Christian's roadmap / checklist - make sure you don't miss a thing

in #jesus2 years ago (edited)

Many people (and even many Christians, especially Christians from traditional big churches) are confused in their life and even many of them don't know what they might be missing in their life and struggle without good results.

This checklist will help you analyze where you might lack in your Christian's life and life in general and why is you struggle more than you can bear. It's twice as important because Jesus is coming soon (whether you believe it or not and even though He gave us a little bit more time because some of us interceded very much and because of His great mercy) and it's critical to get ready for that time you will likely experience.

Note that this is not replacement of your Bible, it's just practical "task list" to check your state with Jesus and our Father God quickly and to identify possible issues. Also be aware that most of these points are not one-time events in your life but things that should be present in your life all the time and should be re-checked frequently. By having your life in compliance with this checklist you will make our Lord Jesus happy, Satan even more miserable and your life (and lives of many others) safer and much better, I promise.

I wish you lot of success and God bless you on your journey!