Almost Five Decades Of Quixotic Life


Quixotic And Boring Introduction

    It has been months since I last wrote something in the Steem blockchain. A lot has changed. Hive came into being after a very surprising fiasco that we can finally bury into the blockchain hell. Obviously this is my very first Hive post and now this lengthy exposition is the result of long rest from the very thing which I love the most. I love writing immensely especially for the consumption of the Hive community. I am so excited to finally have the guts to publish an introductory post which I failed to do for the Steemit front end. An introduction to an introduction so to speak. I am close to finishing a quarter of the fifth decade of my boring life. Actually it has been a blast as a couple of weeks ago I have reached my third year here in the wonderful universe called the Steemit blockchain. I am congratulating myself for reaching what I consider as a huge milestone in my decades upon decades of quixotic life.


First Decade Of My Quixotic Life. From 1978 Through 1988.

    The very first memory that I can readily retrieve at will is when I was three years old, I was inside my crib sitting while looking at my father who is sitting in front of the dining table as though agonizing about the future or maybe something else that I cannot comprehend or psychoanalyze. At that time I didn't know that but my afterthought is somehow telling me what he was thinking about. My Father and Mother are instrumental as to why I consider myself as the happiest person in the known universe. Corporal punishment is the name of the game inside our beloved domicile. It is naturally painful as my Father will whip me with his leather belt but surprisingly I was not infuriated by the idea of receiving this kind of punishment as it molded me into the type of person that I am today. I consider myself stronger than most people who didn't receive this form of punishment in their lifetime. Let us face it even though there are sectors of society whom are stongly opposed to this I have come to a conclusion that this is a form of personal experience that no one in this world can ever buy. Even if you have a trillion dollars I simply cannot pass it on to you.

    My Father and his circle of friends will consider as a slow puppy growing up for they are comparing my abilities with that of my older brother whom they consider as a gifted child. He was able to speak and read in the English language at the tender age of two while on the other hand I was able to achieve the same at the age of five. Take note that English is not our primary language as it is Filipino.

    When I was a little boy I will always be on the receiving end of things as I will always be injured, wounded or both in a traumatic manner. I remember one time when my cousin was trying to prick my eye in jest, but later she ended up pricking my eye anyway. It was so traumatic since I cannot even remember what happened after getting my eye pricked accidentally by the sharp end of a pencil. I think I have lost conciousness after the incident. It took me a couple of weeks to recover. They said that they heard me shout after the incident. I remember my mother and her daily routine of putting antibiotic ointment into the injured part my eye which is by the way prescribed by our family doctor. It really took me a long time to get a chance to play with my cousins again after the unfortunate incident. Luckily, my vision is still almost 20/20 according to the optometrist. Truth be told I can still read finely printed words and sentences.

    I had a somewhat affluent life, atleast with the way this first eight years went by, this is what I really felt. Our family and relatives will take us to places where we can swim on a privately owned swimming pool. We will be enjoying ourselves by swimming for 12 hours or even longer. If there is a trivial reason to go on an excursion, vacation or go somewhere else besides our humble abode we will always take it. If there is a trivial reason to entertain 50 or more visitors in our own home we will always take on the challenge. The Spanish style fiesta that goes on in our humble abode made me think that we are included in the middle class by definition during this moment in time.

    Most of my friends, cousins and playmates were brutally violent and psychologically manipulative people. They will always engage on a psychological pushing and manipulating games and I will always end up having my nose bleed profusely for several minutes because of punches or something subtle as accidentally eating a birds eye chili(maybe not accidental) or being Karate punched by someone who is twice my size. They will narrate a chillingly delivered horror story to always make me feel afraid of everything which is somewhat similar to the shock journalism that we receive on a daily basis in the present day. I was really sorrounded by savages but they are wearing sheeps clothing. The truth should always come out at some point in our lives. I am going to take this as a valuable lesson to advance further in life. With these experiences my tolerance to psychological warfare and psychological operations has gone from zero to hero in just less than ten years.

    For every rule there is always an exception. I met my best friend when I was in Kindergarten. His name is Joseph and I never thought that I will get a chance to have a friend as kind as Joseph. Compared to the savages that I have to deal with during this decade Joseph has been the opposite. His family will always welcome me when I needed someone whom I can play with. This level of kindness is not something that you can get used to when you are in an urbanized area whom are trying to survive the daily nightmares of the real world. I am not defending the psychological manipulation experts whom I dealt with for almost five decades now but it is surreal to even experience this level of kindness which I received from my friend and his perfect family or seemingly perfect family if that is how you want me describe them. But as they say nothing lasts forever when they moved to a new city and I was yet again left alone in this psychiatric asylum which is being ran by a bunch of lunatics. Luckily or maybe luck has nothing to do with it, I am beginning to develop my abilities of pushing them back in their own game. These unforgettable experiences with my best friend and his family has turned me into a well balanced person as I am not as paranoid and brutal as the savages whom are lurking in my area or maybe I am. You the reader will be the judge of that.

    The best thing young people can learn from socializing with their fellow kids is the ability to grasp the zeitgeist. The subculture exist within this side of the Earth. The vocabulary words that kids use are quite different from what sociologists are wasting their breath to explain. You simply cannot learn the local amulet by listening to dinosaur scientists whom are anything but practical. You simply cannot learn the vocabulary which kids use while playing street games. The strategy on how to hack your way through those games will help you develop better algorithms for your real life plans in the future.

    The experts always talk about the theory of mind which can make or break your toddler to pre-adolescent years. The first order belief attributions that naturally allows you to infer what the other person is thinking or thinking of doing is a delight in itself. You can only master it and the second order belief attributions by experimenting with your playmates. Nothing sexual is being discussed here. You can infer better even though most of the time adults will perceive it as judgement even though the last person whom you saw in this place was that person. The more you use this level of making inference the better for it will allow you to speed read a persons behavior just by their demeanor and mannerisms. Everything did start from when we were so young and innocent. The benefits will be apparent once you get older. My advice to kids nowadays is to have intimate relationship with just about everyone. We were kids once upon a time and we know that this microbe and dirt thing is much more involve in our daily lives back then than what kids nowadays are being subjected to in their highly disinfected but equally toxic playgrounds.

    The very first time the Light Rail Transit system service became available to the Philippine public was in I believe 1984. My parents and I were the only few who tried it. This is another one of those personal experiences that changed my life forever. It was my birthday and it coincidentally fell on a Redemptorist church day also known as Baclaran day. Obviously people are intimidated by this train system that we shared train coach with just six people from the first station up to the last one. The tradition is to attend a mass on your birthday which is what we have done. Nowadays the situation will be the same but before the era of quarantine restrictions came into our lives the train coaches will be tightly packed during rush hour. We experienced the point where being the first to use the service had some sort of exclusive privileges. The time when nobody was motivated enough to try and use it as their primary mode of transportation. Last year I used it again to take me to a place to where I could take care of someone whom needed my care the most. We will get to the details later in the fifth decade portion of the story of my life.

    I was a consistent honor student during my intermediate years in school. Academics was my forte until I decided to take it easy and take time to observe and assess what is truly happening. Public school system is really something as there is a ranking system in terms of academic performance. Private schools are avoiding this system like a plague but their opinion nonetheless as to why they are avoiding it is flimsy at best. I remember that I got lost looking for my classroom during the first grade. Of course my father was infuriated by my inability to remember certain things back then. Even though right now it is ironic that I could remember that. But anyways I adjusted to school life and became one of the top students. It may not be a big of a deal nowadays but back then it really is some kind of a precious thing.

    The next couple of years of my intermediate school life was indeed a busy one as more work is required to those who are at the top of the so called academic standings. They will always require you make reports and speak up in front of the whole class to help us get rid of any traces of stage fright. We even reached the Regional Level in a Math oriented competition for students. It is also a big deal to reach that level since the next level after the regional is the National Level. This really boosted my confidence since I never knew that the academic world is that big of a deal.

    I was afflicted with what the Western Medicine considers to be preventable diseases. I remember having Measles when I was five. The buzzword back then was complications from having Measles and how dangerous the situation I was in during that time when I contracted the supposed disease. It was just another disease from my point of view. When I was eight I contracted this dreaded chicken pox from a classmate or maybe not. It is such a weird disease as it manifests as boils that are so itchy that all you can ever think about is to scratch all of them. The itch is so unbearable, it took me a week to recover from it. Although they will not allow you to attend face to face classes unless they are sure that you are uncontagious. Tonsillitis is very stubborn disease as it afflicts me every six months on the average. The feeling that it gives me is so weird. When it is at its peak I will be having strange hallucinations. This thing somehow trained me to become a resilient human being as the hallucinations will persist for hours on end but I could somehow manage to control myself. I will be as silent as I can ever be and lay down in bed for hours. Psychological strength can be built this way as you try to hold yourself down and make sure that you are sane when engaging with people. It allows you to differentiate the illusions from your supposed reality or vice versa. I also remember when my father will be giving me some medicine from a bad case of Dysentery. It was so bad that I will be sitting on the toilet boil every hour that passes by. I was somewhat cured when he made me eat some real bananas. The bananas with very big seeds in them the size of a peanut. In no time my vowel movement normalized and it cured me of my affliction. I also remembered the time when I will vomit whenever I poop. Our family doctor will make me take some penicillin as he suspected that there is something wrong with my lungs and it worked but then again it may be another one of those placebo effect thing at play. I get it that my body is so weak compared to others but then again how am I going to get stronger if I avoided having a normal life when I was still a young kid.

    I think the most important lesson in my entire life came when I was about to turn five. My mother and father had a huge disagreement so my mother decided to bring me along with her to their ancestral home in the province of Bulacan. I think we stayed there for a very long time. Life in the province is different from urban life but after making adjustments you will find out that rural life can instantly change your thought process in a radical way. It is important that you change your life in a snap or it will eat you alive and you will find yourself retreating to your urban ways or upbringing. The most memorable thing happened when my uncle and my cousin brought me to some mini amusement park. We rode a tricycle to get there. It was really a wonderful experience until they decided to leave me for dead in that place as both of them hurriedly rode a tricycle. They never bothered to look back. Your own uncle and cousin instigated something as unthinkable as abandoning you in an unfamiliar place. I felt so betrayed. I am not from around there and still they did this to me. It is not even a prank. I cried for a couple of minutes but a brilliant idea came up and guided me accordingly. I will just trace the direction where the tricycle they were riding in went and somehow I knew that I will be able to get to where my mother is at that time. I am not going to let these BS relatives to execute a backstabbing operation in a perfectly good manner. I may be an urban dweller since birth but I adjusted just in time to somehow thwart a well executed plan. Obviously my uncle was driven by jealousy, envy and greed but I am not going to justify what they did to me for after all I am at the receiving end of all this insanity. I walked for an hour and luckily a drunken man took notice of me. A stranger took notice of me. This drunken man said that I looked familiar and so he decided to ask the mini store owner if she knew who I was or if she somehow recognize me. Luckily she did recognize me. Actually, I think luck has nothing to do with it. It just so happens that they have the presence of mind to readily recognize that someone abandoned me in the middle of night and as they usually say that in the province during that time, people do not have anything worthwhile to do with their lives after six in the evening. Most of the time they spend their surplus hours into spreading and listening to gossips. Gossip girl is not an original series after all and what happened to me is a demonstration of the power of true gossips. I was able to return to our ancestral house with the help of perfect strangers while my blood relatives tried and failed to harm my mother and me psychologically and emotionally. This really made wonder if blood is really thicker than water. From that day forward I promised myself that I will be like that drunken man whose purpose in life is to make a surprise rescue of an innocent person. I really hated the fact that the plan is to make my mother cry. They must have told my mother that they looked all over the place to find me but they failed. Fake news. They were all startled when they saw me at the front door which made me infer that there is a conspiracy to kick us out of the ancestral house. This day is when the family secret is finally revealed.

    We are picky when it comes to television entertainment. We watch the so called Chinese or Kung Fu theatre. These are just movies about Chinese martial arts. Most of the time North American television shows are the most prevalent shows on Philippine TV you would think that they have subtitles back then? This trained us in the English language better than textbooks. We watch them as it is being watched in America. In its original form. For most part there is a growing idea that soon these two countries will dominate the world with their brand of propaganda. And they did for the most part. The only thing Japanese were animated series. We would also watch American movies. Hundreds of them are available in VHS and Betamax form. Pirated, most of them are.

    Even our radio waves would be full of American music. Obviously this is the primary reason why I got tired of the auto tune garbage that they produce nowadays. I am always comparing the golden days of pop music with the Milli Vinilli trash that they publish at present. Somehow the only option that you have is Korean pop music. They may be auto tuned but at the very least they sound better than Hip Hop music or Rap Music that they continuously glorify for no apparent reason other than drug money. I cannot swallow their force feeding techniques as I can still recall the oldies very well.

    Birch tree milk was all over the news during that time as the paranoia over the Chernobyl accident is on a full blast mode. They said that it was somehow contaminated by radioactive particles from the incident. It was of concern to us since they were running advertisements about this powdered milk since forever.

    The Seoul Olympics was on TV during my time. They used an elevator to reach the summit of the cauldron. The elevators and escalators are frowned upon in the East as they want energy conservation measures. You will still see the inability of Chinese skyscraper developers to properly maintain their elevators for their tenants. They just see it as an obstacle and source of unnecessary expense yet South Korea decided to perpetuate elevators. I must admit that the song that they composed for this is most relevant song of our age and it is also more beautiful compared to the succeeding installments. Next year will be the 33rd year of this Olympics so let us see what happens to our souls. Well according to law students those words that sound the same are interchangeable.

    The country got into serious trouble as the agents of destruction interfered in our country and decided to remove our president back then through machinations. My father was so happy that some housewife was installed into power. We were really in for a rude awakening as the removal of a president turned this country into a banana republic and later on the person whom they installed to replace the former president appointed a team of cabinet members who took control of the seat of power along with the military. They are not reporting it but it is indeed a faux presidency and it decimated our power industry which later plunged this country into literal darkness as there were not enough power plants to maintain the required power demand of our embarrassed nation.

    A new way to entertain oneself came in to invade the Philippines. The console gaming system started with the introduction of the Nintendo Family Computer and the Sega console system. I was really addicted to gaming back then and I really could not control myself as I dug my own grave with this form of addiction. Rhetorically I died as everyday is a motivation to play a game. I simply cannot stop myself.

Self-Evaluation And Self-Assessment

    The first ten years of my life is a rough journey through self-discovery. There may be rough journeys ahead but it will be rewarding to say the very least. I survived countless of preventable ailments. I discovered that in the real world your relatives can conceive plans to destroy you for the rest of your life and those plans can be thwarted by a eureka moment. If you have a gift you will be able to figure things out for yourself even though a surprise assistance from a stranger can also be expected at certain perfectly timed moments. This is the start of a custom made manual that will guide you for the rest of your remaining life. Media has been a part of my life so might as well keep away from most of it as it starts to protect itself more than the general public.


Second Decade Of My Quixotic Life. From 1988 Through 1998.

    For a couple of months I was consumed by my addiction to console gaming. I could not do anything about it. They say that you can snap out of addiction. Well obviously somebody just lied when this statement was officially circulated to mankind. You are helpless when you are addicted. But luck is always on my side as my mother decided to pull me out of the abyss. She confronted me and then pandemonium ensued as we go on a full on shouting match. My mother would shout then I would oblige and shout on top of my lungs. She barred me from using any form of gaming console in order to put a stop to this vicious cycle of destroying my life for dopamine fix of the gaming world. After the shouting match with my mother I was so ashamed for all the things that I have done which resulted in the shouting match with my mother. From that day forward I was glad that my mother moved heaven and earth to put me in the right place.

    When I was in 4th grade our school sent atleast 10 of us somewhere in Manila to attend a press conference. A press conference at the campus level is actually a training program to produce future journalists. This program really made me realize that journalism is good in theory but in reality it is just another disappointing BS. I discovered early on that journalism is fundamentally flawed as it relies mostly on advertising bucks. The classical conditioning technique is being perpetuated and immortalized by the disciples of this cult. The primary reason why I noticed that all of the media disciples are out there to support those media practioners as if they are the source of truth is this training program itself. You cannot prove the conspiracy but you can spot the indoctrination right away. They have turned each and every practioners into an entity whom is incapable of manufacturing lies.

    Ironically, during my fifth grade, our campus journalism adviser asked our class some seemingly harmless hypothetical question concerning some business which involves the honor of our mothers. It turns out that the adviser was hell bent on teaching something that most adults call as the celebrated white lie. They said that I was wrong as I answered the question in a typical way as the truth and journalism is somewhat interchangeable. My classmate was able to supply what the adviser was itching for since obviously his sibling is our senior and she probably encountered the same question from the same person. He elaborated and pretty much echoed what must have discussed during some class of his sibling but obviously he wants to take credit for his answer as if he came with the idea and that the white lie which they are championing is one of the buzzwords of the year for them. They are going to use white lie as some sort of protection spell which by the way never really works in the real world as it arouses the suspicion of the receiver. This concept is just full of fallacy as it seeks to enable bad behavior on the side of the one who was supposedly protected by it. The young kids of today are spewing the same crap in form of talking points to mask their inability to make valid arguments in a debate. And why is this adviser selling this idea to impressionable people like us back then. Maybe it is because journalism is not what it seems and the ministry of truth is hiding from their impervious white lies.

    The most shocking moment of my life was shocking indeed, it occurred 30 years ago. It was July and I happened to be inside my aunt's house as they were going about playing some harmless game of Bingo but suddenly my cousin felt that we were shaking. Maybe it took me two seconds to finally realize that an act of God such as this earthquake is in progress. I was asking myself why on Earth is the floor vibrating like that. It is a total blur. I really saw the vibration with my own two eyes. All that I could hear is my cousin's cry for help while praying the Rosary. He was moaning the whole time while on the other hand I was trying to think of something else as I am beginning to experience the dreaded motion sickness. The floor literally turned itself into vibration in slow motion. The most advanced earthquake simulators could not mimic this level of vibratory behavior. Believe it or not but we were ready to die that day in our history as we were helpless against this overpowering force that no one in this world can perfectly explain in finer details. The killer earthquake claimed thousands of lives and destroyed hundreds of structures in our country.

    Due to the incompetence of the faux president, the power crisis struck the country like the Mother Of All Bombs. We experienced 12 hour daily power outage for several months. We even emulated the Daylight Savings Time of the United States to mitigate the effects of power supply shortage. The faux president is blaming the coup attempts of military personnel for this political blunder. This is the effect of the meddling and interference of black operations group which removed a president and replaced it with a housewife. Somehow this is another one of those personal experiences which disensitized me from situations where lack of electricity will be involved.

    I was circumcised at the age of twelve. We don't even know the reason why we are suppose to undergo this seemingly routine medical procedure back then but it surely is one hell of an experience. I don't want to write about it but it is somewhat a common practice in our country. We brag about this so called rites of passage to avoid being ridiculed. We are going to flex that we were able to pass this form of a ceremony as we want to flex at every opportunity that is given to us. The things that you have to go through just to satisfy society is crappy at best but you are being coerced to go with the flow or else they make sure that you will pay.

    Before the start of the school year 1988 through 1989 I fell face first on a concrete floor after falling off my bicycle. It was so painful but at the same time I saw the stars. That phenomenon is really weird. We can search for resources online to explain why we can see sparks of light or the stars when things smack our faces but the explanations available are not enough to satisfy someone who went through something similar to what I have experienced. Everybody in our classroom had a chance to take a closer look at my shiner as it manifested itself around my right eye and stayed there for about a month. I will never know the extent of the damage that this bad fall had created but it will definitely manifest itself later as I never bothered to have my head checked after the incident. I expect you to wear a helmet after reading this or better yet forget about the safety reminder and enjoy life.

    The formation and selection of exceptional individuals who will make up the official roster of the first batch of Caloocan City Science High School is a very memorable event indeed. Classes were suspended that day for no apparent reason and only the students from three classrooms were given a chance to take these three surprise exams. Nobody was prepared to take the exam as it was designed as the strictest form of screening technique to finally form the cream of the crop in this side of the world. I became the top notcher in the science oriented exam and faired average on the next two. So I passed their surprise test. Nowadays the students who will be chosen will always have their chance to get the needed review to pass the exam.

    I was a high school sophomore when I first learned how to properly use a personal computer. This really changed the way I view life in general as it really boosted my confidence. I was the most knowledgeable student in terms of handling console based desktop computer system. I started started through self study and the computer related notes of my classmate who attended a short course in computer operations. I would rent a machine at a computer shop near our school campus. My classmates will then make fun of me for being a geek but the heckling and lambasting routine is just plain stupid as this machine changed my life for the better. Let us just say that the restrictive sanitary lockdown of today changed their entire attitude towards strange people like me who are more likely to excel at the result of The Great Reset. I have more tricks up my invisible sleeve to grasp the CBDC concepts quickly than them. They are in some ways aware that people like me could develop machines so intelligent that humans will no longer be needed to produce anything. Maybe the fear media has thought me a thing or two as to how to properly terrorize those who terrorized my position in the past. Although I am not inclined to do so as I am not the type to exploit fear. It is just that my forte is now the most sought after position in the world which is at present being besieged by unreasonable lockdown measures. It is just that my hard work and experience opening all the right doors for me. My knowledge in terms of Information Tecnology is now the most sought after ability by big institutions of todays world.

    A year after my efforts to learn the art and science of computing turned for the best, I accidentally became the youngest president of the Hacker's club. The senior high school representatives committed a major blunder which quickly made them realize that they are still a bunch of novices in terms of campus level politics. A junior high school geek suddenly became the president of the Hacker's club. My devotion to Information Technology turned into an accidental politician. Unfortunately the school club adviser has been hatching to empower the vice president instead of me. The most painful lesson for a first time campus politician. I was reduced from being the legitimate president into a president on paper by the advisers of the club. They are suppose to follow the constitution and by laws of the club but they did the exact opposite of what the above states. One of the club advisers who betrayed me has been my teacher for two years in a row but he is so passionately fixated in painting me as someone who has developmental deficiencies even most of his other students are the epitome of what he is really looking for. I have demonstrated time and again that I am the brightest student in his class but he will make it seem like I am not even close reaching the same. His abnormal fixation is a sickness to say the least. He will never pass a chance make me look like an idiot and he did just that on several occasions. My NSAT percentile score was 98, but he is hell bent on ignoring the facts.

    My last year in high school became a very special one as our school commandant created the very first special platoon. He included me in the roster thinking that I could somehow absorb the most cerebral aspects of Army training. He was referring to those parts which involves measurements and calculations. Since global positioning devices was unavailable back then, we were fortunate enough to have been given a chance to learn the most important aspects of Military Science for instance the skills needed in forest and jungle navigation also know as Land Navigation. Our commandant made sure that we can survive in the toughest of conditions as he invited the most sought after instructors in the field. He forced us to learn how to assemble and disassemble automatic weapons, the Filipino way. So in some ways I am glad that I am prepared to live like a black scout survivalist with knowledge on how to properly handle semi automatic weapons among other things. I am not just another geek that you have seen a couple of times in the movies. The sanitary lockdowns made me realize how important it is to have this kind of knowledge as the ground swell is apparent and most of us are fed up. This could quickly change the landscape and force the populace into pushing a SHTF or WROL scenario(or maybe that is their primary intent).

    The school forced us to take high school journalism classes for two straight years. The hard work that you have to put into is overpowering to say the least as you will forced to create a school paper on a regular basis. By the way the school only publishes twice a year but I don't know why we have to put tremendous amount of effort just to turn spreads upon spreads of dummy sheet into a newspaper. It is funny as to why our teacher would lecture us on the matters of plagiarism but fails to instruct his students as to where we are going to source our news. The indoctrination is quite obvious. They wanted us to enter the world full of story narration and lies. It looks perfectly functional theoretically but out in the field everything falls apart. Journalism has a very weak foundation indeed. The truth becomes so convoluted with half truths just because you rely heavily on advertising income as subscription is failing to help them stay afloat in this business of peddling lies. You cannot lambast your sponsors even if the truth states that their sponsor is just a shell corporation of a known drug lord. Early on in my life, I was able to quickly realize that this sponsorship system to earn revenues killed the real definiendum of journalism. The sad part is the fact that the general population is madly in love with this crappy version of journalism. Propaganda is all around us and nobody can properly read between the lines. They just feed on everything that is presented in front of them without questioning the intent of the presenter. Propaganda is not journalism and vice versa.

    Before I graduated I happen to attend a very productive leadership seminar which was a brainchild Ms. Danao. I learned some valuable lessons from this activity as the organizers were committed to etching in the hearts and minds of the participants the idea of inducing synergy and teamwork to become effective leaders of the future. One of the guest speakers is a Quezon City councilor named Mike Defensor whom later became a congressman and one of the founding members of the so called Spice Boys. The rest I guess is history for all of us. He told us about his humble beginnings as a budding activist and somehow he told us about his blood relation to a former presidential candidate. He did not say anything but his body language was telling us the whole story. This is a form of indoctrination but nonetheless this is how you learn how a political mind works. So, someday there might come a time when there is a need to challenge the traditional politicians in our city. I might accept the challenge of running the city with my own hands. This episode should give them an idea that a dark horse can snatch the city from their malevolent grasp. If ever I decide to dabble into politics rest assured you will be surprised as to how I will manage to become the new Mayor. I was mentored by the best political mind in this side of the world so rest assured that I will have the best Urban plan to turn Caloocan into the richest city in the world. I will not rest until this idea comes to fruition.

    There is a popular quiz show on national television which is aptly entitled The Battle of The Brains. My classmate and I decided to join the contest so we requested alll of the needed requirements to join the said show. We personally brought all of the needed requirements instead of waiting for our school official to submit it on our behalf. We wanted to join before the date of our commencement exercises but the idea is to get it over and done with by submitting it ourselves. What we did is we commuted from Caloocan City going into Makati with just a few coins in our pockets. Somehow we were glad that our daily allowance covered for our trip to the entity which handles and manages the affairs of the show. We looked for the entity called Focal Media Arts in the middle of the busy city. We rode on the Light Rail Transit to get there as soon as possible but after that little trip it is a guessing game for both of us. I think they told our school principal that this entity is occupying a sizeable office space inside a building near the Makati Medical Center. There is some form of doubt in our minds as to our ability to locate specified office in an unfamiliar environment. We were practically stepping out of our comfort zones and also stressed by the limited resource that we have pooled in our pockets. The high rise structures are blocking our view of the street signs. Finally we manage to get there which was a relief and then a few later after our little ceremonial walk to Makati City, we were then chosen to represent our school as we are included in the top 1 percent of the graduating class.

    We were able to snatch our first win in the tournament of brainy geeks and it was aired on National Television a couple of weeks later. Nobody in our own school believed in us. Even our school was somewhat in absentia all this time as they didn't provide any form of support or even cheer for us when we needed that kind of support the most. It is as if they didn't trust the produce of the first batch of the Caloocan City Science High School to carry the school's pride to a whole new level. They thought that we are losers and we will be obliterated by the representatives of a private school in Pasay City which specifically caters to Chinese and Filipino Chinese students. We have proven all the doubters wrong. It is really wrong to pick sure winners as you will never ever know who is the sure winner. I have bragging rights when it comes to this episode of my life. Our school responded to our needs after winning the first round and after the whole affair was aired on National TV and it became obvious that the school did not lift a finger to support us in any way. When everybody is against you and you manage to squash their wrong impression of you, the end result is satisfying to say the least. They were all betting against us including my traitor of a teacher and everything exploded in their faces. The spins that they create after that said event is all about saving their dirty faces. All I can say is that this is what you deserve. Complete humiliation for betting against the underdog.

    Since I became a sort of an overnight sensation, I have used my fifteen minutes of fame to rub it in the face of our beloved Hacker's club adviser. I was able to implement a last minute club project as a faux officer of the Hacker's club. I said faux because I did not attend the election of officers for that school year since somebody betrayed me point blank last year. The project is about computer tutorial but this time the officers will be the tutors of willing students of all ages. As it turns out , one of programs alumni is now working at the Makati Medical Center. It is really satisfying as I will be seeing her again 25 years later while she is at work. This demonstrated the power of mentoring and it came at the right time since everybody who enrolled had the same reason for registering themselves to the program and that is primarily how impressed they are when we somehow manage to win the initial round of The Battle of The Brains.

    My father obviously did not enough funds left to support my tertiary level education. Scholarship foundations were aplenty but they have the same requirements and my father was not willing to go the extra mile to obtain most of it. Adding to my long list of problems was my brother's insistence to attend medical school. It is a given that the first born son is suppose to support his siblings in times of great need but he wanted to venture into the road less taken even though he is aware that our father is incapable of supporting his out of the blue decisions. He resented this basic fact and he decided to drag us along with this eternal vengeance. I know my brother pretty well which is why I knew that my life will be a living hell after all this vengeance has consumed him to a point of no return. He will never admit that this is his primary motivation in life. Up until the present day his fixation to this eternal vengeance is not as subtle as he think it is. I can see through your machinations.

    It was election season in the Philippines and it is my chance to appeal to certain politicians for financial assistance. The voting season is your only chance to see this malevolent politicians in their beggar form. They will beg for your votes in exchange for certain favors that they can somehow magically grant in a snap of a finger. My winnings from competitions plus some cash from my father's life savings and a political pledge that somehow means nothing is my last hope. I predicted that it will only last for a total of two years. I can pursue my studies for two more years and after that everything is about survival as my future as an engineer will forever be put on hold as no one was willing to help me in any way. I said to myself that I will find a way to succeed in life as this is an eternal challenge that I want to finish as the final victor. It is better this way. No one can ask favors from me as they have forsaken me when I needed all the help in the world.

    Before Bonifacio Global City became a highly developed Central Business District(CBD), I was one of those order-follower marching in the dirt and mounds of mud in its former state along with rest of cadets of Military Science as a tertiary level student. My schedule was quite hectic as I have to contibute about ten hours daily to our family business. I have to carry heavy sacks of rice and sugar. I have to serve as a cashier of the mini store. Repacking the retailable items like sugar, edible oil and others is on my daily routine. It is a physically draining routine. I also have to attend the mandatory meetings of the scholarship foundation. I also need to regularly shop for basic commodities to restock those items which went out of stock in our store. All these things plus the daily school work, term papers, and special projects that needs to be done before the dreaded deadline are the reasons as to why I got used to handling tremendous amounts of stress, tension and time pressure. I cannot believe that the community savages are still spreading fake news about me. They were spreading rumors that I did not finish high school even though I am wearing my tertiary level ID card. I finished with honors and their potty mouths are relentless when it comes to comforting themselves by spreading stupid rumors about me. I guess being a whiz, a geek and a handsome man is a lethal combination when it comes being a daily subject of envy of the community. This post is in a way my chance to release or vent my frustration and I thank the Hivians or Hivers for bearing with me and my electronic catharsis. So to all my past, present and future detractors, eat my you-know-what. I may be the master of none but that only means that I am the Jack Of All Trades. I really have to push my self to the limits since my father is being consumed by self-pity as he placed all of his proverbial bets on my elder brother. As I have mentioned before my brother was a huge disappointment even though somehow traditionally he is next in line to carry the family name to the shaky future ahead of us.

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