Hello, Steemit! Veerprit in Vancouver entering the community :)

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I am so so excited to enter the community! I'll try to keep my intro post short & sweet... I’m Veerprit and I would love to share my Vancouver/BC journey with you all as it’s absolutely beautiful (the license plates aren’t joking). Veerprit -- veer-preet; (noun), California girl living in Vancouver, technical recruiter, fry fanatic, bitcoin enthusiast, shameless selfie stick owner, future (far far in the future) mom on the block that bakes the best chocolate chip cookies.

I have been here for two years now and it’s finally feeling like home. Here's a quick sneak peek into this summer's adventures.

PS This is Captain and WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH! (You guys will notice I sometimes speak as a collective when I have a very strong feeling/opinion about something lol, in this case it's Captain...my heart, he is the sweetest. In other words, no one can't not love him.) He is already on board with my adventures, be like Captain ;)

Currently, I am educating myself on #bitcoin (would love to open up some discussion around “bitcoin for noobs”), reading 'Brain on Fire' by Susannah Cahalan, and trying to lose 5 lbs. Maybe I'll throw in snippets of my investment/trading failures, opinions on books, and workout routines (or lack thereof) if anyone shows any interest.

But nonetheless, looking forward to connecting with you all! Hope you enjoy following me and my #adventures as much as I look forward to my adventure with Steemit!




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That's so odd! and creepy.. I'll do it first thing in the morning!

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@veerprit ki haal? Welcome to Steemit!

It's a great place and you will find many of your queries answered here. There's a thriving community on the slack channel should you be interested in checking it out, promote your work or need any help or assistance.

Many people here ensure genuine authors and blogs are greatly rewarded. It's also a great place for discussions as you may have observed!

Since you love dogs I'm compelled to share a post of my own: An Heartwarming Story of Hope — http://steemurl.com/nTBU8gyE — It'll brighten your day for sure!


Wow! Thank you so much for the sweet welcome. I am so excited to explore more on Steemit as well as connect with others in the community. I'm slowly getting the hang of things. I should probably also join the slack channel. AND OMG! Hope is so cute!!! DEFINITELY a day brightener! Captain is a rescue too :)

Thanks. Captain is a handsome fella! :D I think new invites are currently disabled for slack. But hopefully they will allow access to some good people to come on board there for discussions. Meanwhile I look forward to more posts from you! Cheers.

I love Canada! I want to go back soon! I just upvoted you and posted an introduction post of my own with a short video and hiking pictures! https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@brianphobos/hi-steemit-i-m-brian-from-arizona-i-m-into-sports-traveling-having-fun-and-computers-here-are-some-pictures-and-a-short-video-2

Just checked it out, Brian! Look forward to some more travel pics :)

Fry enthusiast? I have to know your rankings. You have a witty dry sense of humor as do I. Please give your dog a big hug from me. I miss my dog so dearly. Truly one of my best friends 954726_10151440608611213_2075318098_n67be0.md.jpg

Big on fries! Well potatoes in any form really lol. And awww what a cute pup!!

Haha I didn't know if you had certain restaurants who you thought made the best fries, or if you have a recipe you could share for making your own. Fries come in many different styles and I would have to say I am a fan as well, although I wouldn't have thought to say so until I saw your post. It makes me sad not to come down the stairs and see his "happy tail" as we called it as it was always wagging and he would get so excited to see us. I may write a memorial piece sometime so other dog lovers can share the lives of their own pets and their impacts on their lives as pets have such a special bond far different than humans. They show unconditional love. Something a lot of people could benefit from implementing into their own relationships with others.

hey there @veerprit
nice to meet you, funny dog! 8]

Hello Veerprit. Canada represent! Even if you're actually Californian.

Random thoughts:

  1. Your use of the collective "We" is amusing
  2. The fact someone your size is trying to lose 5 pounds makes me regret the cheesecake and ice cream I ate a few hours ago


Oh my goodness, hello! LOL @ "we", I'm a joke but it's fun. We love steemit! ;) I'm still getting the hang of everything, but will be reading your stuff in a few min. Thanks for the sweet welcome. :)

Looks like your first post is doing very well. Nice job. Maybe you'll end up putting Vancouver on the map for something other than the outrageous housing market...

You are very cool girl ! All our community is pleased that you have taken here is the beginning! you will do it and we will support you ! sorry for my English , @veerprit

Your english is great :) Loving the warm welcomes and support. I can already tell this is a great community!


welcome to steemit lovely community have a nice day and best wishes.

Welcome Veerprit, look forward to your content :)

Hello Veerpit!

I look forward to following your future posts!

WELCOME to the community! ❤️ 🇨🇦

Really beautiful pictures. Anyone here from Toronto ?

Welcome aboard. Beautiful British Columbia!

Welcome to Steemit! I am sure you will fit in very well here. :)

Welcome, hope you enjoy Steemit!

Definitely enjoying it thus far! Looking forward to see what it has in store for me as well as others :)

Hi @veerprit
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Welcom to Stemit...Nice girl...:)))

Why does she have 6 downvotes? Seems like the most promising Steem user I have seen yet...

See the first post-reply mentioning duplicate photos and need for more verification...

she clearly verified though

Seems good to me - but I didn't flag it. I'm just explaining the rationale

Good to see you. Following you now. Follow back!

@dantheman make it rain for this gem!

Killing it on steemit! Glad you are being successful on your first post. Makes it easier for your creative friends to believe you when you tell them you made over 2K in less than 24 hours. Pretty sweet deal :) Keep it up Fry enthusiast haha :) When @ned notices that means you are adding a ton of value. It's a coveted stamp of approval.

Beautiful pic, welcome to SteemIT!

Welcome to Steemit Veerprit, look forward to your content :)

Hi @veerprit. Now there's a second new #Vancouver person - me! Let me know if you want restaurant recommendations or really anything else about the city or local tech community. I'm going to try doing some posting in the Vancouver tag -- hope to see you there!

Pro tip: Tuesdays are $2 waffles at Scandilicious on Victoria at Powell.