Steem and Steemit mentioned & discussed on the Joe Rogan Experience

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On Joe Rogan's podcast today with Tony Hinchcliffe they were talking about blockchain. Joe mentioned that Andreas Antonopulos (@aantonop) has been on his show before and that he himself although he does not have anything invested in it, believes in the tech and its future. They went on to discuss about different currencies and how anyone with a high profile could at this point in time start their own and give it value and then they mentioned Steem and looked at the Steemit trending page.

I recorded the snip from it so you can see it here, for the full podcast, click on this link (it's at about 2:38).

Feels really cool seeing it mentioned by such high profile people, I've watched a lot of Joe Rogan podcasts and he often discusses really interesting stuff.

Too bad they were not aware that we do already have @dtube and @dsound, I bet they'd be interested in posting here too. :)

Thanks @heymattsokol for bringing this to me.


"Now that makes sense" -- Joe Rogan
"This seems more next level" -- Joe Rogan

Lol assholes like me can spin this to a "He endorses this" hahahaha...

I dont know if he'll ever see it but I shot a tweet to him to tell him and Tony about dtube and dsound too.

Screenshot (30).png

Yeah they discussed it a bit, but he doesn't really understand it, nor did he really endorse it. It was (poorly) explained to him and he said it makes sense. However, he still truly doesn't understand how steemit, or cryptocurrencies in general work. If he came to dtube/steemit, he would make bank 'cuz he already has a large following. Whereas, people like myself and many others have to struggle to get any recognition whatsoever. He had Andreas Antonopoulos on the show, who tried to explain bitcoin and how it works, and it shows he didn't really get it. BTW, he also mentioned the current system (fiat currencies and fractional reserve banking) as being good. That means he (like so many others) truly don't understand the concepts of money/currencies and what money/currencies actually are and can be! Moreover, the current financial system where money is created out of debt is not frickin' good at all! We have simply been forced to use it!

Of course, mere commenting about it doesnt mean endorsement. I was joking.

Well, His podcast and fanbase is huge and he's very established in Youtube as well as on his current platforms, the few thousands extra he might get from dtube and the steem blockchain may not be that enticing for all the extra effort of moving his fanbase, learning the platforms, understanding about "this weird Bitcoin thing". As you said, He's had Andreas on his podcast (yea i watched that podcast too), and still he's not really sold on the idea yet.. Baby steps i guess. it's an eventuality that big names like him will jump over to decentralized social media be it Steem or something else.

many of use here knows and understands theres something wrong with the fiat system. though unfortunately it's not a notion shared by most.

like @surfermarly said, we aint the early adopters no no no.. We're the fringe fanatics. we're way ahead that other and must pay the price of being perceived as "weird" and "ahead of our time".

"If he came to dtube/steemit, he would make bank 'cuz he already has a large following. Whereas, people like myself and many others have to struggle to get any recognition whatsoever"

Dont worry brah, just keep on grinding and learning how to play this game while being true to yourself, we'll make it someday.

Thanks. I got that you were joking, but I just had to put my 2 cents in. People like Joe should be using multiple platforms, including dtube/steemit. It would benefit him greatly in the long run as a hedge from the censorship that is taking place on YouTube, which will only get worse and probably affect him at some point. Someone close to him needs to explain that to him. However, I don't think anyone close to him knows much about platforms like dtube/steemit and how the crypto-world works. That could be assessed by their conversation. Crypto IS the future and will change things dramatically just like the internet did 25 years ago.

Nah.. Don't worry about it. The longer it takes for famous people like them to come over the longer going will get easy.

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Maybe one day you get to do podcast with him about Steem! It seemed like he was very into the idea, imagine the reaction when he realizes that we already have Dtube, Dsound Zappl, Steepshot, Utopian, Dmania and many more enabling creators of all kinds to become part of this "next generation" social media. You should try and reach out for him.

Are you kidding me?

Joe Rogan?

can't wait to have him here man


Oh, we gotta get that hashtag trending ASAP!

Congrats man, you've won at life!

How does it feel to be forever recorded in a Joe Rogan podcast in the Youtube data servers?

Steem and Steemit have been on the news a lot this week! Earlier this week in Kaiser Report, there was a 2 to 3 minutes talk about the steem blockchain, steemit and the market it can reach :-D

(Steem gets mentioned around 17:20)

Steemit is mentioned at 17 min 20 seconds

Stacey is using Steemit which is a positive, hopefully rogan will give it ago too!

i said it ealier in the week, steemit is the future of social media. The more folks like these talk about it, the more steemit becomes the news in the air and the more high profile folks start getting in which in turn will increase its influence within the populace.

I see many ditching facebook for steemit. Steemit is mostly about you and your friends.

you need not worry anout adverts, at least not yet.

Many more influential folks are joining steemit this year.

its going to be a new world of STEEMIANS!

I hope so! If it went to the moon I'd be one happy camper.

I agree with you

Always mention the time of mention in longer videos so users don't have to search for it themselves. It's a small thing but huge time saver.

My bad, it starts around 17:20, i'll edit the comment! Thanks, can't believe i forgot that.

Damn Jamie did a poor job describing Steemit to Joe. Wish he would have done a better job, it would blow Joe´s mind ;D


Well i guess that's cos he tried to cover too wide a topic to close the gap of understanding between him and Joe, he's trying to describe what Steem is, as a blockchain token, then he gotta describe what a token is (and how people trade it), and THEN he touched a bit on what a blockchain is..

It's like telling people what a microwavable tupperware is when the magnetron was just invented.

But again, if Joe only tried to really understand all that beforehand (he did has a show with @aantonop of all other people before). He would have his mind blown.

That's amazing ! Joe Rogan must have hundreds of thousands of followers. My older brother actually follows him as well, maybe good old Joe can help convince him in the end to join steemit hehe

Millions of followers. Was number 1 podcast for a while, currently number 6.

Man that's huge ! I also thInk he will fit like a glove in this community ! Can't wait to see how things develop !

Really cool. Joe was definitely enthusiastic about the platform.

@jjcali, no one won't be enthusiastic about steem, i was when i was introduced to the platform by a friend, when i introduced my wife, she took it to a whole new level, you know how women can be passionate about some stuffs. lol. introduced it to my brother and he is always asking one question or the other to know more but to see Joe Rogan talk about steemit? this makes my month i tell ya

Seems the platform is more enthusiastic about him.

I mean... That's Joe Fuckin Rogan talking about Steem!!

Well, give him some credit eh.. A tool wont have the brain power to gather 4.01 Million followers on twitter, 2 milion on Youtube. He's got skills on some sort, and time.. he's on the game for donkey years.

Also, people like you and me who instinctively knows "blockchain is the way, government is wrong, fiat is scam" are a rare sort, alot others still needs education.

plus, imagine if even 0.1% of his viewers on that video alone went and google "". That's more people than ive ever tried to get into Steem!

If those guys don't have a clue what we already have here? We a f milionares already.

Haha 2018 may prove to be very nice :)

I'm still a thousandaire... a multi-thousandaire!

Your time will come. Don't worry. You're just after the first row.

I'm not worried, at all. I've been holding on to everything, and for a damn good reason. I know what that reason is. Knew it since day one.

The Steemian Paradox, We want famous people to be on the platform but when they come here we no longer be steemit famous.

You'll be fine. Keep grinding.

It would be really great if they find out about @dtube and @dsound. Bringing in such high profile people into the community will definitely be great for steem and steemit. Can't you reach out to them?

I doubt there are easy ways for randoms to reach out to such high profile people. :)

Do they receive calls from their audience? If yes, you could take advantage of that.

Sounds like defeatism attitude :D

I remember in the early days of the internet and something called SMTP email, a book author had his email address in the book. I used a shell account to email it and let him know I liked the book and some questions. I was astounded he responded. I suspect it's harder to reach large media creators so directly these days though.

This is EPIC Joe Rogan is the man.

@dadapizza, yeah man, he is the man and many more of his kind are coming on board. Before the year runs ou, its going to be a new world; the "steemians world".

I love the optimism I feel the same way! There is steady, serious momentum with this site and blockchain. With JOE FREAKIN ROGAN the goat that he is talking about Steem in a positive way is just awesome.

yea [email protected], i love the choice of words you used; "steady, serious momentum".

These are the factors needed to take steemit to a whole new level.

its so awesome.

had to call my wife to see this, she screamed when she saw it.

So awesome, we will see effects quickly of just this brief mention of Steem on Rogan's podcast. He has a lot of followers that will for sure become curious about the site, and then the blockchain. The overall domino effect will be great.

Yea man. You got the feeling.

If he doesn’t know about @dtube or @dsound, why not deluge him with info?

Followed and resteemed to:

Oh damn! Big fan of Joe Rogan! I think he would love steemit if he got to learn more about it and the whole Decentralized thing. He's all about not censoring yourself and being honest anyways. Wonder if steemit being mentioned on his show just brought in a few hundred thousand more newcomers. Interesting times. Cant wait to see what the future holds for steemit :)

Good a news..
Cryptocurrency is the most popular in the world..
But.. I a few week ago.. Crypto is down.. And steemit also like that.. But now.. Alh crypto and also steemit is rise again and make the people have feel spirit again to playing in steemit.

I'm glad to see that Steem is being noticed by the big dogs. But yea it is too bad that they were not aware that we do already have @dtube and @dsound :D :D

I keep posting about it in the comments on Gary Vaynerchuck's FB posts lol Today he was posting about going all in - I wrote " Go all in on Steemit. Blockchain social media, earn money for posting, voting, commenting. I'm pretty much gonna keep saying it until I see you on there lol What do you have to lose? Get an intern to research the shit and get on there ASAP. You want to bring value to your followers right? Posting on social media where you get paid is WAY easier than flipping dollar store shit on EBay..."

Very cool! Thanks for pointing this out. I often listen to this podcast and follow Joe on Twitter. Maybe I'll send him a tweet clarifying a couple of those points he missed.

I love to see STEEM in the news, anything to help attract people to the platform. The social media network element of Steem attracts many mainstreamers just looking around, not specifically crypto-heads. I believe Steemit is a great entry point for people into the crypto world because of its actual functional use. I love to see it featured in so many different places, and of course I love Joe Rogan! Haha. From Fear Factor to UFC to crypto, Joe is da man! lol! Thanks for the post. 💪🏋

Steem and steemit,
Before the year runs ou, its going to be a new world; the "steemians world!

Nice conversation about steemit. It really difficult to reach such high profile people.

Wow. This is great for steem. Steem has come and stay and is growing and spreading fast. It is truly the next level of showbiz, educational or even technology. You don't get what steemit offers any other place.

The instant processing of transactions is another super advantage of steem over other coins.
Great one!

good post post so informative..thanks for sharing..

It would be great if they knew @dtube and @dsound Bringing people with high profile to the community would be great for steam and steemit. good post @acidyo

@acidyo Things are happening :D Steem on.

Too bad they were not aware that we do already have @dtube and @dsound, I bet they'd be interested in posting here too. :)

Still the best help to upload media on steemit.

Truly steemians can only be encouraged by such mention coming from valued personnels.we can only keep growing.steemians never we give up we are heading to promised land.

nice post,thanks for shearing.

Would love to have Joe here. I don't twitter, but if a whale, or anyone for that matter, could do a shout out to him on Twitter it seems he would be down for making Steemit a place where he could share his content.

I just emailed him. I'll let ya know if I hear anything back :)

steemit is really making its name all over the world , it's becoming popular day by day , thanks for sharing this sir @acidyo., i wanna take this chance too to thank you and the whole ocd team for appreciating my post for @anomadsoul 's my2018 tour, thanks a lot sir, i just really appreciate people who appreciate my effort ❤️❤️❤️

This is just the tip of an iceberg in steemit community progresses.
Way to the moon, O YE STEEMIANS

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:O that's pretty sick.

I just had to post are images next to each other.. I love em

@acidyo And don't you forget it maaaan! 😄

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He looks very impressed, but the current way that wealth is distributed, many good articles will remain undiscovered, at least for the moment until a whale finds them. Maybe in future good content discovery will increase :D

Shouldn't you be asleep at this hour?

Totally agree.

...and if a whale finds it withing 7 days. Otherwise, it's worthless after that. I'm not sure why big names would want to use Steemit except to cash-in as a supplemental strategy. YouTube actually allows you to make money off your content after 7 days -- so if you're popular, you've got passive residual income. Here you're done. If you're not a whale, you need to find a whale or pay to play with bidbots, promoting ...

Rant over. The more I've thought about the 7 days to $0 flaw, the more it bothers me.

Did you mention passive income? Lets see, high profile Youtuber joins Steem. We have already seen few, biggest and most recent one being furiouspete. By making few videos to DTube he has gained a nice piece of Steem Power for himself. This Steem Power gives him power to allocate some of the daily reward pool to whoever he wishes until he sells them or the blockchain isn't running anymore. So no, making a one video to DTube gains you rewards for a long, long time. Longer than on Youtube even. And as we are in the early days, even few Steem could prove to be very valuable over time. So making a one video, which nets you few Steem that you power up, could net you a lot of money over time. Don't forget the curation rewards either.

Hopefully this eases your mind. So I don't see why not big names wouldn't join Steemit. The competition will only get fiercer, and the number of Steem earned/millions of subscribers smaller for introduction post. We already can see the trend. One by one the benefits are realized by individuals who then take action.

My rant is over.

Big names are going to be interested and if they like money (who isn't) they'll be courted by the whales here and play along. Few will oppose the platform's structure on moral grounds. I am going to go ahead and guess that Joe may smell the bullshit from a mile away but he might see some big enough paydays to make him bite his tongue. Or not, who knows, he's been vocal about other things before so it wouldn't surprise me. And yes, most would just use it to supplement their income, as their existing audience base (if they care about actually influencing people's opinions) are much larger on other platforms. I think we're going through a similar cycle as the last boom/bust with the price and celebrities where once the payouts are reduced they'll realize that it's relatively hard to actually convert their fanbases into naturalistic income growth on steemit and leave.

Totally agree with @igster and @charitybot. All valid points. For big names, Steemit is a good supplemental strategy to further cash in, but I believe it a difficult place to build a brand from ground zero.

For average folks, the long tail of prior work can be valuable. It gives a reason for grinding. One day, those posts on how to fix an Amazon Kindle will be found by the right people, who will be grateful and want to throw a little money your way. The more posts you have like that, the easier it is to have a sustainable income without trying to churn out "trending" posts.

Btw... I love Steemit and the community. I've been thinking about releasing a couple projects here, but this "7 days to $0" problem made me reconsider my entire approach. Instead of relying on Steemit, I'll simply cross post content here as a way to build a presence. For the passive revenue side, that will have to come from elsewhere.

The only form of passive income on Steemit I can think of is auto-upvoting, or creating your own bid bot... But those come with drawbacks if it looks like you're upvoting inappropriate content and your public-facing image matters. I'm fairly new, so I'm still trying to figure all this out. (Curating is not passive. And investing in Steem could be a passive income source if prices go up, but those funds may not be liquid enough in the short-term to cover costs.)

This is actually really cool. With enough exposure steem could finally rise to its potential of $100 per coin.

I like the fact that people are beginning to see the beauty and uniqueness of Steemit. Too bad they only saw the articles, but atleast it's a start.

Dude! That is fucking rad to see. Never thought I'd get to see Rogan discussing Steemit. Love the dude and his podcast, this is seriously awesome to see :)

That's awesome, it's so cool to be on the ground floor of, I wonder how many new subscribers we will get as a result of this press.

well experience share here, super motivational it is. You have to understand the currencies and need the real skill in this field. Hopefully @dtube and @dsound will be the new Sun on the very next future, then maximum public upload and visit there.

I'm thankful that i saw this post in my feeds. hello @acidyo i saw some your articles and its helps me a lot. very informative, thank you for sharing :)done following, by yours truly @madelantonette

Someone should let them know about dTube and dSound. I'm sure they'd be happy to check it out because at the least it could increase their subscribers.

&#127831 enjoying & splendid!

We are reaching mainstream, only a couple of months ago the idea that the #1 podcast in the world (look it up, if you think I'm exaggerating) would even mention Steem in passing, was as believable as the Easter Bunny .

Here we are talking about a $10 USD Steem valuation, SMT's and it seems like everyday a new dapp is being born.

I for one I'm excited, I'm pumped and I can't wait for tomorrow to be here already!!!

Awesome! I'm a big JRE fan but haven't listened to this one yet. It's great that Steemit is getting more mainstream exposure.

I can barely stand to listen to Joe Rogan these days, but this is pretty cool.

They don't know about Dtube yet. Thanks for sharing. Upvoted, following.

We should all start tweeting at Joe Rogan telling him about d.tune and dsound

Wow....joerogan steem steemit currency decentralization great post..
Thanks for sharing

this is great news

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This is EPIC Joe Rogan is the man. Really cool. Joe was definitely enthusiastic about the platform.U5dtfEtTWjxYGXH7iQmbDcb2cwUqFao.gif

fan of the podcast and fan of steemit, nice to see the worlds combining

Glad too see steemit is growing and getting great publicity!

Joe Rogan is the 🐐
His conversations have strongly influenced my diet plan, I have lost 20+ lbs since before thanksgiving!

If you want to see my progress, follow my blog.

Joe rogan milionery ???
Im joe rogan famous a artis :)

That guy in the end "crazy". Another world opening up dude.

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Slowly but surely word is starting to spread. Hopefully it will reach criticall mass in 2018.

Truly exciting news! I was smiling the whole time I watched the video. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and extracting the clip where they talked about STEEM.

Yes, too bad they weren't aware of dtube and dsound. I think their conversation could have last longer of they were. I imagine the conversation going to another length because of excitment. I tend to talk too much when I get excited. Lol

Thanks for sharing.

I wish the guy introducing Joe to Steemit would have done a better job of explaining that we don't exchange STEEM as much as we allocate it. That's a big feature of Steem: the ability to give freely.

I'm a new Steemian, so my vote is small... but still, I just decided that this post was worth another $0.15 and I just made it so at no cost to me. In fact, I will even get a small amount back in the form of curation rewards.

If Joe was already impressed with the way it was explained, it would have been great to hear him react to that.

that's amazing ,i have learn a lot of things from you.
thank you.

Oh that is so cool! I love how excited Joe Rogan sounds about steemit and the possibilities of the site :P He seems to be really curious about the concept!

Great. Such talks on blockchain technology especially steemit are strengthening this platform and Yes, it is the future.

wow nice video D

Wow this is big, just a shame the guest didn't actually really know much about STEEM. If there was somebody on who could explain in more detail Joe's mind would really have been blown

I started seeing a lot of podcasts about steemit lately.
Steemit to the moon is inevitable. People who have a lot of tokens are in such a good spot right now. Good job guys.

I was so surprised that I put on and then took off my three pairs of glasses instantly! What is going on, man.
It seems like only yesterday was summer but steemit is already nearing 1,000,000 people...

Very cool post. If Joe is giving it some good support , then eventually he'll talk about it more in detail in a future episode, mentioning other platforms as Dtube n such.

About damn time! Lets get this thing going!
Full steem ahead 😉

Yeah.. I'm a loyal fan of UFC probably very familiar with joe rogan's voice. innate to intelligent questions that he often catapult. in addition he strongly supports the progress of blockchain media such as steemit.

I love joe Rogan, we need to get him over to @dtube for his podcasts.

JRE has so many listeners/viewers, this is great exposure to the community and the concept of crypto's in general.

Pretty cool. Good find, thanks.

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This makes me buy more steem.

Hi @acidyo, I liked your signature, so I used it as an example when I started the #steemsignature Game on the Steemit. I'm sure that this game will help make the Steem even more interesting!
I hope you will support this initiative!

Thanks @acidyo for sharing.

Haha I love Joe Rogan! You noticed his “I have an evil plan stirring up in my mind” eyes at the end of the clip?! You can tell he’s still learning about it but the more he hears, the more he likes and the brighter his thinking bulb shines lol! He’s about come to Steemit. I listen to his podcast allll the time and just from everything he has accomplished and his lifestyle, he would be PERFECT for Steemit and Dtube 🙌🏼❤️

Nice, thansk @acidyo, not surprised though Joe Rogan is pretty much in touch with wats going on. Cool guy!

Thanks for sharing! Links to your post and the full podcast were included in the wiki page In the news/2018. Thanks and good luck again!

I watched this and noticed my sister @gringalicious is listed in aggroed's post that showed up

Nice to read about you and you posts and views. I am into steemit from august 2017, I am interested in photography and I am also into crypto trading and investing,I have followed you so you can also follow me. Let us all join hand and work with one common objective to make steemit reach to great height.
Best Of luck

Honestly I cringed when he explained it.
Great it was mentioned by the did a poor job telling people what it is