Introdruction to my self and Journey to hive

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Hello my dear are you. I am Taspiya Tabbassum Jenifa .I am study in fashion design and apparel engineering.I'm from Bangladesh.My favorite hobby fashion illustration and drawing.
I want to become a good fashion designer and Artist in the future. I want to improve Bangladesh RGB Sector and spread my creative talent through drawing art. I like Junk food and Biriyani very much. I love to cook and I love cooking even more when I see new recipes. I am very serious about Tour. I love to travel to new places. I love mountains and sea. I like the sea a little more. When I go to the sea, I fall in love with the sea. I love to dance and sing. I show my creative talent through dancing.
I started to spread my talent to everyone by giving art videos on YouTube from 2020 to spread my drawing and illustration to everyone. I give the technique of how to draw all daily drawings easily. I try to explain step by step.

Let me share the story of coming to Hive first. One day I was watching an Art Contest on Google. There I noticed that I saw the SPLINTERLAND art contest. I was very happy to see the contest. So I searched on YouTube to know about it. I came to know from YouTube that you can earn money through art on this platform. Since I do art regularly, I thought that if I work on this platform, I will earn and learn new art. That's why I came to this platform.
I will always bring Creative Art for you. Stay with me by voting and I will appear among you with new drawings.
Thank you


Welcome to the hive.
Good to meet with someone with the same passion as me.

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