Quarantined In The Land Of The Rising Sun Day 3 & 4

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I posted this sunrise yesterday morning on GAB and it went viral.

IMG_9204 2.JPG

Half the people though Japan had gone full authoritarian and we were about to enter a hells cape not seen on Earth, while the other half though the picture was an absolute masterpiece conveying the 4th turning and second coming of Christ. Talk about perspective.

So day 3 and 4 of quarantine were really uneventful, except for pulling some muscles in my back when I was carrying my coffee and felt a hard sneeze come on. I tensed up so I wouldn't spill my freshly poured coffee and sneezed which threw my back out. But, I only spilled a little bit of coffee so it wasn't all a loss.

Everyday the Ministry of Health and Labor sends me an e-mail at 11am to fill out a questionnaire on their website. Once that is done I get a notification on my phone to check in my location. This happens twice a day, between 11am and 12pm, then again between 2pm and 4pm. There is a third check in they do, Skype. They haven't called me yet though so I'm not sure what that part of the process will entail.

Last night was a treat. I fixed Mexican food with my daughter. Most of the ingredients you can now get in Japan like tortillas, avocados and salsa. Kagome makes a chunky salsa that they sell at the supermarket and it's really damn good. Refried beans are still hard to come by though. A can can be purchased on Amazon for $5 plus $7 shipping. I guess if it's a really special occasion it's worth it. I usually bring a few cans back though.


So we made burritos and nachos, you can get plain doritos here for the nachos.


It may not look like much, but it tastes so good.

While we were eating I heard a suspicious rumbling outside so I peaked my head out the window and saw this.


A green lambo. Some bitcoiner decided to live the dream!

Which made me think of my ever dwindling stash of BTC.


Thanks for reading.


Refried beans! Never had these before!
Wow! They really keep track of people via mobile phone! This is scary! What happen if someone’s phone got stolen or damaged?!?

Hope all is well and things will be much improved soon.

Take care.

If your phone was stolen or damaged you can contact the Ministry of Health and figure out an alternative.

From what I understand refried beans are an acquired taste for Asians, or at least Japanese, because beans on this side of the world are often sweetened. They are delicious though!

Things are fine here. Hope it's the same there. Judging by your Market post it looks like they are.

We have more infection cases. But they got cured in less than a week! I think it has mutated into another strain of influenza which is less severe on healthy people. The PCR test is biased towards false positive. Best to boost the immune system.

Agree 100%. Sunlight, vitamins & exercise. Your body needs infections in order to keep the immune system strong. By eliminating viruses, bacteria, etc. from getting in our bodies, it weakens us.

Iv'e been lucky to take several PCR tests and not come up with a false positive yet....