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RE: 2013 - Year in Review

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Arnold, how many times have Vietnamese stolen your bike? There are many thieves stealing foreigners' goods in Vietnam.
You suffered a lot in Vietnam. In Vietnam you have a rough and skinny look.
Still, are Vietnamese women friendly and pretty?

Even if I speak English wrong, your photos are fun.


Three times in 2013. My 4th bike is still in Vietnam somewhere lol. But technically, my 4th bike was only partially stolen. Maybe not totally stolen as somebody was holding onto it for me. Yeah, many nice Vietnamese people. I was not very skinny. It is more that too many people are fat and they think that is normal. I am just like more normal as a not very fat person. But many people think fat is normal.

Arnold, I mean, when you were in Vietnam, you were thinner.

I kind of was thinner sometimes.