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arnold, The samurai was beautified and distorted by the Japanese. Samurai actually means royalty, aristocrat, lord, landlord, and rich man. Japanese anime, manga, and movies made samurai a wonderful hero.

I will write the truth of samurai in the future.


I understand that but I was specifically talking about their skills as fighters.

In the past, Koreans often fought against the Japanese, and the swords of the samurai were less powerful than the spear. Rather, the gun was more threatening. Koreans were more afraid of Japan's advanced guns.

But were there not some fast Jackie Chan style fighters?

Do you believe that Star Wars Jedi exists in reality? Jackie Chan is a clown. Boxing, wrestling, judo, and taekwondo were used in the Combat martial arts. Koreans also say that Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan are acrobats. Koreans rather enjoy the American UFC.

arnold, how old are you? Korean teenagers ask a lot of questions like you.
Aren't you watching too many movies? hahaha

We can learn a lot from fiction. Reality hides inside fiction. I'm 35. I was born in 1985 as you can see in my blog.