Hello Hive! - My Introduction

Hello I'm Gael and this is my blog. As a personal digital space, I tend to share many things from my professional activities till activities I enjoy in life.

I'm a dentist and I love my career! Even though people keep fearing us, being able to restore a smile or help other stop feeling pain is very fulfilling.

I'm also a professor at my state university. I mostly work with research and statistics related to health. So, a science guy here (yeahm I know, super nerd).

Adding to this, I work with English Language. I've worked as a Spanish-English interpreter in diverse online meetings. I've translated material into Spanish related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies (news, posts, whitepapers, tutorials). Also, I'm currently studying TESOL methodology, this is Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Moreover, I'm part of TeamEOS, a group dedicated to teach and spread knowledge about the EOS blockchain and some others in Spanish, we bring that content to the Hispanic community in their own language. We create tutorials, translate news, make shows online with projects' representatives, translate during live events among other activities. We also have fun with contests and telegram games! If you are curious, these are our networks:
Twitter --- Telegram --- Instagram


As part of Team EOS, I work as a TokenPocket Ambassador. This is a multi-chain wallet that has grown tremendously over the past year.

Aside from that, I began blogging in other common platforms and social networks 2 years ago and I've been learning ever since. Some of the content you might see is related to hobbies and interests. I'm pluviophilic, gamer, otaku, sunset lover, and foodie. I also love Poetry, jpop, nature, drawing, flute, and crafts. Have a look:

  • I like painting with crayons and watercolors.
  • I love paper arts like origami and quilling.
  • I take a lot of photos from sunsets and sunrises, also cloud shapes. Nimbucumulus is my favorite, such powerful presence in the sky.
  • I also take picture of the nature around me, specially the little things!
  • I'm not the best cook there is, but from time to time I post simple recipes.
  • I write my thoughts usually in the form of proses and verses.
  • I love Videogames! usually an adventure, rpg, combat, kind-of gamer here. Final Fantasy Fan. I've played titles like: tomb raider, Metal gear, final fantasy VII-XIII, okami, many Zelda titles, Smash bros, Naruto ultimate series, ni no kuni, pokemon, among so many others.
  • After entering the blockchain world, I’ve tested many crypto-games. I started with SplinterLands and the list has grown ever since. Some of the games I’ve played are prospectors, Knight Story, PixEOS game center, Crypto sword and magic, Chain Z arena, angry warlords, EOS dynasty, Solitaire duel.

I hope you enjoy this little space of mine. Do you share any of these interests with me? Feel free to comment and say Hi!


Gael mano bienvenido que gusto.

Gracias Galberto!