Hello Steemit! Actress, Singer and Fianceé of Charlie Shrem !

Good afternoon SteemIt!!

First off let me introduce myself. My name is Courtney Warner and some of you may or may not know me as Charlie Shrem’s fiance, but that’s not all I am :)

I am an actress and commercial print model. I wanted to write an intro article and tell you how I got involved with Bitcoin and Steem. Here is my IMDB Page

I do want to say Congrats to STEEM and BTC for trending today at the highest its ever been! That is amazing!

So, I’m going to break this up into 2 stories, so bear with me. It was the year of 2013 when I used to be a cocktail waitress at this nightclub called EVR in NYC. This bar has changed my life for the better forever….One I met my future husband Charlie Shrem, and 2, I was introduced to Bitcoin for the first time. EVR was the first nightclub/bar to accept bitcoin as payment for your favorite mixology cocktails, and I was one of the first waitresses to do the early transactions for BTC.

It was quite simple, for people that don’t know how a transaction is performed. Basically we had an I pad and the customer had their iPhone or Android, or whatever cell phone you had at that time. You would pull up a QR code (that bar looking symbol thing) and match it up to the persons phone the transaction would go through and Voila. There you have it our very own first bitcoin transaction. I was still not really aware how big this Bitcoin thing was but when Bloomberg, CNN, etc was coming to see what this new phenomenon was then I was starting to realize this was a VERY big deal. Who knew that BTC would be my way of living for the rest of our lives.

Now onto how I found out about Steem. One day Charlie was all excited in telling me about this other awesome new platform that artists, and writers, etc, have a way they can express themselves and get paid for their posts. I thought this is an amazing creative concept, on how to express yourself through another avenue. This I thought was great with me being an artist so I could totally relate to this new endeavor. We met with this guy by the name of Ned Scott for lunch in PA one day, and who knew that is how we would be involved with Steem. So ladies and gentlemen that is my introduction to the crypto space. I hope you enjoyed this article. Have a great day!



Welcome to the world of friendly community @courtneywarner

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Welcome to STEEMIT, Courtney! My only real question to you is how, as Charlie Shrem's fiance, was he only able to convince you now to finally start posting?!

I know though from my own experience, it's not all that easy to convince even those closest to us to start posting (and of course, there is a bit of a learning curve as well). However, once they do, they're usually hooked!

So, now that you've written a few posts, are you hooked on STEEMIT yet?! 😁 lol

hi @alexpmorris very good question. I was on the fence because I really didn't understand it. But when Charlie and I went to Germany I met a lot of kick ass people that were part of steem and it just intrigued me more. Also, i don't consider myself a writer, so I think I was scared to be honest. Although yes now you could say I am completely HOOKED! Steem rocks!

That more or less often seems to be the way the story goes! And even for those who first come for the rewards, once they start "feeling" the community, they're totally hooked!

Welcome again, and look forward to "seeing ya around"! :)

woow thats so sweet ,she must be the happiest fiancee in the world and on STEEMIT !!!

Great intro! And the first to comment @charlieshrem is very sweet. Best of luck, look forward to more posts

The boys in the Proof Of Beard ICO group aren't going to believe $500+ for an introduction post!

@jamtaylor there's a first for everything:)

Welcome to Steemit
can you please tattoo "Steemit" on Charlie's forehead to verify it's you? :D

lol I confirm its her!

@charlieshrem @courtneywarner dont forget to share your wedding pics to ur new steemit family 🎂🎂🍰🍷👩‍❤‍👩💑👬👬

Well if u both can upvote me then it will be very helpfull if every person who see this post will upvote where can ds post go then lets start from both of u

This made me laugh @joseph! I don't think that would be very good for the wedding:)

Uh wedding :D my favorite word, congratulations, so happy to hear it.
Charlie is one of the nicest people, and you stood by him through good and bad.
You are so lucky to have each other.

Thank you very much we are excited and we deserve this:) We are very lucky:)

lol check my last tattoo post before you do. hahaha

This one was epic, made my day lol :)

@svk Ahhh!! Yeah yeah I know:) Hope all is well!

You are very beautiful. @charlieshrem you are one lucky dude :)

Thank you @funnyman:) I am the lucky one:)

Haha... Loved the Couple :)

Welcome to steemit, where every article is as valuable as the other, the world of information. Feel free to put the steem on by engaging with the community as much as you want. Welcome once again

Welcome along nice to have another creative person join the community!

Hi nice to meet you in steemit. Welcome to the community! I was so impressed to met an actress here. I have heard of the movies you acted though I haven't manage to watch them - I will definitely watch them after reading you mr introduction and knowing more about you:) thanks for your sharing:)

Thank you @kitkat:) Following you:)

Hey! Enjoy steemit!!

Hello Courtney!! And welcome to STEEM :) I enjoyed reading ... and that's really cool that you met Charlie at EVR :) Hope you're both having a blast this summer!!

Ahh @robertgenito how are you? Yes that is where our journey began:)

This last week has been rough, but considering I had a consistently amazing past YEAR...I'll be grateful! :) Btw I love the main picture of you and Charlie here...you both look like you're having a BLAST :D !! And it's interesting...I remember hearing about EVR. Wow...such a small world!

You are warmly welcome to the best social media network on the planet. It is my desire that you find this place very interactive and interesting.I will always upvote,follow and resteem your post so please do same for me.You can contact me @sadiq .You are once again welcome my dear.

Welcome! @courtneywarner! Steem is great! Check my blog out @whitedolphin

Congratulations @courtneywarner!
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Awesome @introduceyourself thank you, very excited to be part of the platform:)

welcome to steemit!

A warm welcome to @courtneywarner on this great community... following you now.

That picture of you is Beautiful! Welcome!

Welcome to Steem @courtneywarner I have sent you a tip

Sweet ! Welcome to Steemit! @Charlieshrem is the man, he sold me my first bitcoin :)

awesome nice to meet you @morph!

Welcome to steemit

Welcome Courtney, looking forward to more posts.

Welcome to Steemit, have fun with it.
Pretty Blue eyes!


nice introuction. follow my link ma'am

It's all a bit intimidating isn't it? Maybe not for you, but this is the first thing I've done (reading your post) since I registered. I'm excited to be honest. I was reffered to Steemit by someone I trust, and the feel of the community is authentic. The upvote system makes you responsible for the content you post, and that's unique in a social media.

And of course, loved the post.

Thanks amazing @courtneywarner! Can you convince him to sell all his bitcoins and go all in STEEMIT... haha Kidding of course. Following you!

Amazing photos and story, You are both very very lucky :) I followed and upvoted, Feel frre to follow or check my posts, I'm pretty new here but getting the hang of it.

Thank you @warrenvee, and welcome:) Following you now.

OMG Courtney, Yes!!! So excited to see you here on Steemit. Hope to see you again soon! <3

It's steemers like you that make steem beautiful.

Congrats, Courtney, you've been featured on
"Steem is beautiful" ... Stop by and take a look.
I am following, upvoting and featuring you.
Welcome to Steemit > I'm happy you could join us.
Hope this Quick Start Guide will help you:
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Hello @courtneywarner finally I've got new sister in here. welcome to the family. A right step because you have joined in this great social network platform. I'm impatient to wait for your best posts. I believe that we are all going to become a successful blogger with everything that we have. Free yourself to share everything good in here and lets earn money as much as we could. I have Followed you and please visit my page. I have some of my latest post there, hope could be an inspiration for you. Thankyou and lets get the success together ^^

Thank you @teutorigos looking forward to being part of the community:)

beautiful woman! welcome :D <3

thank you @mollywarhol:) Following you!


me too! and I'm upvoting, and resteeming—let's do this!

Welcome Courtney !!!
Followed. Upvoted.
Follow me back 😘

Welcome to steemit, happy to have you here

I am @alienposts , my real name is achraf :)
Checkout my blog posts, Enjoy your time here and let's get this party started :)

welcome to steemit Courtney ^_^

Welcome to this incredible platform, hope everything will work out for you. Being here it’s not easy but not difficult neither only an extra effort will go a long way, engagement is the key good luck I’m @tinashe Start by Following ,Upvoting &Resteeming people and they will do the same.

Thank you
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Welcome to steemit .Have a great day.

Welcome! You are a pioneer for Bitcoins - "1st transaction"!

yes @is-educator I guess you could say the woman pioneer:)

Welcome Courtney!! We met briefly at Charlie's Coindesk talk last fall. Great to see you onoboard and hopefully we can all meet in the city again soon!

Hi @hansikhouse which city? lol! Bear with me I'm still trying to figure out how to meander this thing:) Nice to see you.

It was in New York! Close to the end of November I think for a Coindesk talk with Marco.

gotcha @hansikhouse now I remember:)

That's so cool hearing about your first Bitcoin transaction! I can't wait to see where they go from here. And welcome to Steemit! It's always nice having great people join such as yourself. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. In the meantime, have fun :)

Welcome to Steemit Courtney Warner. This is a fun platform to learn and earn, to grow and know others, and to contribute to our future. You have a great post. I am a piano man. I play a bit over 600 songs from memory and love doing what I do. If you ever need music for a party, birthday or a wedding feel free to check out my website www.enjoywithtroy.com. I have videos, bio, client comments, song lists, photos and so much more. Again welcome and I will follow.

A warm steemit welcome, you already know what a game changer it is.

for sure @blackvapor:) Uprooted and following you.

Welcome to Steemit! You will rock here!

Hello Courtney, welcome to Steem! :-)

Hi @gtg nice to meet you:)

Actors and actresses, producers, playwrights are folks from a virtual world in their creative work and creation – virtual platforms and money are alike)))

Great post, welcome to steemit. Just had my first BTC transaction in my restaurant too. 😂 BTC way of living is good... Cheers @courtneywarner

Thank you very much! Uprooting and following you now:)

Welcome @courtneywarner and its really good to see a celeb between us :p
Have fun and thank you for joining :)

Welcome to steemit hope you enjoy it here!!

Welcome to the community @courtneywarner your introduction was very nice.

thank you @sunscape:) I'm glad you enjoyed it:) Nice meeting you.

Cute couple :) Nice to have you here

Thank you @freefuture happy to be here:)

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I swear I thought Fiancee of Charlee Cheen :) .... There are very few actors here .. nice to have you .. Hope to read stories about your struggling days in the future :) Welcome to the family .. would love to read more posts by you .. keep posting
Upvoted the post!
You Can follow me @utfull if you like
Will follow you back! See you around.

Thank you very excited to be part of this amazing community. So far everyone I have met has been awesome:) There will be plenty of different stories to share:) Stay tuned:)

Welcome on Steemit, Courtney!

thanks @herverisson:)

Welcome to Steemit! I hope you like it here as much as I do. Where we live there are only few places that accept BTC. I experienced paying with it at a restaurant for the first time few months ago, and every time we go there the manager calls my husband and I "the bitcoin couple" because we were the first customers he had using BTC. I'm always learning from others, so feel free to connect with me @lulita 😀

Well it's always nice to hear stories like that:) Where are you from? I think we are ALL always learning from this wild west we call crypto currency:) Thanks for reaching out @lulita!

I'm from Cuba, but I live in Tampa, FLA.

Welcome. Good introduction!

Welcome to Steemit. I am sure you will love it.

Thank you very much for this post. I have followed and upvoted, please do the same thing for me to help each other.

Warm welcome Courtney Warner, you are the best addition to steemit community...No doubt that this is a big blockchain of great people like you... we knew a lot about you in just a single introduction... @nazirkhyber

Your words are very kind @nazirkhyber:) Thank you, very excited to be part of this.

welcome ! great to have you with us. ! looking forward to your posts

A warm welcome to you and I can assure you that you'll enjoy it here.
I blog about food recipes and health-related articles. Please feel free to follow @GLOBALFOODBOOK

hello Courtney, nice to meet you! I'm a freelance artist based in Barcelona. Looking forward to your next posts! :) followed

Very Cool! Welcome to Steemit! I try to convince my girlfriend to get into cryptos but she doesn't seem very willing to learn. Perhaps someday she will be making an intro post too!

Give her time, I didn't join right away either:) Thank you for the warm welcome @jeffjagoe:)

Hello and welcome,
I hope you enjoy it here. There are only fine peoples and enough new information about pretty much everything.
see you,

great introduction welcome to steemit

Welcome to this amazing community!
We just started a blog as well about me and my wife's music career, you're welcome to check it out :) @leoandbell

Welcome to Steemit Courtney!

Welcome! Being new myself I just want to say that I am sure you will find a great home here amongst all the nice peeps.

Welcome to the Steemfamily Courtney - and thanks for having Charlies back when he's standing up for what is right ;-) You have your own personal Superhero - Congrats!

Believe me I didn't have to be convinced one bit. I knew in my gut who Charlie Shrem is and I was right:) I wasn't going anywhere, but being by his side:) Following you!

I believe you ;-) Likewise on the following! Looking forward to more good stuff out of that magical kitchen ;-)

Welcome. We are the Gift Economy and we're going to change the world. So glad you could be a part of it. Followed > Upvoted.

Awesome, thanks for the follow and up vote:)

What a beautiful introduction post. I`m glad to see more women in the cryptocurrency industry. Welcome to Steemit @courtneywarner

Thank you @anahilarski, it's good to be here. Following you:) See you around!

Followed you back. Hope to meet you in Steem Fest2 ;) @courtneywarner

A very warm welcome to the Steemit community @courtneywarner - may you find loads of support and new friends! Upvoted and following you.

Hello @courtneywarner...Welcome to steemit community..Happy steeming :)))

A very big and warm welcome to steemit from me, nice intro post. you can check out and follow my blog @darkerhorse

Welcome to Steem Courtney! Will be interested to see what you post :)

more stories coming your way, stay tuned @carllauz! Following you!

So I am guessing by the name (@courtneywarner) you will not be changing yours?

keeping my stage name for business purposes, personal it will be Courtney Marie Shrem @ doesntmatter.


Hi @courtneywarner and welcome! I plan on following you as I think you'll have more neat and exciting things to share :) I'm new to this platform myself and I really love it. I think I'm getting slightly addicted to it actually...lol. Anyways, I look forward to future posts.

@jen8 I know exactly what you mean, I'm already addicted:) Happy Steeming:)

Good having you @courtneywarner. Enjoy your stay in steemit. You look a happy fiancee. God bless your relationship. Welcome

Thank you for the kind words @ebohio:)

I remember that year (2013)! I was at the NYC Bitcoin conference. Charlie invited us to EVR and let the conference attendees go to the upper lounge. Good times!


We were there:) Good times:) Thanks for the welcome @ rubenalexander!

oh hi I know you. welcome

@sneak!!!! OMG!!! I know you how are you? Hope you are doing well, and hope to see you soon:) Send our love to russia and beyond:) Thanks for the welcome:)

Welcome! Lately I have seen so many spouses joining Steemit. Really reminds me I need to get my family on here as well! Cheers and Welcome to the community! Steem on!

I think that's a sign @robertdurst10:) Get on it!!

Welcome! I am new too.... And I am enjoying the experience so far. <3

Welcome to Steemit Courtney!! You'll love it here, its a very positive community and you'll fit in fine! I look forward to your future posts. :)

@ thank you @ xredsoulless:) Happy Steeming:)

Welcome to Steemit! Another Floridian! I am starting to think we just need our own tag.

Wow! That's great! Welcome to the party!!

Thank you, and love the pic @alovelymess:)

You're welcome and thank you!

welcome to steemit @courtneywayner :)
happy to see u here

Welcome to Steemit, Hope you will have a good one!

well done i can see you having a great first day -- i am following and wish you well -D

Hi :)) And I hope your steemit life is good ;)