My first post on Hive! - A Steemit Refugee

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I had no idea Hive existed until this month


Hello, my name is Steve Cronin and this is my first post on Hive :)

It's been well over a year since I last looked at my Steemit account. I had been blogging occasionally for two years at that point and arrived at a period where I didn't have much to say or write about publicly. However, one of the many hobbies I have engaged in the past year is playing the ETH based TCG #GodsUnchained, which has been a lot of fun. Recently, after building out my card collection there, I decided to check on my STEEM Monsters account, curious about the status of my early collection of Alpha & Beta cards. This is when I learned, from an old Steemit friend @transcript-junky, people started migrating away from STEEM awhile ago.

Migrating over 8 months late

My WTF moment came when I realized I could no longer exchange my STEEM and SBD without using two new exclusive exchange options offered by Steemit which are not supported in the U.S. The only thing I could do was send my STEEM to other STEEM users, not much use there. Well, I was wrong.

A huge thanks to @naturalmedicine and their guide entitled Using Ionomy to trade Steem for Hive tokens, published seven months ago, which allowed me to send my STEEM to another STEEM user and exchange it for BTC.

Thankfully, STEEM Monsters, now apparently #Splinterlands, preserved my card collection with no action required on my part :)

Blogging here now

My content across the Internet, including on Steemit, used to be mostly focused on cognitive enhancement (see my VICE feature), however I don't have the desire to be so niche anymore - regardless of what all the Internet marketing gurus say! My immediate plans are to blog with Hive casually, because I support the product, and if I discover a niche use-case for it organically, then that would be fantastic.


Until then, I'm mostly just focused on learning more about the #Hive community (I currently have about 20 tabs open of different Hive blogs I'm about to check out) and enjoying the experience.

I'm sure there's posts I can readily find containing tips for new-comers, but if you have any suggestions, please let me know! As this is my first post on Hive, I am using the tag #introduceyourself and I'm hoping that's appropriate (if it's not, I'm sure people will let me know!)

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About time

welcome back ;-)

Welcome back. I think you’ll find that Hive is really the spiritual successor of Steem. Steem kept the name but it became a completely different place following a “hostile takeover” by Justin Sun. Still, there are plenty of new projects & developments to read up on so enjoy those 20 open tabs!

Welcome. So much is here I don't want to make you drown.

First, you can access your Hive account using or
Hive blockchain explorer:

If you had steem-engine tokens some of them may have migrated and been converted into hive-engine tokens:

Your profile states you are interested in VR and biohacking. There are hive communities for that:


Your profile doesn't mention interest in art but maybe you might want to get some NFT tokenized art created by Hive users. Maybe create some art of your own to sell:

That's probably enough for now. I'll let someone else fill you in on the other things like

Thanks for the community suggestions and for the welcome!

TY! Checking out your blog :)

Welcome (back) to Hive!! Looking forward to your posts.