope you found a way to watch it..

On YouTube :'(

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Haha nice going

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nice sitting only


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Why didnt anybody mention berniesanders so far for "bed partner "? @surfermarly so obvious

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I think @eaglespirit already did above ;)

Where? Dont see it, or is it Not bernie?

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Ya it's in their convo above where eagle spirit guesses a bunch of ppl. she says "Bernie?" it was a hard no lol

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