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(the Sun/a Day)

1)What day is it?
2)Have you been to Japan?

Let’s Learn some Basic 漢字(Kanji)!

Kanji: Characters which express Meanings and Sounds.

Kun yomi: When a single Kanji is used for a word.
車 (くるま) = Car
On yomi: When Kanji are used together to form words.
電車 (でんしゃ) = Train

Katakana: Words adopted from other languages.

テレビ = Television

Hiragana: Basic Japanese phonetic alphabet.

ありがとうございます = Thank you

~ Created for those wanting to practise and/or learn a bit of basic Japanese. All levels welcome! ~

Been away from the blockchain a week…gomen nasai! I have visited Japan twice and yearn to return which is also part of my motivation for learning Japanese. Interesting ‘ mainichi’ being mentioned by @boxcarblue as that word has just started to crop up in my studies.

That mai word (毎) is very useful. You can use it to say every time (毎回 まいかい), every week (毎週 まいしゅう), every month (毎月 まいつき), and every year (毎年 まいとし).

I’m not sure where you’re at in your studies, but I recommend adding these expressions to your vocabulary right away by making sentences about your life and repeating them as often as you can.

What do you do every day/week/month/year?

Don’t forget every morning 😄

You got me. I didn’t think of that one. You can add every evening/every night to the list too.

Nice to see you back! I have decided to introduce basic kanji every other day, along with the hiragana. 日 is the 1st one kids learn, we will all go through 1-500 of the basic kanji. This is how things have morphed since you were away lol!

Good to see it’s developing though. Always fun to do something new

A useful expression to know that uses today’s kanji is 毎日 (まいにち) [mainichi], which means every day.

Another interesting one that gets used in schools a lot is 日直 (にっちょく) [nicchyoku] which is a duty or a role that a person has.

In schools, there are usually two students who have this role in every class, and those two students often change in a daily basis. They are expected to do things like lead the class in greeting the teacher, announcing the beginning and ending of each class, leading the class in saying an expression of thanks before and after lunch, having certain cleaning duties, etc.

Kind of like the “prime” you might say, which seems to get used more and more around here as of late, at least in a work environment.

And yes, 毎日 is often used, a word I use a lot myself.


Nicchyoku to iu tango ga hajimete kiita!

This is the first time I’ve heard of this word!





Tatoeba, dareka ga tantou suru koto ni nite sekininsha suru koto no kanji to omoi masu. Kanojo wa chakushin no tantou shite kare wa hasshin no tantou shite.

For example, the person in-charge or the responsible person is how I would explain it. “She is the prime for the incoming calls, he is the prime for the outgoing calls…”




I noticed you are using 聴きました instead of 聞きました. どちでも正しいですか?

To be honest, I don’t really know. At the time, that one just felt like a good choice, but according to this forum, it seems like my usage is incorrect and I should have chosen 聞く.

I generally need a moment like this to take the extra step and answer questions that I too have.


I followed the other comment chain. I agree with @boxcarblue that this might work better as a community. You could call it "Nihongo benkyou" or something similar. Leo Threads might be another interesting option. I am thinking about how to use that for my community, Blockchain Poets.

I have a funny story about 日. When I first came to Japan I didn't know any of the language so I dove in to studying. As many new learners, I was full of myself. I went on a trip to Kyoto and went to a Starbucks. I saw on the menu 本日のコーヒ. Full of confidence, I announced to the cashier 「にほん の コーヒ お願いします」. The cashier looked at me with some confusion, then looked at the menu, then laughed to himself and explained to me in perfect English what my mistake was. Embarassed, I decided to have my coffee to go.

(For those reading along, I had accidentally flipped the kanji in my head. 本日 is honjitsu or today while 日本 nihon is Japan. I turned "Coffee of the day" into "Japanese coffee")

Edit: I just saw that you did that. I subscribed.

I make that mistake almost every time I see that kanji, which is a lot. 🤣

I always have to take a second and think wait, is that nihon or honjitsu.

My first experience trying to order coffee in Japan was at a Tully’s. I can’t remember what I said, but I tried to repeat the sentence my co-workers had told me (I think it was ko-hi- wo hitotsu kudasai.). Somehow, in whatever exchange happened after that, I left the shop without a coffee and under the impression that they told me they didn’t sell coffee.

It was the most confusing thing.

Another funny experience, was ordering a coffee at the restaurant on the ground floor of the mansion that I lived in. They didn’t have any paper cups, so I couldn’t get a coffee to go, which as an American baffled me, so they told me to bring a mug down from my apartment and they brewed the coffee into that and let me take it to go (the owner spoke English well).

Glad I'm not the only one who gets these two confused sometimes. I always take a few extra seconds to make sure I have it right before reading it outloud.

haha I can relate to both of your experiences. It's so easy to get confused once you become lost in a conversation. I still have that problem at times. It makes for some funny stories (albeit embarrassing at the time)

I had this thought the other day: if we could experience our lives as 4th dimensional beings (able to experience all of time at once), we might not ever get angry or sad or frustrated or embarrassed in these situations because while they are happening, we’ll also be able to see the future and know how funny they will be to us some day.

This thought was inspired by a Valentine’s Day fight with the Mrs. 😉

A little like the Tralfamadorians in Slaughterhouse 5, eh?

Exactly. I finally read that book for the first time a year or two ago. I really enjoyed it.

Every time I reread it, I fall in love with it a little more. It is on the way to becoming my favorite book. Biting satire, yet hopeful, oddly beautiful at times (the "watching the war backwards" part), funny, and philosophical. Such a great book.

Wait, you live in a mansion??😂

When I first came to Japan, yes.

I was filthy rich then. 😁

Lol, been there, done it. Maybe a tough one for dyslexic folks.

くんよみ (kun yomi)



Kyou wa nan no hi?

What day is it?

おんよみ (on yomi)



Nihon ni itta koto ga arimasu ka?

Have you been to Japan?

Today is tree day


Hai, mokuyoubi desu ne.

Yes, it is Thursday.

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Point taken. In all honesty this Japanese language forum was inspired partially by your weekend engagement (which I am a fan of, but don't participate in..but I should). My goal is to get those interested in the language to engage each other and collectively learn and improve. I've been consulting with some to come up with a rhythm of exactly how is the best way to move forward with this idea. Thanks for your feedback.

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Haven't been there yet. That's a couple hours in the air I think. I know desku mono partamon.


Nihon wa tanoshi tokoro desu!

Japan is a fun place to visit!


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