Oh My God!

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みなさま、こんにちは! 今日は、いろんな表情を描いてみました。私は絵に関しては全くのど素人なので、今回は良く描けたほうだと自己満足しています。






私だったら、「○○ちゃんにそう言われるとうれしい! 私ってそんなにセンスあると思う? 今日はこれを着てきてよかったぁ!」と言ってウキウキした顔をします。


Oh My God!

Hello. Everybody! Today, I painted three kinds of facial expression. As far as painting is concerned, I am such a noob. But I painted well today. I’m so pleased with myself.
Well, I thought about three cases. If you like, let’s think your own answer.

The first picture is an amazed look. A man or a lady accidentally went in to a men’s or a lady’s restroom in a department. Even though the person entered a wrong restroom by mistake, he or she told to you “ Here is a men’s (lady’s) restroom.” with an angry face. What will you do?

I would tell him “I am a man!” even though I’m a lady.

The second picture is your close friend. She is in a blubber. She was dumped by his boyfriend who has been together for 10 years. This guy is already going out with another lady, and they are planning to marry. What will you talk to her?

I would like to take her to the pub for a drink to listen to her deeply.

The third picture is your friend after so long. It is the appointed day that you and your friend have lunch together. You are not as beautiful as her. But you dressed up today. Then, she told you, “You had better develop a sense of style a little more.” What will you tell her?

I would say “I’m glad to hear that! You think I have good taste in clothes, don’t you? I’m happy I dressed up like this.” with a big smile on my face.

Thank you for reading my post through to the end.



ちゃんと鼻の穴に見えてよかったです。高さも演出しようと思いましたが、そこまで技術がありません 笑