Distribution Of Food Pakages On 8Th May 2019! Among Poor Families ! Expecting More Help From Whales Also !

First Of All Special thanks to God Almighty who give me this great platform and then he offered me with his blessing and power that i am able to think about the humanity and love and helping to the needy people,I know i am a simple person but i have took a step to be a life time worker to help and run my own charity "KWT".

Who We Are?

Khygarha Welfare Trust is a public-spirited, not for profit organization that provides wheelchairs to financially disadvantaged disabled individuals within Pakistan.

With the help of generous donors, we work within the community to improve the lives of others. By partnering with the community and harnessing the power of social media, we are restoring hope and changing lives one individual at a time.

Our Vision?

Helping Poor Disable People:

Khygarha Welfare Trust (KWT) acknowledges the 2015 United Nations estimate of 640,000 physically disabled individuals within Pakistan and further recognizes many of these individuals lack the financial resources to provide themselves with the most basic of disability enabling equipment, a wheelchair.

Providing Education Help:

Thinking For Poor Students Specially Disable needy Students,Orphans,And deserving one.

What We Do?

  • Without mobility both educational opportunities and employment possibilities can be severely limited, and the cycle of economic disadvantage continues.
  • With that in mind we build bridges within our local community to reach some of the most financially disadvantaged disabled within Pakistan, and we do it on a volunteer basis.
  • Wheelchairs provide the opportunity to change the trajectory of a life.

What Can You Do?

You can donate to Khygarha Welfare Trust by Transfering direct to our steemit account by sending any amount of steem/SBD, Or For further information you can visit us , For direct help you can use bank transfers to help the needy people.



Thanks To Our Team members And specially thanks To our Supporters We Are students but We are getting so much trust
and love from our supporters Though out our mission .

Witness for my friend Who support Our Work Also Vote for chbartist here




Amazing work my friend @angelsofsteem

You have all my respect for your amazing mission..!!

My work has a little value and I will do something for you in my next publication..!! I’m just working in this new publication..!!!

Congratulations for you great initiative my friend ..!!!

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Do you have a budget?
What are your administrative costs?
Who benefits,
What is the process?
Are you building bridges literally or wheel chairs or education it is not clear?

Do you have a legal non-profit?

I'm sure you can understand my concerns. Please provide more information and my apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.

We Do not have a fix budget because we do not have regulars supporters!

We are students who are contributing money for transport expenses the food we buy from the donation i collect from steemit or from local people i get donation i have all details of what i have got from people along with there names and mobile numbers , Some part of my donation is from steemit which was mostly i got for wheel chair donation but that was very very small.

And a big part of my donation is from facebook i will never make any video by alone with my self i cannot feed thousands of families ! i have a team of 7 members which is a requirements of my Govt to apply for govt -registration.

My charity is a non-profit organization even we cannot use fund in transportation cost we used that from our our collection.

In start we work and donated almost 29 wheelchairs to needy poor people in those wheel chair we donated 2 wheelchair from steemian donation and upvotes payout steem. Sadly we have not got any regular support from whales or even a message or comment here to ask what is really going on .

We always provide a full proof of the receipt what we buy from which personal donation on facebook and on steemit also and we will soon update all the details of penny penny on our official website!

The process is we have different even in my country Like ramadan is a special month so we must collect donation of from our pocket we arrange food packages for specific poor families which we can afford we give then oil sugar rice and flour and dates which they will use which breaking fast!

Wheel chair is our mission we do survey in a village then we decide who is needy but when ever we get donation we try to donate a chair, after this fasting month we will survey schools and we will collect orphans Data and we will arrange note books and other important stuff which they need , And in my country electricity is the main problem so we will try to arrange solar panels and 12 Volt fan so they will easily get Power to there home in day time.

If you have any question please let me know! i am glad at-least some one have a time to ask a question from us !

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I wish you all the best with your cause.

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Can I ask a sincere question here?

Why would someone do philanthropic work and worry about documenting it?

Is not the personal pleasure of helping enough?

On the other hand side, I see no bad in making a noble cause public, but another question arises, what is the real motivation? the good or the recognition for that good?

Last week I learnt whats considered the biggest philanthropist of modern times, Chuck Feeney, was giving away his fortune for decades in complete secrecy.

we are not worry about documenting but we have took donation from steemit platform and they donate to us by different ways you can check my wallet there are few friend who had donated directly to us ! that is not to show people we are doing Good it is for those friends who help us and keep our charity alive and support us!

we can only make videos in order to get more donation to our trust and to help more and more people all around the worlds Alone we will never make a great move !

When we collect drop drop we will get an ocean, Hope you understand what i want to explain !

Transparancy of Charity due to Financial Donations

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Excellent work! Keep going!

I have added @angelsofsteem to the list of charities on @we-are (blog at @we-are-one). Your future posts should attract some upvotes.

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thanks almighty Allah . thats very pretty .@angelsofsteem. keep going. @kingrefat

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Bravo, you are doing a great job!

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Great work men your the instruments from God to Help poor people more blessing to come

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que bella labor hermano dios los bendiga y sigan manteniendo esas ganas de ayudar a los hermanos de pakistan, dios quiera sigan consiguiendo ayuda y así sigan logrando su objetivo

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Hello @angelsofsteem. What happened to this great program. Hope it's still going on.

There hasn't been any recent post to let us know what's happening over there

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we have a facebook page over there we are still working on the facebook page work and local donation !

Good job...

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Thank you guys for the upvotes. They brought me to your page. It is so good to hear what you guys do! I have a lot of respect for those doing God's work in the world and I believe that God will one day fill my cup to overflowing so that I may be used by Him to do the same. This next part, is not meant to be unhelpful criticism, in fact it is meant to be quite the opposite. Your text here was great, but, I noticed that there were a number of spelling and grammatical errors. I figured that you may not be a native english speaker. I want to offer to proofread/edit some posts, in english anyway. I'm not trying to sell you anything. I simply like what you're doing in the world and I want to give you a more professional appearance (grammatically, at least.) If you are interested you can respond to me on here or email me. God is faithful. :)

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great effort . . . God Bless you . . .