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Petto o katte imasuka?

Do you own a pet?



猫(ねこ) 飼って(かって)

Neko o Katte imasu.

I own a Cat.

No pets, that bad cat looks like it's from Japan.


Sou desu ka, petto o kao beki!

Is that right, you should get a pet!

Had a nice little Havaneese puppy dog here over holidays, it was even enjoyable.


Sou desu ka?

Is that right?


Nihongo wa utsukushī gengodesu.


Sou desu ne, omoshiroi kotoba.

Yeah, it is a very interesting language.

What's all this Japanese stuff? Once a day, a couple words...seems a bit scammy.

There are a lot of people on hive interested in honing their japanese writing skills, including me. The idea is to get conversations going back and forth, really about anything. I have just started a week ago and hope to attract more and more. Jump in yourself and I'll teach you the basics!

What an adorable kitten!😍😘 Yes, I own three lovely dogs and they are part of my life.


Sugoi ne, san piki no inu wa te ga kakaru hazu.

Wow, I imagine that takes a lot of hard work!

You are right. However, it is fine since I work from home. You, have a nice day!