Community Feedback: INV Tokens Trading Live on Steem-Engine

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Hello Everyone,

A few days ago we announced the launch of "INVITE" token. Please check the official announcement here: Introducing "INVITE" Token: Mine STEEM Accounts Through Delegation!

INVITE is a Steem-Engine token which can be used to buy accounts from STEEM Ninja Invite Tool.


This is will help us curb the problem of Paid STEEM Accounts to some extent. By delegating to, you can have a chance to get your share of INV tokens every week. As discussed in the announcement post, we are starting out by giving 300 INV tokens in every payout to the delegators based upon the SP they delegated. More SP means more share in the week. It's a nice investment for people having low SP or they don't want to get into the technical know-how of how to claim a STEEM Account from their RCs. Fact Check: Approximately 1mil SP is required to generate 300 STEEM accounts.

Delegate STEEM to earn INV Tokens:

We are now accepting PAL Delegations too:


Now it's time to get the feedback from the community on the process we have set for this scheme. Now there are two ways to do it:

  1. Quickly provide your feedback in comments of this section.
  2. If you have delegated to @Steem.Ninja, you can also create a review blog or video through our portal(

Every suggestion counts, so please feel free to use any of the above ways to provide your valuable feedback. We want to make this a fruitful experience for everyone involved since this will help us onboard new users for almost no fee. Apart from you locking your delegation which is still yours to claim once you undelegate in future whenever you want to.

On 7th July, first payout will happen. You can see your names appearing in this below table once you delegate. Please note that it takes some time to update it so your patience is requested.


Trade INV Tokens on Steem Engine



A new Steem account normally costs 3 STEEM. At the moment there are plenty of INVITE for less than 3 STEEM on the market:

Check it out and grab some as long as they are cheap!

For support, please join our discord channel:

@Steem.Ninja is a Steem based tool service. You can also buy STEEM accounts through credit card and Paypal and other several payment options. It is powered by @Oracle-D. For more info, please visit

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If you appreciate the work we do for the blockchain and its members, please vote for our witness @oracle-d by going to or directly through SteemConnect

Your vote is highly valuable for us and thank you for being a part of this Journey! Also, please do not hesitate to connect with us for any kind of collaborations that can help the STEEM Community grow.


This really shows the potential we see forming on here. Great idea getting PAL delegation and rewarding users for that.

Another example of how cryptoeconomics forms.

I delegated some PAL and looking forward to helping with the onboarding process.

What I can understand that every week you roll out INVITE tokens which is 300 per week. So what if someone continues the delegation, then will he get INVITE tokens every week?

Second point is that, the early delegators will no doubt get more INVITE tokens. That's fine. But what if there is execessive amount of delegation and the roll out of 300 tokens remain constant every week.

I can understand that it may be too early to judge in that line. But I really love this INV token. I think this can bring valuable use-case to the table. Nonetheless one can also trade INV token in Steem-engine.

  1. Answer to the first question, based on one's delegation, they will get the INV tokens every week.

  2. If there is excessive amount of delegation then that would also helps us create more accounts. So count of 300 will increase subsequently.

  3. Right now the price of the Token is dirt cheap. You can buy it as well, Yes.

I hope these answer your questions. :) Cheers and Invite someone today. ;)

Nice ! I delegated 500 sp, I also did a post about it. The process was easy. I like the fact that it’s a tradable token. Though your sp is locked up , I still think it’s valuable to have these tokens you can redeem anytime. 7 days and your delegated sp is back in your wallet if you don’t feel like you need anymore. I just prefer this than actually buying the accounts.

It's now 5 days @dmilliz as far we know. You get it back in 5 days now! Thanks for your feedback. :)) Cheers.

Well I’m waiting. It’s suppose to go to my Steem-engine wallet right ?

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Oh they will appear in the invite ninja path it’s on the invite Steem ninja page right?

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I have delegated both Steem and PAL to you guys. I love the idea to hand over invite tokens to people who would like to join.

But please tell me, how does the economy on Steem Engine works. Why should someone buy these tokens? And are the 3 Steem per new account fixed? As far as I remember, this can be changed by witnesses, can't it? That would ruin the price. So from an onboarding perspective, this is super cool. From an investment perspective, I don't quite get it yet.

Thanks for getting involved @flawy, this just means that the market will now be able to set the price of new accounts

I have not delegated yet, I am planning for it. I think as the steem price is low now, it is good time to mine INV token. If the price get high then the same 3 Steem may be more than 4 USD or even more. Considering that it is wise to delegate now and mine as much INV token as possible.

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That's true. Now the market will decide the account creation fee for this. Delegation will get you these accounts for free!

Yes absolutely correct.

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Nice, I have delegated 100 SP, not much I knew that. But i believe to invest my SP to / oracle-d.

Hi @oracle-d

I delegated 500 SP to on 26/06/19, but I'm not in the table.

Just double checking I've not been missed somehow. I'm looking forward to receiving Invite tokens and playing the market trading them. Also, I'll definitely write a blog review about the project.


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You are now showing up in the table @raj808. It takes some time to update it once you delegate.

This is a nice initiative to mine account using our SP. This is the best way to earn some INVITE tokens and later claim account for our family and friends.

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I think this idea will generally be good for steemit community as it creates an incentive for bringing in people. I'm not conversant with trading on steem-engine yet but I will have to learn after I delegate.

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The supply circulating on the trading market is still very little. That happened because the team only distributed INVITE as much as 300 INV every week. Ordering looks very little. The main factor, maybe because people don't know much about this yet. What percentage of inflation will occur every year? I want to know about this.


Keep Steem Up! 👍👏

Hello @ponpase, INV Token is pegged. There can never be more Invite tokens than we have claimed already which is why the supply is small. This also means no Inflation.

@oracle-d, Team sometime back i got to know that we can mine INVITE Tokens through delegating PAL Tokens. And in my opinion this step is very motivating and exciting one and inturn it will going to add so much value to PALNET Ecosystem too. Stay blessed team.

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its a nice way to get steem account .. i have small sp. bt i need some steem account for my friends. how much minimum sp delegates? @oracle-d

There is no bar. Just see the estimates shown on this page ( and decide on your own. :))

I just bought my first steem account via steem ninja and it was pretty easy. I really want to earn some invite tokens before I start my own tribe, What would be the minimum to delegate in PAL or STEEM to start earning tokens?

There is no bar. Just see the estimates shown on this page ( and decide on your own. :))

Ah I see, thanks! Looks like 200 SP is a solid place to start!

I already delegated both :)

This is really good news we have for the steemian. Let's hope for the best in trading. ☺️👍

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I INVITE all of you to be filthy steem rich😊

Haha. It doesn't work this way. :P But if they put in the hardwork then sure. :P

This is a best way earn some invite tokens.I also wanted to delicate. But I can not delete my SP so fewer.I do not know how low I can delete the SP.


Excelent notice. Thank you for share with us!!!!

geyo man geyo.brilliant man and your post also woderful.i like your post very very very very much

Thanks for this wonderful notice, it time to make a delegations..

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Wonderful initiative. Where do we see ratio percentage of return based on the amount of delegation ?

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I already delegated some Steem Power to Steem Ninja, I hope others will also delegate their own

I will be delegating some SteemPower soon.

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Hi @oracle-d

I've created an in-depth review/feedback post about INVITE token via and promoted it via my traditional social media accounts (screenshots below).

Screenshot (505).png

Screenshot (506).png

... I've published it on my medium account as well for further exposure, and upvoted/resteemed this post.



Thank you for your valuable help to steemit users

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Very good strategy, in this way both win. Can you delegate 100 SP?

Yes you can.

This is a really great way to mine invite tokens, and I really like that you can now also delegate PAL, is there any chance that you will also add LEO soon?

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Nice initiative.

Just tweeted about it.

I will be hoping to delegate soon