New Jetski - Seadoo Spark Trixx

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I’ve had plenty of Jetskis over the years, but this one is very different.

It’s lightweight and doesn’t have a great deal of stability, but is so fun! I fall off this thing all the time and I don’t care, that’s what’s great about it, it’s for messing around.


What makes the Seadoo Spark Trixx different from the ordinary Spark?

. Extended VTS (you can adjust the trim so that the ski can wheelie)
. Adjustable handlebars
. Step wedges at the back to help you wheelie and do other tricks.

My Spark Trixx also has had a remap so is now 110hp as oppose to the standard 90hp. I also added a Riva Racing exhaust too, so it sounds great (although not at low speeds). I also added a wrap, which I sourced from Canada.

Good Points

. Cheap on fuel, £45 to fill up even with the hectic UK prices currently.

. Easy to ride, anyone who has never ridden before can pick it up.
. Nimble, you can throw it around like a kid’s bike.
. Slow moving wheelies, never get boring.
. Can tow a 2-man donut with ease (contrary to popular belief).
. iBR (Intelligent Brake and Reverse).
. Sport mode and ECO mode options.
. Hydro Turf for extra grip (still wear booties though!).

Bad Points

. Fuel tank is under the seat…pain in the bum when using fuel pontoon.

. Unstable when trying to climb on with 2 people.

. Can roll over easily when trying to board (no board step either).

. Neither storage compartment is waterproof. . The feel isn’t great, cheap plastic everywhere.

. 2 people on a long journey is uncomfortable for the passenger.

. Handlebar bushings lasted one trip out when wave jumping before needing to be replaced.

In summary, I love it, but I can get why not everyone would, it fits my criteria at the moment. Which is; needs to be able to tow inflatables, needs to be cheap on fuel and it wasn’t expensive to buy.

Here are a couple more pics:




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