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Good day to you!
My name is Newt, I am a multimedia artist based in Buffalo, NY.
I spend most of my creative time on synthesizers and drum machines, video synthesis, and painting.
In the public eye I perform live electronic music sets under various names and projects, Armageddon Party, N3wT, Skeleton Dreams. I have also taken a leap into the world of projection mapping and have been doing as much of that as possible, as I love to help with the creation of a new atmosphere in an existing space.
I am getting ready to take the steps into DIY synthesizer building and am really looking forward to the journey that will take me on.
Im always looking to meet other people to collaborate with, musically and visually. I really want to start working with VR as I see a lot of potential in the arts with that technology.

I love to traveling to new places, being able to share my art and music with new people, seeing and hearing new things, always learning and expanding knowledge. The world is a beautiful and magical place with so much to offer and such little time to experience it all.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I look forward to searching through steemit and connecting with new people like you!




So glad you are finally on here! Heart smiley face mind hug

Nice to see you on here too! I got a new phone a little while ago and lost all my contacts, shoot me a text sometime :-)

Beautiful Introduction! It sounds like you have a lot of creative magic within you to share. You sound like a fine wizard and your picture RULES! Welcome to the platform, may all your dreams come true! <3

Thank you, I have a hard time writing bios and descriptions for the things that I do, and making this post was probably the main reason I didn't sign up sooner, Im glad I did though!

Hey @armageddonparty. I'm also in buffalo, friends with @adept, @seer, @birdinc, @chey, @mrviquez, @defjukie, @accio, etc.

You came up the other day when we were talking about music, lighting, and particularly collaboration on the creation of some extremely complex and interesting experiences moving forward, including work on the Ultimate manifestation of what's possible in the world of AVR.

Sounds and Lighting are a huge aspect of "VirtuEarth™" [™ is just my favorite emoji basically], "Ourcades™", "MindSpaceTime™", and particularly our machines, named "Atmos Pheres™".

Can't wait to have a talk with you about your work. I know some other characters in the buffalo area who are super talented when it comes to the creation of music with synthesizers and also their association with dynamically active light systems.


Hey @alxgraham, thanks for reaching out! I would love to hear more about the projects you are working on, and bonus points for being local! Lets get together sometime soon!

Do you get notifications on posts? Steemify works well. You live in buffalo? Out by Luke?

I have not been getting notifications on posts, Im about 30 min away from him, closer to the airport.

Sounds good. Talk soon.

Me and @armageddonparty tried out the VR just the other day. We were painting on the moon. And eventually came across some Hot dog paradise. With some hot dog god overseeing the planet lol. Was really fun but needs work. The possibilities are needless to say, endless. VirtueEarth will come to be. And will be the Ultimate.

welcome to steemit. hope you are very successful here :)

Thank you! Worth a shot, right?


Hey man got to you from adepts resteem. Interested in talking about 3D projection mapping. You ever go to the blockchain meetups at Ashker’s on Thursday’s?

No I have not, is it every thursday? I am busy the next two but will keep that in mind for sure. Totally am interested in talking 3d projection mapping with someone local :-)

Yes, every Thursday at Ashker's on Elmwood. Sounds good man see you there. Just make sure to say something about this convo when you see me.