So what's new?

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Hello bees of the Hive... or whatever it is you call yourselves now that steemianism is over.

So what's new?? I want to know everything!

I guess I'll start. You might know me, you might not. I'm from Ireland and I used to host a podcast on the steem blockchain and left around the time Ned sold the steemit account to Tron. My brother @demotruk was keeping me updated about the witness takeover but I couldn't watch.

I also needed the break. I had gone back to working full time and felt I wasn't producing the same quality of live shows and content with less time. But I really needed to take that time back for myself and my physical and mental health thanks me for it.

Here's a little video to say HI. I hope you didn't miss me as much as I missed so many of you.

Let's hope that embeds...

Besides getting back to the corporate world of 9-5, I escaped a scam in Iceland, escaped a kidnapping in India, performed in a circus, been to 4 European counties escaping lockdowns and welcomed 5 new people into the family. So there were plenty of close calls and celebrations despite a depressingly long winter.

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I see myself as my own hero, obnoxious as that might sound. But I do have the attitude that if I'm not living, I'm dying and this is the only life, the only time I have in this world. And that's why I want to come back to writing and podcasting about blockchain and decentralisation.

To keep my spirit high on life, I can leave places that don't bring me joy, to be replaced by another. But for some things, like our corrupted politics & institutions, there aren't always sufficient alternatives. I imagine a future where blockchains serve as the equivalent of institutions that can either be forked or abandoned when they don't serve their purpose. Just like how steem became Hive.

If you're reading this and you don't know what Hive is about, all I can tell you right now is there is no central ownership of this social network. Just like bitcoin is not controlled by banks. This too is decentralised, meaning the rules are determined by the entire network of users who become the stakeholders.

The blockchain determines the rules but I see each person involved as sovereign. This is because autonomy has to be granted by whoever is sovereign. The rules were written (or voted on) by the stakeholders and apply to all stakeholders.

  • So imagine an institution that you know is corrupt.
  • Think about why or how it got corrupted.
  • Now imagine it has no central authority, is decentralised and has autonomy granted by the sovereign individuals who choose to support it.
  • Imagine you, and everyone like you who requires this institution to function is a stakeholder.
  • Do you think the same corruption could occur?
  • If so, imagine you could just take a snapshot of when this institution was working before and with the help of your community and a blockchain developer, simply clone the institution from the time of that snapshot, leaving the corrupt individuals behind.

That is what blockchain can enable and I hope the Hive community will correct me if I'm wrong, but that final point is my understanding of how Steem became Hive.

I'm not a blockchain developer and I don't have the skills to implement what I wish to discuss. This is just a seed I'm passionate about planting among the large communities of people waking up to the importance of personal autonomy, liberty & sovereignty. Although I have some experience of the preceding social network, a lot has changed since. I plan on passing on what I learn to you.

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Great to see you back! There's been fun and games here, but I think we still have a chance to make something great. Enough people still give a shit.

Hive five!

Steeeeev 💕 High five my friend! Yes, I never stopped giving a shit either but just felt hopeless around that time. I think I'll ease myself in this time and see how it goes, but it looks like a lot has changed for the positive.

Just have to keep finding the positive. Take your time and I'll see you around!




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good to see you back
I haven't been so active lately either but I check every once in a while
What has changed? well ...
only things I remember now is that the curation reward is now 50% instead of 25
Also .. I'm not sure but the people seem to comment much less than they used to. Comment sections are invaded by bots, it seams
Welcome back again and I'm looking forward to your podcasts

Good to know @hazem91 great to see you're still around. 🥰 The 50/50 rewards sounds alright, but I do hope to get engagement in comments. I expect it's still the case that the bigger accounts get the most interaction, fishing for votes. 😜 But I think it was always that way. I noticed there's a blacklist but don't know what it's for. Can that be used to deal with bots?

Everyone has their own personal blacklist and mutelist. Blacklist is for people who you think are doing bad things and you don't want to see them, mutelist are for people not necessarily doing bad things but you still don't want to see their content. You can also follow other people's blacklists and mutelists.

So, is that on the blockchain where anybody can see that you blacklisted or muted them??

Any friend of @steevc, @whatsup and @fulltimegeek is a friend of mine!

I too am a remnant from the STEEM days and am wondering why we didn't cross paths back then.

Anyhow, love the return of the old skoolers and happy to meet you!

Hi Zeke! Nice to meet you too & better late than never 😉

Welcome back beanz

How did we get here? Through a lot of pain, blood and suffering.

Hi fulltimegeek! Thank you, and well done for having the resilience to stick around! I remember how much you supported small stakeholders ❤

Hello Beanz! Welcome back. Seems like you've been busy

It will be good to hear your impressions now.

Hi Whatsup my hero 🥰 I'll try to reserve my opinions until I get settled in, there are plenty of people who know more than me now, but I'll be happy to provide a fresh perspective.

Yeah a fresh perspective is what I meant. We all know whatever here thinks. LOL

Hey beanz, been a while! Welcome back.

Thanks drakos! The pirates are still here 😁💕

Welcome back. Some amazing things you mentioned here :)

Thanks! It looks like you may have joined around the time that I left! Would you say it's been uphill since then?

Its been up and down :)
For me personaly its been ok

Welcome back @beanz! Great to see you back on the chain!

Thank you 🙏

Hey Beanz! It's been a while, nice to see you.
Still posting here but not that often.
Welcome back!

Long time no see. Welcome back @beanz 🌹
You are just in time for your 5th Hive birthday 🎉

Thank arcange!! 😊 Great to see you & so many other old friends.

Beanz! Great to see you back here: )

Thanks mada 😊 Good to be back.

Congratulations @beanz! You received a personal badge!

Happy Hive Birthday! You are on the Hive blockchain for 5 years!

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Ha! Funny, it still feels like my first day 😅🤫😂

Good timing. Welcome back!

Thanks pfunk! 😊🥰💕 After the amount of times and how long I've been saying I need to get back here, I worked a miracle if this turned out to be good timing 😅 Great to see ya veteran 😝

Good to see you too, fellow vet

Great to see you back. I am still here and still doing my thing. You missed a lot but you will soon catch up and the blockchain missed you!. The bidbots pissed me off somethin' awful in those days and I am glad they lost their power due to changes with Hardfork 23 or 24 I think it was. If you look at the old chain they have come back with a vengeance. Here we are still trying to improve @ned and Steemit hanging over us things are going better. Can't wait to hear your podcast and get out some time for a meetup.
Sorry, I missed this and your other posts but I'll be watching out for you.