A rare case of irony.

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'An old man turned ninety-eight,
he won the lottery and died the next day'.

No people, this is NOT another Corona Post.

Those are just the first two lines of the song ('Ironic') from Alanis Morissette to illustrate an incident I witnessed yesterday on a construction site where I currently work.

After the coffeebreak I went to my van that was on a big parkinglot nearby, to get me some stuff I had forgotten to bring with me earlier on.

Walking back to the site, I saw this ...


A mini bulldozer trying to tow out a van, totally stuck with the rear left wheel high above ground surface and the right front wheel deep down in some kind of sinkhole.
The day before there had been a hole which had been filled with sand at the end of the day. But because of the heavy rainfall during the night, the hole had become kind of a mini swamp.

Asking some bystanders, it appeared that the owner of the car was on his way to an exam, got lost and tried to find his way out but got stuck here on the site.
Already late, he called the association where he had the exam. After which a women from that association came to lend him her car, she would deal with the problem, so at least he could still do the exam.

To make a long story short:


some workmen managed to get the car out ...


with hardly any real damage.

All's well that ends well.

But there's quite a funny twist to this story.

Having finished for the day on my way out I spoke the operator of the project who was in the crew wagon with some other workmen.

'No more sinking cars the rest of the day'?, I asked.

They all started laughing, a beer was handed to me and the operator said:
'you know, the owner of the van was here an hour ago to leave a case of beer to express his gratitude for getting out his car. Out of curiosity I asked him what kind of an exam he actually had that day.

On which he replied:
'Let me first say that partly thanks to you all I passed the exam. But I feel nevertheless pretty ridiculous to tell you that half an hour ago I officially became a licensed driving instructor.'

Besides half choking on the first sip of beer, I almost pissed my pants from laughing.

Like Alanis sings in her song : 'and isn't it ironic, don't you think?'

Thanks for reading.

Have a great weekend.



Nice :)

Good of him to provide some beers for the chaps who pulled him out of the drink, cheers!

It was indeed a very nice gesture, also because the only thing I did was watching and still got a beer. ;-).

But then again; having done this by a company with a towtruck would have costed hime at least 200 euro.

You were in the right place at the right time for the beer 🍺 - there is a skill to this.

And of all those amazing talents I have available, by far the most enjoyable ...

Haha, true irony that one!!

It was a pity I wasn't there when he came with the beer and express his gratitude, otherwise I would have asked him if he already planned a next exam; a swimming test? ;-)

Loool....that's craaaazy...thankfully hes not an air pilot trainer lol

Hahaha, right! He might get lost in a black (no offense, hahaha) hole ...


Hahaha 😂! That’s a great story. Well, I would like to have my licence with that guy. Easy !

Cheers mate

Now that you know the story and garantee him you won't tell anyone else, it might indeed be easier to get that license.

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You're welcome

Thanks mate.

There is always a twist with you lol but thankfully this time you are in the picture with a beer too lol. Hope you are doing great? 😃

Even that beer was a nice twist (for me).
I'm fine, thanks. Hope you too. Take care.

So let me get this straight, someone who gets his car stuck and was helped out by you all working in the construction site becomes a licensed instructor? That's definitely rich and I'm beginning to wonder what he'll be instructing really. It's quite the example of quality irony

Indeed quality irony. You can not make this up.

Never a dull moment when @smasssh is around. Awesome story!

Hahaha my! Well I feel life sometimes isn't balanced sometimes it seems strange lol sometimes it seems laughable as well.

It's great to see you post, it's really been a long time

Hahahaha that is really ironic! Other option was that he was a constructor of maling wells, orrrrr he was practising for his cloudy water diving degree hehe

We'll never know I guess. At least he will never make the same mistake again.

for you

It's thirsty weather here, so thanks!

Hey @smasssh, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

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Cheers to that.

How happy the car will be after been helped out

Yep, and even without C.P.R.

And here in lies the problem.

Which problem?

People qualified for jobs they have no right to do, like him.

Agree. We all can make a mistake, but there are walking around so many screw-ups who make the same mistakes over and over again.
Lack of skills I can even live with. If the person is willing, he can learn and improve.
But dumbshits with lack of interest or even stupidity ... go (and stay) home please and annoy your wife or neighbor all day long.

LOL. Like it.

Whatttttt??????? He is now able to pass on his stupidity to other road users, haha maybe I could have him as an instructor for my wife as she has sat her driving test 7 times, I think with him she would get a pass hahaha