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Our faith should be our steering wheel not our spare tire.

I'm not always a good daughter to Him, most of the time I fail Him, but by His grace He always brings me back to the path He has planned for me.

Psalm 119:105
Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light to my path

Hello Everyone good day! This is my first blog post on this site.
First let me introduce my self first, I'm Simonette Buban from Philippines, A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education major in Chemistry, A Single Mom of a handsome and a smart Boy who is 22 years old now..taking up BS Civil Engineering, It is seriously hard to be a single parent. You have to deal with all of the parental duties while juggling work, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, having relationships with others, and what happens if you get sick?
You certainly cannot call in and take the day off from beiúng a parent! one of my friend ask me “how do I fill my free time” doing household chores and after work…hmmm free time, what is that? I had to think about what exactly is free time for me… I think its the time that I am doing what I enjoy. Or doing something that “I” actually picked to do. It’s not a school meeting, or picking up my son, returning work emails. That is not free time to me…

I love having some much needed down time, but I also need to have activities.. it’s a happy balance that keeps me sane. Its hard to find what works and what doesn’t.. Or what is too much down time and what feels like I am over loaded.

It seems that in the night, I have more so called free time. I have definitely experienced a night where I was bored or lonely. Many of these nights can get long… And how do I get out of the rut of just sitting at home on the couch and eating Junk foods… I do spend many nights doing that, and some nights that is much needed. However, I have learned to find other things to fill my time.

And sometimes it is such a push to do it…It’s a push to get out or make plans.

I have been working for almost 25 years. I’ve enjoyed my work, for the last eight years or so, I’ve kind of stagnated, which I didn’t mind since I still enjoyed the work. However, I’m getting bored (and frustrated that I’m not earning more or progressing). I think I might want to change industries, but I’m also open to the idea of staying in my industry, just at a different company (they hquestion is: Where do I begin? I have a family and a mortgage. and I don’t want to start at the bottom and have to work my way up again.

First of all, I am not too late and I am not alone. It’s not unusual for careers to undergo a shift, even after decades. So how do I find a job that’s more about what I want and more meaningful?
I need to know my reality. The truth is, is going to make my career change happen for me I need to take action every day toward my goals, no matter how small. i need to find that once I get the ball rolling, the process will begin to gain momentum, and taking action will become a comfortable habit rather than something to be avoided.

No one is going to make my
career change happen for me, it may take a while, but the opportunities are out there. I need to find a new job an adventure by having a solid game plan and seeking out the employers that put a high value on your valuable wisdom and experience. Most of all, I don’t give up.I'll Go for what I want and do the things were meant to do. The time is now!
Until I found this, thanks to my Facebook friend who introduce to me to do this blog, a lifetime career that my son and my niblings will inherit when I'm gone.
I hope you find my introduction interesting, till my next blog!Godbless!






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Welcome monette!
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Ok thanks since I'm new here pls bear with me ..I'm trying to read all your comments coz I want to learn from u guys and I think I will enjoy blogging this is really fanstastic love to do writing and meeting new friends around the world at the same time..thanks for your warm welcome..I promise will post more interesting post

Welcome and do enjoy your day for no boring day here. Your mind and hands will be very busy writing plus meeting new friends and learn new things everyday.

Yes thanks

Welcome ang enjoy your stay here

Thanks 😊

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I love that Bible verse. Thanks for joining.

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You are welcome @monette! It is great to see you are doing your first steps! Great work!

Thanks so much

Hello and welcome to Hive! I can relate on the career shift. We somehow all get to that point. Goodluck to your endeavors. Looking forward to more of your posts here on hive.

Thanks I will.

Hi Simonette cool name mommy best friend from high school is aldo named Simonette

But welcome here, 2021 started of as a great blog year not on the least because you decided to join! So Welcome to the Hive. It’s a true movement and blockchain, and I love that you decided to join us here. You will have fun blogging and vlogging I promise. And the garden will have some great tags to blog in about that hobby.
But in the beginning it’s hard and new and maybe you need help. We have amazing people here and a help discord if you need it. I love blogging, been here for three years already. But always be carefull with all your passwords, Never give those up !! I speak from experience !
I use Peakd to post to Hive, but Ecency is also a possibility. It’s a website, mobile and desktop application that improves your experience on Hive. If you are interested for Android download :, for iOS:, for desktop: apps that helps you to connect, and that’s what we do here !
You can also earn to promote and boost your content. Again If you are interested just some extra information in this early start of your journey here! Last is an option too.
Good luck with with hive experience and I Will See you around and may you find here what you are looking for. Just remember that all good things come in good time and never giving up is THE key to big succes on the Blockchain. Also you could join the the Terminal discord, as I said before we help there with problems or questions, for free don’t worry. Or visit @heyhaveyamet for more new arrivals, all are in the same phase that might be helpful or reassuring. Newbie exposure in the beginning very important.
Let me know if this was helpfull or if you need more help, see you in Discord
the Terminal. Here is the invite again its totally free,
Greeting from the Netherlands
@ Brittandjosie

Good luck to you as the new arrival, may hive become your new life !

Thanks so much for the warm welcome

Welcome to the Hive community @monette!
We sincerely hope you find everything you are looking for and have found a new home here.

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Have fun and happy Hiving!

Thanks so much

Ok thanks