Hello from the land down under

Hello My Fellow Steemers Today I decided to take the first steps into this wonderfully exciting world . I'm unsure where to start but I'm thrilled to be involved in this inspiring new space.

I live in the land down under in the state of N.S.W
As many will concur Australia is a beautiful country. I hope you enjoy a few photos from my ever growing gallery.

This shot was taken across Dartmouth dam in northern V.I.C

I have various interests. Sometimes i think it's time to shed a few but fuck it, life is far to short. I'm yet to hear of someone with their last breath regret having to much fun.

Spearfishing on the South Coast of N.S.W

To snow in the high country

Wild horses we found on a Sunday drive

I look forward to exploring Steemit and sharing my unique part of the world with you.