3000 Km Distance a Steemit Interactive Story

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Bonjours Hi 

first of all let me express my gratitude for you taking time of reading this 

also my first language is french so its possible that some sentence might be wrong   i am sorry in advance   but speaking english does reach better

Now what this is all about    ?! 

well  this post has two roles first it will be my official  introduce myself  and the starting point of a big adventure 

My name is Jesse  in the late 30's been on my own for a while now  3years ago i discover BTC but at the time like most people i kinda miss the boat then i eard of ETH   the tech and possibillitys are speachless so ive decide to rejump into it i could catch ETH ETC and ZEC train this time  and the knowledge   witch is priceless  i actually got more wise   it does have change me in many many way im more carefull  and i acually understand more trading / leverage    more quick on seeing proportion from a fractional    and all this got me rewarded  cause ive learn about   Coin,  Blockchain faucet hyip scam  trade wallet dictionary its a whole  universe by itself  So easy to get lost 

ive decide to create 5thdimension project ( ill make a proper post for it)

this has for goal to unmystifie CryptoCurrency for any1 using a thematik so user can easyle picture concepts 

THE 3000km project what it is ? 

with some money i made i brought a mini van (MPV) (picture on the next post) 

i have to travel 3,000+ Km from Quebec Canada to British-Colombia Canada

because i dont have passport i have to travel trough canada only  roughly 64hours Time/Distance  in order to make it comfy  i will rebuild the van into a mobile home  with what i own already the cheapest but yet most practicle and nice looking 

this is where it become interactiv  see fund collected from here  will be used to purchase upgrade for the trip because you will be able to follow day /day the whole travel   with picture video and if you have suggestion on site view i could go if on the way :)  

there will be another surprise related to cryptocurrency and this travelling

so how it would work  well this post will act has main page from then each new post will be added here    i will use Steemit EXCLUSIVLY no oher media for quality reason  (i dont mind the share of corse )

i will see people interrest in he next few days and will choose a event starting date  from that date  Each day i will make a post  you will see all devellopement  from building the van to driving and once at destination  so you guys can be a crowdfunding for my 3000km project  if this work great who know ... why not around the world XD

so that mostly cover the presentation i guess  i will put a 48 72hours monitoring of this post meanwhile im getting picture and all ready

see you steemers


Welcome to Steem @jesse5th I have upvoted and sent you a tip

thanks a million it is much appreciatef

a little gift here are some draw a measurement ive made couple days ago more details will be share if idea reach people 20171106_205815.jpg