So It Was Suggested I Introduce Myself, So Here We Go... #IntroduceYourself

What’s up everyone? So it was suggested I introduce myself by @traciyork @lovesniper so here we go… My name is Damian, although better known to most outside of my small private circle as DB (my initials by the way, I’m not a DragonBall Z fan as many assume). I’m 36, still relatively babyfaced so try to grow what I’m told is bad facial hair to add a few years. I’ve lived in Oxfordshire, England my whole life.

I’m best known as a full time YouTube and Twitch content creator. A career I fell into by complete accident despite never having watched any other Twitch or Youtube creator except my younger brother twice before starting. It was never a case of me being a fan of people and wanting to try get rich and famous too. I legitimately started streaming because a former girlfriend went to Poland to see her family for 2 weeks, but I was bored back home alone. That’s how this whole thing happened and I’m grateful that I’ve been able to turn a passion into a career.

I’ve been involved in cryptocurrency now for a year and the gaming sector is something I immediately saw potential in as a gaming creator. Splinterlands popped up on my radar early in the year but I hesitated until fellow creator @bulldog1205 finally encouraged me to join in and showed me the ropes. It really was just a matter of time before I dipped my toes into the world of NFT games and now I wish I had started even sooner. But hey, I’m here now right?


Prior to this ride of a lifetime, I was actually a mixed martial artist who competed at Bantamweight (135lbs) and Flyweight (125lbs), which is also the origin of the 125 in my brand name DBofficial125. Ironically the weight cut to 125 was a one time disaster, I felt terrible and returned to 135 anyway. So the name is sort of a constant reminder of how much I hate sauna’s and dehydrating, now but I’m stuck with it as it’s how everyone knows me lol. I retired from it all by the time I was 30, playing games for money seemed a lot more fun than being punched in the face.

From my late teens into late twenties I was also a known musician in the UK rap music scene. I worked with some nationally known artists, made national radio and sold out shows. Sadly the music industry has a very dark side and the drama behind the scenes burned out my passion. I drifted away around the same time I began training in MMA, recording and performing very rarely until 2013; the last time I ever rapped or sang.

These days besides the gaming content I create, I raise my 21 month old little boy who is my absolute world and try keep my chubby little rescue Chihuahua, Pixie, entertained.


I’m very excited to be part of the HIVE community now and looking forward to what 2022 will bring for HIVE, Splinterlands and my career. Any questions? Just ask :)


Sounds like a very interesting life.
I'm a big splinterlands fan myself so looking forward to your take on it.
It's never too late to join and in fact your still very early to the scene.

Yay! Glad you did an intro post, Damian / @dbofficial125! It's so awesome you made your way to the blockchain, and what an interesting journey it's been. Your little boy is completely adorable (reminds me of my son about.. ugh, twenty-two years ago... how is it possible it's been that long since he was your son's age? 😵) and Pixie looks so sweet. And that gives me a couple of additional communities I can recommend to you - the Motherhood Community (not just for moms, but it started as a Mother's Day thing and the name stuck), and Hive Pets. I could probably recommend a ton more, but I don't want to overwhelm you with too much at once - feel free to shout out if you're looking for others, though.

And I do have one question - when you have a moment, could you reply to my tweet so I can fill out the verification form for you. It will make it easier for curators when they're checking out your content, so they don't have to wonder if it's really you, or someone stealing your stuff. Thanks so much!

I replied on there too, but yes that's me :)

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