The End of a Streak

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Making a post every day for the last month has been a marathon. I cant think of any other platform that would inspire me in this way.


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I am certainly not a professional blogger but to be honest most people on Hive are not, and that is what makes it special.

Hive is not a business.

People are here sharing their experiences with the world and participating in a global Web 3 community in a way that has never been done before.


To rise to the challenge I decided early on that I would spend the month visiting the different Communities on Hive and posting to see what kind of reaction I got and also to learn about new communities.

In large part I got a huge welcome in the form of upvotes and comments and help on Discord which kept me going and motivated.

My Streak


  • The biggest reaction I got was to my post on Universal Basic Income.
  • I posted to many different communities for the first time and got a big welcome.
  • Each post was meaningful and researched, and I took breaks on some days when I felt quality would suffer or I needed more time.

In order for me to write, I need inspiration and while some of my posts were in my comfort zone, I also tried to engage and find something interesting for new communities that I joined during the month.


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This challenge really pushed me out of my comfort zone and importantly got me interacting with new people. Many of the people I chatted to on Discord are new members to the community since I was last very active.

Quality & Consistency

The challenge with writing each day is keeping up the quality of your posts. Being consistent and posting every day certainly gets you visibility and you will be seen and remembered but you risk just churning out posts for the sake of it.

I put a lot of time in this month to make sure that didn’t happen and it's not something I could keep up for a sustained period due to work and other commitments and there were a few days where I didn’t post this month. Not because I didn’t have something to write but because it wasnt ready to put out there. It needed more work and more consideration before being stamped into the Blockchain!


The takeaways for me are
• I have met new members of the community
• I have learned a lot more about the social structures on Hive
• I feel up to date with the different communities that are active and developing on Hive

These are all very worthwhile achievements for me and I would like to thank @dragosroua for this initiative and congratulate all the community members that participated and created momentum on this challenge.

I started a few series during this month. The ones I havent finished yet I will aim to finish them out in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!


To finish the month with some stats about #januarystreak


A Big shoutout to all the 24 authors who participated

  • 12 Authors stood out to the community this last month



I don't have specific posting targets, but I put something up most days. I have a few themes that give me enough content. I enjoy the engagement I get and it shows someone is interested, even if they are just hoping for a comment vote :)


Congratulations! Really big achievement, I'm happy you got the strength and persistency to finish it, not an easy task!

Well done on the streak man, that's a great accomplishment 👏