2010, August

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Attended my third Western Youth Institute (WYI) of The Salvation Army, an annual week long Bible retreat designed for youth and young adults up to the ages of like 25 years old. I was 25 that year, meaning it would be my last time as a camper. Well, it ended up being my last and only visit to WYI in the 2010's, that decade. I really do love WYI and I was able to run into a bunch of interesting people.

Criminal Minds

I needed a place to stay. In July of 2010, I moved in with Charlotte Battle who would volunteer with The Salvation Army. She is like a missionary. She knew Blake Webb who died in May. She was a friend of ours and decided to help me out. She introduced me to Criminal Minds and I started watching ever since. She would also watch Bones which I also started getting hooked on. I did chores around the house for her. I continued helping with the youth ministry at Moore Street from 2009-2011.

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August of 2010

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August of 2010 - Month in Review - 2010-08

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2010-08-09 4972483556_017c941293_o.jpg
Playing a game at WYI. Can you see me in these photos?

2010-08 - 26943078678_6c932bfea2_o.jpg
Revolution Hawaii Reunion

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Western Youth Institute (WYI)

August of 2010 - Month in Review - 2010-08

At WYI, I met people like Sharon Clayton, Nellie, etc, and also reunited with Revolution Hawaii friends and others.

Oatmeal Joy

2010-08-01 - Sunday - 03:59 PM - Oatmeal Joy - seHCM7 - I included a list of the folowing Facebook pages, profile accounts, groups, events, things, and/or etc:

Washing Hands. Joey Arnold Friends. Oatmeal Joy
Blake Webb Memories. Joey Arnold. Ashley Arnold
Crystal Ann Arnold. Rick Butter

Sharing Sunshine. Drinking Water. Harvesting Farmer Spirit
Cooking Oatmeal Joy. Lost Without Lost. Bewebb Fund
Umnum Denum. Rara Roberto

Enter The Ninja

2010-08-03 - Die Antwoord - Enter The Ninja (Explicit Version) (Official Video) - I've not seen this until 2020-03-23 - Monday - 10:38 PM - But had to include it here.

Redwood Glen Video

2010-08-05 - Camp RedWood Glen Summer 2010 Staff - Our end of summer staff video for The Salvation Army Camp Redwood Glen in Scotts Valley, CA.

Love Me

2010-08-05 - Justin Bieber - Love Me (Official Music Video)

Love The Way You Lie

2010-08-05 - Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

Gyjo: Get Your Oatmeal Joy On

2010-08-06 - Friday - 07:50 PM | Page

WYI 2010

2010-08-09 - Monday - Day One or Two apx of WYI 2010 - Flickr - I'm in this picture. We were playing some kind of game.

2010-08-09 4972483556_017c941293_o.jpg


2010-08-10 - Tuesday - The World Health Organization declares the H1N1 influenza pandemic over, saying worldwide flu activity has returned to typical seasonal patterns.


2010-08-10 - Tuesday - Kesha - Take It Off

Home From WYI

2010-08-13 - Friday - 11:31 PM - Facebook

Melissa McQuade: "Finally home but I miss wyi!!:(."

Salvation Army

During the 2010 WYI, I had a conversation with Rob Noland and Fulton Hawk. They said some things to me and they may have disagreed with some of the things I might have said and done. Some of it mya have been allegations, hearsay, of things I was being accused falsely of doing or saying. I'm not totally sure as some of it may have been implied, assumed, referenced, indirect, implicated, left unsaid in regards what they might have wanted me not to do and do. Our conversation may have only lasted ten minutes and they may have been upset and disappointed with me. I was trying to tell them that I try to follow God's heart in what I do. Rob was probably a bit sad and Fulton may have been situated in passion and rage. I believe in passion and I'm not saying he is wrong to be aggressive but I do believe in what I do perhaps. Not to say that I don't evolve and change over time in my life. I do mature and everything as some people do. Long story short, I was telling them that I would continue to do what I do. Now, that is not entirely true as I do change like I said but I said it as my way of pleading for independence so that I can make my own personal decisions on my own as need be. They talked about how I burn bridges with people and they may have been specifically talking about burning a bridge with The Salvation Army. After that, I was not accepted to work at Salvation Army camps in 2011, 2012, 2018, and 2019. I was in Vietnam from 2012-2017. I returned in November of 2017 to America and applied again to camps and was denied. I feel that I might be on a Salvation Army black list. I hope I am wrong about that. But it is possible that they and/or others said some bad things about me to get me banned from working in certain positions with them ever again. I have been feeling very mixed concerning that and my relationship with Word Of Life, other ministries, other churches, other organizations, other camps, other groups, other people, etc, etc, who I have volunteered with and worked with in my life. I miss so many different people I've met in Oregon, New York, West Virginia, California, Hawaii, Washington State, Idaho, Quebec, Vietnam, some of the states and cities in and around New York, West Virginia, and South Carolina, etc, etc. I contemplate how I can better help people, when, where, how, through which groups, etc. I have been thinking about these types of things for over 30 years going back to the 1990's. I have more to say about some of these things. It is very complex and simple and everything. To be continued.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

2010-08-13 - Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - I eventually saw it at least by 2012 or possibly as early as 2010 thanks to the fact that Matt Kurtz and his friends were watching it and I just so happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Ojawall YouTube

2010-08-13 - Hive - Ojawall YouTube Screenshot - Archive

2010-08-13 - YouTube Ojawall Screenshot at 2019-11-07 23:26:31.png

The Expendables

2010-08-13 - The Expendables released in the U.S. and I eventually saw it maybe that year or after that.

Missing WYI

2010-08-15 - Sunday - 09:08 PM - Facebook

Melissa McQuade: "Raise your hand if you really miss WYI :( both my hands are raised!!"

This probably means that WYI ended before that.

Ninja Rap

2010-08-18 - Michael Jackson - Ninja Rap ft. Madonna - Ironic Mystic

Are You Dying?

2010-08-22 - Sunday - 09:05 PM - Joey: "For a minute I thought you were actually dying until I read the rest of that sentence yeah. Good thing that wasn't an incomplete sentence because I was going to panic or dye my hair purple too if that was the case brother because I am so ADD upon reading. Maybe I should finish reading before passing judgment right like are you feeling me on that or not yeah."

Not Dying

2010-08-23 - Monday - 04:57 PM - Nellie: "Haha well thanks guys for the feedback!! and no Joey i am not dying lol. and dont worry lauren not my whole head...just small parts or like the bottom half of my head... lol and karina i am inspired by you!!!! Vander you should totally do it!!!! Thanks Tee, thanks chelsey, thanks teresa!!" 05:37 PM

Volley Ball Joey

2010-08-24 - Tuesday - 02:43 PM - Joey: "What about missing me because you know I like totally miss you right. I think I miss Marvin too. LOL but anyways, I think you should ask the kids and everybody all around if they remember me, Jeff Walters, Mejee Lutcher, you know because we were there for three weeks near the end of 2007. Just sending out my shout outs. Sorry for being so Curious George on you and everybody."

Never Say Goodbye

07:37 PM: Nellie Stroughter: "OOOHHH joey!!! i miss you a lot! Dude you never said good-bye to me in washington...i was sooo sad!! hahaha, Ya i'll snd your shout outs! ohh really brian? really, you miss my bro marvin? hahaha well I'll tell you what if you had the chance to get to know him you would totally miss him!!! How are you? come back to hawaii so we can hangout for reals for reals!!" 08:18 PM - Joey: " I once lived in a Washington County." 08:32 PM - Nellie Stroughter: "hahah oh joey i miss you for reals!!! your an excellent vollyball player!"

2010-08-25 - Wednesday - 10:40 PM - Integrated Intelligence


Paging Joey Arnold

2010-08-29 - Sunday - 08:45 PM - Michael J. Verbout wrote on his Facebook wall the following:

2010-08-29 - Sunday - 08:45 PM - Mike Verbout Paging Joey Arnold Screenshot at 2020-03-28 03:12:53.png

Paging Joey Arnold

He was probably trying to get a hold of me but I don't remember if he did or not.

Youth Sunday

2010-08-22 - Sunday - 06:18 PM - The 22nd of August of 2010 - I probably was there to see this.

Michael James Verbout: "what a wonderful time at church today. It was Youth Sunday and I was so proud of all our youth! Sabeth, Eric, Caleb, Rebecca, Victoria, Brandon Cierra, Curtis, Jacob, Miracle You were all fantastic!! Thank you so very, vwery much!!"


Home Now

2010-08-07 - Saturday - 10:07 PM - The 7th of August of 2010 - Concerning Camp Redwood Glen - Alejandra Javier wrote on her Facebook

I got home 2so many wonderful suprises!! I am praying 4all the camp staff...hopeing life is as much of a blessing 4them as God has blessed mine!!! My parents r closer than ever.,i now have parents who don't constantly argue! Thank yu so much God 4blessing me in this amazing way!!! Super stoked 4skewl on Thursday...!! :]

Last Night

2010-08-05 - Thursday - 10:43 PM - The 5th of August of 2010 - Concerning Camp Redwood Glen -Alejandra Javier wrote on her Facebook

omgsh today was so. hard to say bye 2some of my camp staff family.,2many tears...tonights the last night i pray God lets me come back next year!! i ♥ camp so much., it's my home away from home...!! SERIOUSLY! but it won't be a good-bye it'll be a see yu later...!!!! always remember Joshua 1:9 GOD BLESS YU., EVERYBODY!!!!!