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After 50 days and nights using Steemit and making many good friends, it's time for me to introduce myself. Thank you, everyone, for being so friendly. I'm happy to build long-term friendships with you all. It's fascinating to learn about people's lives around the world and I'm looking forward to doing it more in the future.


Why @dewdrop?

I chose the name 'dewdrop' because I'm like a drop of water. I try to add a little life to anything I come in contact with. I love to share life's journey and the things I love (so far mostly flowers) with my new friends here on Steemit who have similar interests. I love cities and mountains, human achievements and mother nature's creations. Because I'm living in New York City, you'll see many of my city posts. Since I often travel to Viet Nam, you'll also see lots of posts about Viet Nam. I call both places home.

A glimpse of the life I've created over the years.

Let me start here.

Married in 2010


Honeymoon, Paradise Island, Maldives, 2010


Con Dao Island, Vietnam, 2011


Da Lat, Vietnam, 2011


Central Park, New York, 2012
It was my last walk in the park before welcoming our baby into the world. It wasn't easy, as all parents know, and I get emotional every time looking back. It's getting weird?! Sorry, I won't do it again 😁.


Matha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, US, 2012
All the baby weight was still there 😊


Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam, 2013
It was a big challenge for my baby to take that long international flight, but he made it.


Skiing in Cranmore mountain, New Hampshire, US, 2013


Vung Tau, Vietnam, 2014


Taking the boy to the Natural History Museum to see dinosaur skeletons. New York, 2014.


Cruising Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam, 2015


Family vacation to Atlantis, Bahamas, 2015
This picture reminds me to never take a selfie using the phone's front camera with lights behind me ever again. Haha. I guess it's a mom thing, thinking more about our baby's pictures than our own?!


Walking downtown, New York City, 2016
My friend from Dubai visited that day, so I had a great girl's day out with her.


Phu Quoc Island, Viet Nam 2016
We've been to Phu Quoc so many times we've stopped counting. It's my favorite place in Viet Nam.


Coney Island, New York, Summer 2017

Thank you so much for reading. I love to read your life stories too.
Have a great day, my friends!

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@dewdrop... sad to say I am just seeing this. I absolutely love the photos that you shared with us! Such a stunning wedding photograph. Your little boy is precious; enjoy every moment... they grow up so fast!

Hi, Cyn! Your sweet comment made my day baby 😍. I know we are all busy with our lives and don't have a lot of time for steemit. I love that you spent the time to read this post. Thanks so much. Have a good day, my friend πŸ˜‰.

how beautiful you are

Aww...Thanks so much Ades 😊

nice to meet you, @Dewdrop =D

Aww😍. Nice to meet you too @flatman. We should have said that 2 months ago πŸ˜„

better late than never ;)

I know πŸ˜ƒ. It was tough, took me almost a week for this post πŸ˜ƒ. And you read it! Yay πŸ˜ƒ.

let me fellow u

That's awesome! Thanks so much @minasmsm

Hi, I'm George. Welcome to Steemit. Feel free to interact with people, ask questions where you are confused and make friends. Here in Steemit, we love each other as family.

Hi, George. Nice to meet you. Thank you so much for your kind words :)

lovely and interesting person, following you ^_^

And I just love New York!

Thank you so much @artenthusiast. Nice to meet you! 😊

Welcome to the community. Creativity is contagious... pass it along. - Albert Einstein

Thank you so much @lopezdacruz 😊.

Nice post 50 day intro Dew, your quite the traveler!

Thanks so much for reading Glenn! I worried no one read this postπŸ˜ƒ. You were in my thoughts as I was writing πŸ˜‰.

Who doesn't love the Big Apple & traveling the world? Nice post @dewdrop! Welcome to @Steemit now Following your journey :)

Thanks so much @cryptoblessings. That's awesome :D

Hey there!, welcome to the steemit community, it great to have you join us here, I hopefully have a great time here , interesting introduction, it's really great.
Would be looking forward to reading more of your post,you have really great pitcher , you are pretty also
Im @janrotas you can check out my page and follow, I'm sure you would like my post.
It would be great if you get along and be friends
Welcome again have a great day ahead

Hey, Jan! Thank you so much for reading it and spending time on such a nice comment. Love it! I'll check your blog out for sure. Would be happy to be your friend too. Thanks again!

Hey! Welcome to Steemit. Loved the post. Looking forward to more content! Hope you have a good time.

Hey @firepower! Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. Looking forward to learn more about you too 😊.

Heelo dew, good to se you, great post and welcome to steemit comunity 😊

Thanks my friend 😊. I thought about you as I was writing this post 😊.

Wery caind of you, thank you so much, your post hit mee πŸ™‚

I like dewdrop beautiful name :)

Thanks! Your kindness touches my heart, my friend 😊

Very nice post and great photos. Good to see you @Dewdrop.

Aww... Thanks @rad007! Have a good night my friend 😊

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Dear @dewdrop, thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures with us and a little bit of your life. It was a pleasure to meet you better. Have a nice day.

Dear sweet Ginga! Thanks so much for reading. I'm really happy that you care 😍. You have a nice day too my friend 😊.

Hi I know already know you, but now you are officially introduced:P

You know more than you need now huh? πŸ˜‰. Haha

Keep up the good work @dewdrop!

Thanks so much @liberty-minded πŸ˜‰

An excellent and very thorough introduction, complete with photos of your life and travels.

Keep up the good work on Steemit, and compose more interesting posts such as this one.

Full Steem Ahead.

Thanks so much @majes.tytyty! That's so nice of you. Good people like you are the reason I'm still on Steemit 😊. Have a good night!

You sure have traveled around a good deal!! Great photos!

Aww... Thanks Paul 😊

I recognise those places except phu quoc. Havent been there yet.. nice to meet you..

Nice to meet you too @foovler πŸ˜„. Phu Quoc is 1h flight from Ho Chi Minh city. You can see Cambodia from Phu Quoc island. They have their own international airport. You can drive from My Tho - Tien Giang to Kien Giang then take a boat to PQ too. If you like people and food in Tien Giang, you will love PQ because of beautiful beaches and super fresh seafood. Mmmmm πŸ˜‰

O my god.. i just heard they make fish sauces there! Hmmm mmmmm....

Oh yeah baby πŸ˜„

Nice to meet you @dewdrop 😊

Nice to meet you too @subkiusman πŸ˜‰


Just found your intro - now returning the favour since it took you quite a lot of scrolling to find mine lol! Great posts, you should do more particularly about traveling. Have a great day.

Hahaha! Thanks! Looking at what you've done encourage me to do more now. Haha. We know the world is not fair but when it's so obvious it's hard to accept. Haha. I'll try my best! πŸ˜‰

Hi @dewdrop! Great post! Very nice to meet you and your adorable boy! He looks very sweet! I think you should have a bigger family!!
Lovely post on flowers and I would like to visit Vietnam one day too! Lovely beach and seasideΰΉƒ

Upvoted and following.

Hi, @kaminchan! Thanks so much for your time. It's nice of you to notice our boy. Many have told us to have more kids, but we're happy with just one right now. Thanks so much for your kindness. I'm happy to share more about the beaches in Viet Nam.

Great intro Dew! Resteemed and Upvoted!

Awwww😍... Thanks so much unknown-one 😊

it's a very nice post @dewdrop! as far as i could see from your blog, you have added lots of life to Steemit already! :) im very happy to meet you here and im glad to follow you!

Hi @reinikaerrant! It's so nice of you to read the whole article 😍. Thanks so much! I'm very happy to meet you too and love to be your friend Reinika 😊.

i know, right!? :D i like the idea that people read my posts so much that im trying to be a good reader as well ^_^ and i must admit it wasn't hard at all with your post, it's very well written and has very nice pictures of a beautiful lady and her adorable son :)

Aww... Thanks so much 😍😍. I'll read your post now baby πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„

\o/ lucky me! :D but just so you know... i wrote my comments to you not because i had plans to pull you into my blog! all of that was written with no other intentions but simply - to say the truth! :)

I knew it and that's why I need to know more about you πŸ˜‰

i am very pleased ^_^

Nice photos @dewdrop welcome on steemit...

Thanks @mhel! I have to say you're really beautiful πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

Thanks, but I think you're more beautiful inside and out...keep on steeming😊

Aww. You're so sweet! Thanks 😍


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Aww...Another awesome gift from you. Thank you! I love you @arcange 😍

Excellent Work,

Thanks so much @minasmsm 😊

Welcome to Steemit! looking forward to reading more of your stories

Thank you so much @subhankar-raj 😊

You are welcome :)

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That's very nice of you. Thanks so much for your kind words @kromosoom. I'll read more about that. Thanks again! Have a nice day 😊.

You welcome @dewdrop .just a little advice, to succeed here you need a lot of diligence and patience. Enjoy the journey even as the funds flow in. I upvoted you. You can follow me so we can connect. Goodluck

Interesting post - thanks @dewdrop .

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