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Camp & Filming

2010-08-21 - Saturday - 02:46 PM - Nicholas Becker - The 21st of August of 2010 - Nick wrote to me the following - Blogspot - August of 2010 - September of 2010

2010-08-21 - Saturday - 02:46 PM - Nick Becker - Arnold Attic Screenshot at 2020-04-02 01:31:36.png
2010-08-21 - Saturday - 02:46 PM

alright, here it comes! p/u for equipment is this friday after 2p and i figure since we have it, we should shoot a little for the doc. then i'll pick up my roommate and we'll carpool out to wilson river where we'll be camping until sunday night/monday morn. bring any camping equipment you have!

Saving Old Videos

I was writing about my home videos on Facebook. I started making videos with family and friends before my 11th birthday in 1996 in Forest Grove, OR, USA. I've been transferring the videos from VHS to DVD and to the Internet. But it was always an ongoing project over the years and Nick found me on Facebook and said he wanted to help.

Arnold Attic Films

So, he came in and filmed a few promo videos for my Arnold Attic project, the 44 Tapes. He also borrowed my DVDs in order to attempt to transfer my home videos to hard drives. Long story short, he got busy and ran into technical difficulties, eventually, that same year.

Documentary on Oatmeal?

So, he never got to finish making a documentary on my home videos. But he did come by to help out a bit still and we did have fun camping. We went camping in order to film a movie they were making.

Camping Location

Wilson River, Oregon

Schedule Outline

This was the proposed schedule: But I don't remember what actually happened: We may have stay for only two nights at this cabin in the woods: it was either that last week of August of 2010 at the earliest or it was in September at the latest, I'm guessing (or it was before Thanksgiving maybe, but I don't remember exactly yet): It was during a weekend: I remember at least one night in a cabin: It was me, Nick, and two girls

2010-08-27 - Friday -Camping 01/04
2010-08-28 - Saturday - Camping 02/04
2010-08-29 - Sunday - Camping 03/04
2010-08-30 - Monday - Camping 04/04


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