VYB Curator - Curating the VYB!✔️


@VYB.Curator is here, Verifying Brains & passing out about 8 VYB per up-vote at the time of this writing!✔️

I think this is just a start, the price is right for scooping up some cheap VYB to get this vote much higher...What do you think? Leave your ideas in the comments below.
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What is VYB you may ask? Well, that is a very good question.

Verify Your Brian is the tribe, and VYB is the token that emerged with it which stemmed to compliment the POB tribe, as the original whitepaper states it's a parallel universe of POB, or maybe even a universe inside a universe. If you ask me, maybe it's more like a Boltzmann Brain and we're all here to verify the fact that we exist or not.

There are a few subtle differences between VYB and POB.

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There are two elephants in the room when it comes to discussing VYB. The first one is the fact that there are no self-votes here, and the second is no downvoting. Downvoting isn't necessary because any perpetrators of the rules will simply be muted, so I guess VYB has everything figured out, especially when it comes to this community not being exposed to tranches of that AI-plagiarized crap post-biz. I haven't spent a lot of time perusing around this frontend yet to notice, but if anyone can find any ofthat kind of abuse here, i'd really like to know.

Give Credit where credit is due.

All of the info about VYB in this post was gleaned from the original post about VYB, my source is contained in the link under the what is VYB section. It's been a while since I learned about VYB, I just wanted a refresher, and I have found the best way I retain information is by learning it from sharing it. I totally forgot about that no self voting allowed, I plan to self vote this post and take it off after just to see if the platform simply blocks a self vote or what, I have no idea. I also wanted to post my new avatar and get my very first VYB post churned out. So that's it, vyb-curator is a little free curator in town, hopefully, I see your post and give it some VYB.


Special thanks to everyone who delegated a little VYB our way, especially our latest delegates @kevinnag58, @heruvim1978, & @sayago, & I did not forget you and have added you all to my VYB favorites curation list! Thanks!!


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